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Virtual Console Reviews is Two Today!

Posted by Damien McFerran

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Two years ago today Virtual Console Reviews was brought kicking and screaming into the world. That’s 731 days (or 17,544 hours) of Virtual Console-related news, reviews and features – quite a feat, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Since last year’s birthday celebrations quite a lot has happened to the site. The name-change is the most obvious thing - 12 months ago we were known as The Virtual Console Archive, but that has obviously now changed to Virtual Console Reviews - a snappier moniker, we're sure you'll agree.

In terms of our enduring fame, we found ourselves being interviewed by the UK’s Retro Gamer magazine – which was quite an honour as it’s one of our favourite publications.

Last year we welcomed Marcel Van Duyn as a staff member and this year we added the amazingly talented Corbie Dillard to our ranks. Both chaps have come to be invaluable to the running of the site, contributing time and effort (as well as their considerable gaming knowledge) to ensure that Virtual Console Reviews remains the leading portal of its kind.

We also need to thank Kelvin, Dion and Mat for the occasional C64 review. It's good to have hardcore C64 geeks on the case when it comes to these reviews!

The world of the Virtual Console has also seen some radical changes over the last 12 months. We’ve seen the introduction of Commodore 64 and Master System games, as well as being gifted with some true classics such as Super Mario RPG, Ys Book 1 & 2 and Secret of Mana (well at least for the US!).

Virtual Console Reviews was also lucky enough to receive a sibling in May 2008. To coincide with the launch of Nintendo’s WiiWare service we went live with WiiWare World – so if you haven’t checked it out already, get over there!

Of course, it goes without saying that the immense success that this site has enjoyed wouldn’t be possible without the support of you, the readers. Virtual Console Reviews is the undisputed number one resource on the internet for all things VC-related, and it’s because of your continued involvement that this has come to pass. We probably don’t say this enough, but all of the staff here would like to say a massive ‘thanks’!

We’d also like to extend our thanks to Ant Dickens. This talented fellow (who also runs the excellent NintendoLife – be sure to check it out) has totally redeveloped the site over the last year with a brilliant new content management system, as well as tweaking our layout to make things look even more attractive. He was also instrumental in the development and launch of WiiWare World. Without Ant’s involvement we wouldn’t be able to offer you the fantastically streamlined experience you all currently enjoy – so a pat on the back goes to Mr Dickens!

Thanks again for being with us for these past two years. With the Wii conquering the world console market and the tantalising promise of the new DSi offering some kind of portable Virtual Console, the future is looking brighter than ever!

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User Comments (82)



Draygone said:

Happy birthday, VC-Reviews. If it weren't for you guys, I'd probably be using GameSpot for my VC reviews. And they were rather slow about it.

Hmm, seems I'm early to the party. Cool cake, by the way.



KeeperBvK said:

Happy birthday, VC archives...sorry, but the old name's still more firmly in my heart.
For about 1,75 years now I've been coming back numerous times every single day. Heck, even when I'm outside I use the bookmark on my iPhone to check for updates (too bad though I can't watch the vids on it, as they require flash. Maybe you could do something about it, like gametrailers ).
The most remarkable thing about my appreciation for your site probably is that I don't come here because of my interest for the VC, but coming here evoked interest in the VC in the first place. You make me looking forward for every month's last Friday. Because of you I keep predicting every Thursday night until 1am (Friday). This great site gets me nervous every single Monday! Thanks for that. ^^



mwaawm said:

Happy Birthday VC, hope you noticed the in honour of this auspicious day Nintendo has honoured us with a new update that finally gives decent SD card write speeds.



ness said:

Happy birthday and thank you for this wonderful website =).



Kevin said:

Happy birthday and thanks for the website. I don't know what I would of done without it.



slangman said:

Well happy birthday VCR. If it wasn't for this site i wouldn't know where to turn to for written reviews and and what games have come to the PAL VC. Keep up the good work.



GodsUncle said:

Happy birthday guys, ill eat cake with tons of trans fat and smoke weed all day to celebrate.



Big_Sexy said:

Happy bday, guys. I'd say take the day off, but then where would we get our news?



Bristol_Red said:

Happy birthday guys!

I'm loving your work. Now, what about getting the Commodore Amiga on the VC before your next birthday!



AchubaNanoia said:

Happy Birthday to VC-Reviews, the best place on the internet to get VC related news and reviews, from people who truly love their games!



GodsUncle said:

I think its about time you brought the little ninja avatars back, the adorable little ones with the cutest little foots.



Bass_X0 said:

I've been here posting comments since the start - even coming here and talking about VC games way before I could get my Wii online - and enjoyed the majority of it (had my account suspended for rating games I hadn't played and the drop down advert at the top of the screen which overlapped the blue menu bar). One thing I do miss is that there used to be scans from magazines of the original reviews of games that appeared on the VC. Happy Birthday VC Reviews. Surely the best place online for well... VC reviews! And news.

I think what makes VC-R so appealing is the layout. Everything is so simple to look at, everything on the site is easy to find, the lists are informative and relevant, the comments section is fun to use. Some sites like to be flashy but end up over-doing it. VC-R keeps things clean and simple without looking bare or unprofessional. And one thing that really makes VC Reviews what it is is the staff's devotion to running it and keeping it updated. They really are on top of all things VC related. There is never any long delay on the site being updated.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Happy birthday VC Reviews, and the Wii itself. Also my mom (boy, her birthday two years ago wasn't much fun, with us trying desperately to find a Wii), and now the new Xbox Experience. November 19th is a busy day!

Anyway, like several posters before me, I check this site more regularly than I probably should. Sometimes it gets in the way of actually playing games! But I love the reviews, the news, and the weird conversations that can crop up in the comment threads.



Starwolf_UK said:

One thing I do miss is that there used to be scans from magazines of the original reviews of games that appeared on the VC.
Yeah me too. It would have been nice to develop that section as well as I have a digital clolleciton of Super Play to trawl through but it kind of removes the focus on what people think today of the game including the readers

I also liked the "how is the 50Hz conversion" bit too, but lack of accurate information (and it always being bad news ) probably did that bit in (the only way to know for sure is to buy them...I know the N64 games are all over the place...some are just like the original hardware while others are faster but still not full speed).

To end on a positive note, happy two years and I hope for all the best in the future.



SmaMan said:

Yeah, I like prune juice too!

Seriously though...happy freakin' birthday guys. I'd make you and ASCII birthday cake but with the margin differences in the comment box and the comments...ah what the goes!!

EDIT: Never's not working....It needs to let me start lines a few spaces out...



Rapadash6 said:

Best Virtual Console related site on the web, bar none. Happy Birthday and here's to many more years (and no doubt excellent retro titles as well)!!



MegaRockman_1990 said:

Happy Birthday to all of the staff on This site is the first site i check when i go on the internet its the best site ever on the internet for those who loves playing retro games like me



DDR_Paladin356 said:

Happy Birthday Guys. Thanks for having all the info about VC games, both released and upcoming. Heres to another great year.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@SmaMan: Wow. Took me a second there to figure out where that random comment came from. Perfect example of what I meant, though.



Chipmunk777 said:

Woooo! Congratulations on 2 great years guys! I don't know what I'd do without these two sites, I'd never know what I want to download



gameking23 said:

Happy Birthday Virtual Console Review. Thanks to your help I have only downloaded the best games.



blackknight77 said:

The cake looks awesome! This site is still my favorite! The Wii is still a dominant force in gaming and all is right with the world
VC reviews is where I come for my classic gaming news



Shiryu said:

Time sure flies, my life is way different then it was 2 years ago. Sadly, I don't upload many movies to youtube as of late, but im really happy you used soo many of my videos in your website.

Happy Birthday from Portugal! v _



blackknight77 said:

"So Im guessing its 200 Wii Points per slice of cake?"

Cake 200 Wii points
flimsy paper plate 100 Wii points
plastic fork 100 Wii points
DLCC (downloadable cake content) 100 Wii points

Nintendo's profits=priceless



Ricardo91 said:

Happy birthday to the best retro gaming site on the web, and the one that constantly sucks up my free time and study halls!

@Tony. lol.



Clayfrd said:

@Mr. Cheez - I second that remark!

Congratulations! It's good to see this site running stronger than ever. Keep up the good work. Thanks to VCR (and the VC) I was able to keep my Wii as my exclusive next-gen console for two long years before finally giving up on Nintendo and branching out. Was that a compliment? Well, it was supposed to be. Basically, VCR allowed me to fully enjoy the VC experience and the Wii in general. Thanks!



Corbs said:

My first year has been a blast! Although I've only been with the site about a year, Daz and I had long compared notes on the Turbografx-16 Virtual Console releases long before I came on board. I've enjoyed watching the site grow into what it is today and I look forward to many more years of working with these guys. And thanks to all the readers who've been very kind over this year in welcoming me to the site! Makes it all worth it and then some.



The_shoemaker said:

Happy Birthday. Although I haven't been here much lately, I've mostly been on the Virtual Console Forums, this still has remained my number 1 resourse for virtual console news. It seams like it was only yesterday we were celibrating the 1 year anniversary. Here's to another great year.



timp29 said:

Happy brithday and thank-you to all involved in vc-reviews (and wii-ware world too, but vc-reviews is my favourite!!). I visit this site and its forums waaay too much, which shows just what a great job you've all done!



Shortay said:

A sincere congratulations VCR! I remember back when the site and forums just launched, doesn't seem that long ago though.

Well done though guys, for both this site and VCF.



Ark said:

Happy Birthday, VCR! I'd give some cake but I doubt this website would consume it.



2D_Dreamer said:

Happy birthday VC-Reviews.

I've been reading this website for nearly a year now since I got my Wii and PC on broadband. This is my first ever post on the site, (partially due to picking this silly nickname - I'm stuck with it now). Thankyou to everyone who runs the site and all the contributors who review the games. It's helped me pick out some great VC games I previously knew little or nothing about. Keep up the good work!



Tides_of_Chaos said:

Happy birthday VC-Reviews! I completely forgot that you changed names but now that you mention it, I kind of miss the old one. Ah, but it doesn't matter, we don't come here for the name anyways!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@2D_Dreamer: Nothing wrong with your screen name. I kinda like it, actually. I'd like to dream in 2D sometime and see what it's like...
I bet you'd get less ridicule for your screen name than I've gotten for mine (none of it here, but all on Xbox Live, those jerks...).



Twilight_Crow said:

I want to thank you so much for all the reviews and information, thanks to VC-R I've found great games I didn't even know existed, if it weren't for you I'd still be stuck on the awful Nintendo's VC site. Thanks for all the hard work, keep it up .



WarioFan63 said:

I bet you'd get less ridicule for your screen name than I've gotten for mine (none of it here, but all on Xbox Live, those jerks...).

You know something wierd? I thought a bunch of people on Xbox Live would give me crap for having a Nintendo name but nearly one year in and as of yet nobody has.



Virus said:

Incredible site, guys. I have not found a single site as detailed and reliable as this one when it concerns the Virtual Console, and it'll take a perfect site to upstage this one. Congrats, guys, you deserve all the praise and then some.



XCWarrior said:

Happy birthday guys. Too bad the ESRB cracked down and you guys can't give us hints at games possibly coming out anymore. Oh well, still a great site.

Too bad you don't have the power to make SNES Star Fox come to the VC.



Hilanderous said:

Congrats guys! Happy Birthday!

@ Damien
You mentioned Retro Gamer; don't you write for it?



2D_Dreamer said:

@ Stuffgamer1: the only other nickname I could think of at the time of registering was SMS_Fanboy and I reckon I would have got a whole load of stick had I used that name!



Eva said:

Happy birthday! The site started well then just got better and better!



Damo said:

Hilanderous - I do, but in a freelance capacity only. I'm not actually on the full time staff and was a massive fan before I started contributing to the magazine.



Kurachi said:

Happy Bday
"at least for the US" sounds lil rough against europe, imo
lets hope they add euro SoM for us next time...



Outrunner said:

I was staring at that cake pic wondering what kind of fake Wii console thingy it was when it dawned on me it was a cake... d'oh!



Stuffgamer1 said:

@2D_Dreamer: Yeah, you chose wisely.

@WarioFan63: That is interesting. Though to be fair, it's been a while since anybody made fun of my Gamertag, and it was always some of those extra-foul-mouthed Uno players. To this day, I do not understand how it is that people playing Uno can be less civil than anybody I've ever met playing Halo or Gears of War.



Jazzem said:

Wow...two years huh? This has become one of my most regularly visited websites ever since it hit the web. It's amazing how committed you guys have been to updating it and keeping things up to speed, it's a reliable source of information and just a very fun website to browse overall.

Happy birthday VC-Reviews!



William said:

Happy birthday!

Also, Orcarena of Time is todays featured wikipedia article



Steviis_Father said:

happy birthday you guys! Thank you for helping to make the virtual console navigating virtually unmatched!! You have helped current generations make their retro choices better!



Objection said:

Happy 2 years! This also marks around 1 year of me being here (I think) so let's keep 'em coming!!



Betagam7 said:

Happy birthday, but it would be nice if you would now use your huge userbase to do some positive campaining over the travesty that is PAL vc titles.
Surely you can use your readership as a lever to speak to someone at Nintendo Europe?



Clayfrd said:

Hmm... it appears Tamra wasn't mentioned/credited. That fate will probably be mine when May 12 comes.

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