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Mon 25th May 2009

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UVERoo commented on Podcast: Episode 4 - E3 Spectacular:

Awesome! Didnt know you guys had a podcast. It should be weekly!
Thanks for the RSS link too. Some sites just forget about those and only do annoying iTunes.



UVERoo commented on XSeed Picks Up Fragile For US Release:

I got the Japanese copy and its played pretty good but was too heavy on the Japanese text and story so stopped playing.

Glad its coming to NA and will buy this as soon as I can. Man I cannot wait and glad they're trying to keep the Japanese audio track. Its not really an RPG people. So be prepared its a really unique adventure game. Its fun and a different experience. I cannot wait to finish this.



UVERoo commented on High Voltage Unveils Gladiator A.D.:

Underwhelmed to say the least.....
Will wait for trailer but not excited right now. I like HVS as a developer an their attitude but not a fan of FPS and this game doesnt sound like its for me right now. Especially the whole gladiator thing..



UVERoo commented on Nintendo Download: Masks, Crystals, Chess and ...:

They killed the announcement. It would have been epic if they hadnt released MM in Japan or PAL a month earlier!

Dammit Ninty get it together. Also not buying R2 S-E just cashing in on you guys. Dont support that crap.



UVERoo commented on Tales of Symphonia: Dawn Of The New World:

First console RPG and I love it. Story and characters meh but awesome gameplay and I love the look of the game. Combat is awesome made me hate turn-based RPG. Tales of>>>>Final Fantasy.

If youre new to RPG this is a must.



UVERoo commented on Review: Super Swing Golf: Season 2 (Wii):

I dont really find a problem with the controls. I think theyre simple and real fun. I guess not playing part 1 or other golf games I cant really say much.

But I love it and review isnt really harsh though. Well written. In the end I love Japan and Anime. I didnt want anything too serious but the games pretty deep. I love it if you're interested people go get it.



UVERoo commented on Super Swing Golf: Season 2:

I LOVE this game. I always gotta remember that 7 = Good lol
If you dont like really like gold but always wanted to play one of the games this is a good way to get into it.