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United Kingdom

Mon 3rd Nov 2008

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mwaawm commented on MUSHA:

I confess to not having been too interested in this until I just noticed the name Toaplan on the opening credits, had no idea it was one of their games but as I love nearly all their other shooters will definitely be checking this out.



mwaawm commented on Virtual Console Reviews is Two Today!:

Happy Birthday VC, hope you noticed the in honour of this auspicious day Nintendo has honoured us with a new update that finally gives decent SD card write speeds.



mwaawm commented on Forgotten Worlds:

This was ok as a shooter and at least innovated with the multidirectional firing its just a problem to get used to the fiddly controls, was one of the 1st games I got on my ST so probably a fair bit of rose tinted specs employed. Another game that employed similar multidirectional firing was Midnight Resistance now thats one that Id love to see on the VC



mwaawm commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - November 2008:


We better get this over here in the UK, Volfied on my old ST racked up a silly amount of playtime back in the day. Nothing will recapture the magic of the timer running out on me in the final level robbing me of shields but still managing to comple it with 5 missile explosions having hit my trail homing in on me.