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Mon 6th Apr 2009

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Clint_Eastwood commented on The 3DS Might Make it in Time for Christmas Sh...:

Due to exams I missed the Internet Hype Train when it left for E3. But now that I caught the ride home, all I can say is:

I'm F*****G getting one of these things!

And if it's not out for christmas, 2010 will have had the most disappointing christmas ever - with everyone wanting what they can't have. But let's hope we can, anyway:D



Clint_Eastwood commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii):

It's better as a single-player game IMO - or rather, it's less frustrating. I played a couple of levels in world 2 and 3 with my dad, and it was chaotic to say the least. I can't imagine how terrible it would be with 4 players on some of the harder levels, especially since a few of them actually seem to be designed for 1 player (with some levels it's the other way around). Anyway, after completing the game I went back to those same levels and found them to be much easier alone. It's still challenging enough for me, though those who find SMW and SMB3 to be cakewalks - if any such people exist - may be disappointed =D



Clint_Eastwood commented on The Grinder Is High Voltage's Second New IP:

Hmmm ... an online co-op FPS on the Wii is definitely something I will applaud. It looks a bit like the horrendously ugly Killing Floor, which is good fun in spite of everything that's wrong with it. I hope the same will apply for The Grinder.



Clint_Eastwood commented on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle Is "Nearly ...:

I didn't enjoy NMH at all. I tried to, even put almost four hours into it, but it just didn't click with me. Even if I ignore the most painful parts of it (the driving and side-jobs), the combat was just not much fun. Perhaps it didn't help that I started playing it at the same time as the totally awesome God Hand.

This news and Golgo's comment reminds me, though, that I've got an almost unplayed copy of Killer 7. I must give that another try at some point.



Clint_Eastwood commented on Bethesda Has "Really Big" Plans For Wii:

I'm betting on an Elder Scrolls spin-off or a new franchise with more stylized visuals than their usual shiny brown. Hopefully they will hire someone to do proper animations. And let the world be much (and I mean much!) smaller with more variety and polish.



Clint_Eastwood commented on Review: Swords & Soldiers (WiiWare):

Just had my first go at this, completed the first four levels in the Viking campaign. Already it seems to be challenging me a bit, because I lost levels 3 and 4 on my first try. It's nice that it's so easily accesible, but not a complete push-over in the beginning. It's just nice and simple fast-paced fun. Nothing spectacular, but fun.

With this and Little King's story, my Wii is all about light-hearted world domination these days =)



Clint_Eastwood commented on Excitebots Crashes Out At Retail:

Wut! Parents didn't buy this for their Cars-loving kids!? It looks like the craziest kind of racing fun out there. Definitely 1000x more exciting to me than any Gran Turismo/Forza/Project Gotham could ever be.



Clint_Eastwood commented on Exclusive New A Boy and His Blob Screenshots:

It's a beautiful game. And Wayforwad is a great developer. Contra 4 is a favourite of mine.

But I have to say it: After watching the gameplay videos, it doesn't look like the kind of platformer I'd like. Too slow, too puzzley. And too much like the original. A game that I hated playing.



Clint_Eastwood commented on Punch-Out!! lesson with Doc Louis:

It looks fun! But I actually thought you'd be dodging by moving nunchuk+remote left or right (like Wii Sports boxing). But it's probably better this way, more precise.

BTW, I've never seen The Wire.