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Publishers Remain Tight-Lipped On Black Monday Debacle

Posted by Damien McFerran

Boy, Monday was a real bummer, wasn’t it? There we all were, waiting in feverish expectation for the impending triple-whammy of Mega Man, Ys Book 1 & 2 and Samurai Showdown II, as we had previously been promised by the respective publishers of these games. Then Nintendo pulled the rug from beneath us and released Sonic and Splatterhouse II instead.

Feeling a sense of duty to the legions of Virtual Console fans all over the globe, we decided to get in touch with Capcom, Hudson and SNK Playmore to ascertain what the hell went wrong on ‘Black Monday’. Unsurprisingly, the response so far has been somewhat guarded.

John Diamonon, the Capcom Unity staff member who posted the original confirmation that Mega Man would be one of Monday’s games, gave us this reply:

All I can say is that Nintendo sets and announces the release dates for all VC titles.

Diamonon’s words echoed Nintendo’s official line, given soon after the crap had hit the fan on Monday:

The Wii-kly Update is the only authority for confirmed release dates of Virtual Console games.

SNK’s PR agency Michael Meyers Public Relations responded next, with Associate Public Relations Manager David Bruno saying:

We have yet to hear anything from either party on this apparent slip up, and will be sure to clear things up once we do.

A more positive reply there, but we're willing to bet that David doesn't hear diddly-squat from either SNK or Nintendo about this matter.

Hudson have yet to reply, but we expect a similarly non-committal response. But we can't blame them; these publishers are probably just as annoyed as us at Nintendo’s ineptitude, but they naturally are afraid to speak out in case the Japanese giant takes all their toys away and sends them to bed without any supper.

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mummydaddy said:

Man I would just p!ss myself laughing if all three came out here in the uk tomorrow. Mind you if any, I would only choose SS2. good luck on monday my american cousins... and aunt... and uncle.



RoninDennis said:

Ah well, Monday was such a slapper that I just sat back and thought, if Nintendo is so anal retentive about putting up a miserable bunch of friggin' roms week after week, so what? Why do I even care so passionately about this lousy business? Then, suddenly, it came to me...

The universe is one.
We are one.
Nintendo, SNK, CAPCOM and Hudson... are one.



Jolted85 said:

Nintendo has always been strict on 3rd parties, even in the NES days, infact back then, Nintendo said only a certain amount of titles can come from 3rd party developers, thats why companies like Konami had to make other parts of the company to release new games.

Nintendo does need to be more open-minded about 3rd parties though.



hal said:

lol well, what else would you expect from nintendo?! they're suffocating the Wii/VC.



Danieru_Lynx said:

Corporate BS? In MY Wii!? It may be truer than you think...

Not that it's my Wii, as this was an American release, although I'm sure that most Americans feel thusly, so it's all good.



Bass_X0 said:

"Man I would just p!ss myself laughing if all three came out here in the uk tomorrow. "
We already got Megaman. If Samurai Shodown 2 is out tonight I am getting it for sure.



Juice_Lee said:

It's kind of typical Nintendo if you ask me. I mean, that's ok. But I was really looking forward to Samurai Shodown II.



Ian_Daemon said:

Typical Nintendo. They do two things in my experience. (1) They make a plethora of peripherals and then ensure they get very limited support; (2) They delay the release of games. Oh, and I guess I forgot about mistreating third parties...

Oh well, don’t mind me. I’m just having a pity-party.



dk_xcalibur said:

I was also looking to download Samurai Shodown II this past Monday. I'm going by a "believe it when I see it" mentality about Nintendo's VC/WW from now on. We'll see what's released this Monday?????

I got burnt by the delayed release of Dr. Mario and now SS II



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Capcom said that or else the Nintendo Ninjas would swoop down and kill them.

It's a proven scientific fact.



Madmanonfire said:

It is still possible that David could hear something from SNK or Nintendo about this matter. We just have to wait. I can't wait to see Hudson's response.



Knux said:

Nintendo needs to watch itself or these three game publishers can quit supporting Nintendo and start supporting only Microsoft and Sony.
Nintendo has already abused Capcom by not allowing Bionic Commando to be released on the Virtual Console. If Nintendo keeps messing with Capcom,they might not release Mega Man 9 on WiiWare and instead release it only on XBLA and PSN. Let's hope that dosen't happen.



Draygone said:

Bionic Commando wasn't allowed? Was this another prematurely announced title, or is it a different story?



CrazyOtto said:

I'm really starting to hate the Wii now! The DS has much better releases this year than the Wii, Wii VC, and Wiiware all combined.




Boo hoo hoo,why cry about games you can pick up on cart for a better price then sit there and cry over a download,lol i have all those games complete for nes tg-16 cd and neo geo and i would rather play them on their native consoles anyways.The vc is great dont get me wrong but all im saying is why cry over something digital when you can have alot of it in the form of the real deal for a little more or less then something you cannot hold or see.



andy836 said:

looking at the responses i believe it was Nintendo's fault. they might come out this monday you never know. I doubt it was their fault though Nintendo is EVIL.....and power hungry.



Damo said:

@JRAPOCALYPSE - You may have all the consoles required to play these games on their native hardware but not every has the space, time or money to do the same.



Rexy said:

I still don't think Nintendo did this whole thing deliberately though, otherwise you guys wouldn't have got the two Sega titles this week in the first place. I'd call that a blessing compared to most of the Neo Geo weeks you've had as of late.

But looking at it objectively, the VC may be a great selling point but it's not the ultimate selling point for the Wii now, isn't it? Nintendo have their own business strategies, no matter how harsh they are, and they need to stick with it if they need to actually maintain a prime position in the gaming market. Like I keep saying, if anything, it's Sony that's losing developers over the past few months or so. >.>

Someone else raised a valid point - the only way that we'd see a true slur of classics on a consistent basis is if Wii sales start to stagnate and it starts to see the end of its shelf life. Then last minute interest would spur in before focus would come into other systems. It's happened all the time with their handheld efforts - most of the best games come out near the end of their cycle, before moving onto the next generation of systems.

I say be patient. They'll come, and especially in the case of Ys, that's one step closer for you AND us Europeans to have the release dates for our regions closer in proximity



Bahamut_ZERO said:

It was deliberate of NOA. They don't want to people to know what's coming. I just hope the Regginator put a Ninja on the guy who did this update anyway.

Fear the Nintendo Ninja's.



Radio_KJ said:

"Black" Monday? Please tell me it was already called that and you didn't just name it "Black" Monday because a few games didn't come out as planned. So everyone got their hopes up and got burned. Oh well. Let's get on with life.

I for one still have to finish Neutopia II anyway.



Rapadash6 said:

Nintendo can't release average and sub par games forever. Eventually they'll HAVE to release something the fans are asking for, because that'll be all they have left. I just wish Nintendo would stop doing things for themselves for once and give us, the loyal fans, SOMETHING. After the abyssmal E3 conference you'd think they'd try to make up to us core gamers with some awesome VC releases. I guess that wasn't thier intention.



el_cabarto said:

More like 'Brown Monday' because those releases were poop compared to what was supposed to come out.

I have a feeling that Nintendo will release Megaman, Y's, and Samurai Shodown this Monday. The odds of Nintendo blinking and admitting they screwed up are tiny but to not release these games now after public outcry (enough outcry that it warranted a response from big N) would be a blatant slight against 3 of the Wii's biggest 3rd party supporters.



blackknight77 said:

@ Bahamut zero
You know Sega and Tecmo have Ninjas too. I wonder whose Ninjas are stronger? I don't think SNK, Hudson, and Capcom have any Ninjas. I feel sorry for them

Anyway, I think this will pass over because I bet the un-released games will be out this month. From now on I think if a press release comes out everyone will be more cautious. I know I will



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Half-decent little bit of investigation in this article, but in the last paragraph you misused the word "ineptitude". This certainly wasn't a bumbling mistake on Nintendo's part. They didn't botch the release dates with these guys by accident.

I know we're all upset about this unfortunate switcheroo, but if we're trying to be "serious" video games "journalists" it's no excuse to let our emotions have a negative impact on our writing.



blackknight77 said:

I really get the feeling that the person at Nintendo who told these publishers that their games would be out on 8/4/08 probably was not communicating with the people who actually decide what goes on the VC every monday. So I still think this is a internal communication issue.



will1 said:

This should be the NOA motto for VC: If you feed your dog "scraps" and he eats it every week then why go out and buy actual dog food...
Ninty would probably sell ice to eskimos if they could get away with it... And yes, it IS Ninty's fault... the Wii may turn out to be a disaster but the NDS is rockin!!
On another note, who is going to get the 1:1 motion add-on. that would make a full control set-up (wii-mote$40, nun$20, classic$20, 1:1motion$30?) cost around $100 x 4 for family night... wow and that's just controllers! Any other "extras" I should buy? Voicechat, zapper, sports device, wiifit, rockband, maybe storage too... I just got robbed by a NINJA!!!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Actually, Capcom Ninjas are the strongest... untill they quit cause' they didn't get paid enough. Now Nintendo's rule with an iron fist



DynamicCockattoo said:

Im sure they decided to switch the games at the last minute, Im sure they thought that many eager fans would get points to get either game, so they changed their release date in hopes that they spend their now idle points in some other game knowing theyll get more points when they are finally released...



worrybomb said:

I'm a little more concerned about how third party publishers are told that their games were to be released on a set date and then completely been voided the following Monday. First it started off with Star Parodier and Break In a few weeks back. Normally, Hudson is spot-on with their VC calendar. On that day we received two import shooters. As much as I wanted to be sad, I saw it as no biggie and figured it'll come in August.

Fast foward to last week where not only Hudson announced a game but also SNK and Capcom. Now I really don't think 3 third-party publishers have decided "Ok let's write a press release or a blog that so and so game is coming out the following Monday. Nintendo will have to release because it was already announced". So here we are thinking those 3 games will be announced and bam, nothing. It could've been Mega Man 5 or some other game that stank on the Neo Geo or TG-16. The point is there has been miscommunication in the past few weeks here and it's starting to have an ominous effect. Now we can't really trust press releases and announcements because according to Nintendo "the Wii-kly is the only authority for confirmed dates". Same would apply to WiiWare.

I just wish someone would speak up on either side about what transpired. Better to nip this in the bud now than be silent and wait for it to happen again.



Rexy said:

@ el carberto, comment #25: Seriously, it was an underwelming week given everyone's expectations and I agree with that. But just for the record, I still think that Sonic 1 SMS and Splatterhouse 2 are very worthy titles and actually should have contributed to a better Wii week than the past few had hopes not been so high over Ys or Mega Man 1 in the first place. I'm finding it hard to comprehend the fact that you guys didn't get what you want and crap on the releases that came through instead (brown monday lol) regardless of quality.



Ricardo91 said:

OK, now we're calling this "Black" Monday? That's a bit much IMO. Yes, I know we got butt raped this week, and a lot of people are mad about it (including me.), but let's just forget about it and move on. All Those games we were promised will probably come out later this month, or possibly later this year. Did you really think we were gonna get 3 triple-A games in one week anyhow? We haven't gotten anything like that since the VC's launch!



Corbs said:

At the end of the day, Nintendo controls the games that hit the Virtual Console. We can be upset and disappointed all we want to, but it's not going to change anything. Let's face it, anyone that wants to play these games that badly can just pick up a Neo Geo, Turbografx-16, or Nintendo Entertainment System off ebay, because if you want the type of game selection that most people want, that's the only way to be completely satisfied in the long run. Otherwise you'll just have to take them as you get them.



PHANTOM93 said:

This really doesn't tell us anything except that nintendo's schedule for the vc is "We're putting out the games when we feel like it BAAAA!!!!"
(obviously it isn't, I'm certain that NoA has a vc release calendar for the month they're just too stubborn to release it to the public) Speaking from a business standpoint though some secrecy is always good but not the level of secrecy that NoA is using concerning vc releases. (honestly is it REALLY that important to not tell us what games are coming out just a day or two early?!) But Nintendo must think that they know what they're doing since they've been around since the 70's ( Nintendo color TV game 6 anyone)

Edit: @ Corbie

Yeah, I know a good place to get retro games at a local flea market. Ironically they cost about the same as they do on the wii shop channel (plus tax) but who wants to go to a smelly old flea market when they can listen to the looping elevator music of the wii shop channel



Bass_X0 said:

I also prefer having not having lots of cartridges and boxes lying around. at least with VC games i can delete them to be played at a later date if i feel like it.without having the clutter of the cartridges. plus i don't have to set up each of the consoles to the tv. and i hope we europeans get some good games tonight.



Knux said:


No,Bionic Commando wasn't even a prematurely announced title. It's a completely different story.
Nintendo wouldn't even allowed Bionic Commando to be released on the Virtual Console at all. I think the reason that happened was because Capcom wasn't releasing Bionic Commando Rearmed on WiiWare.

I guess Nintendo got pretty jealous and told Capcom:Since you are releasing Bionic Commando Rearmed on XBLA and PSN but not WiiWare,you cannot release the oringinal Bionic Commando on VC!

Nintendo can be such crybabies.



Ghouls_n_Ghosts said:

@ 36. Corbie

Or, they can download roms. Saves space, are free and will save them alot of time trying to track them down.



Ghouls_n_Ghosts said:

@ 39. SuperSonic1990

Didn't capcom release that and some other games on a collection for the GBA? Just wondering.



Damo said:

@Jogurt the Yogurt - I misused the word ineptitude? How, exactly? Nintendo is undeniably inept if it decides to inform three different publishers that their respective games will be released on a particular day, and then switch the games for different ones. That, in my book, is poor form and most definitely qualifies as ineptitude.

And as for us trying to be "serious" videogame "journalists", you should probably do a wee bit of research before cracking open those speech-marks again.



Knux said:

@Ghouls 'n Ghosts
That's right. I think it was called Capcom Mini-Mix. However,I think I'll just wait until I can connect the Wii and Xbox 360 to the internet and download Bionic Commando Rearmed on XBLA. I have never played Bionic Commando before,so I might as well start off with the remake.



Ghouls_n_Ghosts said:

@ 43. SuperSonic1990

It's a remake? I thought it was an all new game? Hmm...I'll look into it. Anyway, companies don't have to take this bull from Nintendo. They should probably look into releasing their games on XBLA or PSN.



Ricardo91 said:

@Damo. Wow, you wrote for all those magazines? I always thought you just wrote for Mean Machines, VC-R, and WWW. In that case, I guess you would know what you're talking about then.



worrybomb said:

I agree with Damo about Nintendo's ineptitude.

But alas, another week passes by and at least Europe gets Samurai Shodown II this week. Maybe we'll get it this Monday, maybe not. I'm hoping I can look forward to Star Parodier this Monday. I've been wanting to play that game for a while now. =)



iLikeGamesEspecWhenH said:

To even be so disappointed that you refer to this day as "Black Monday" is laughable, and well... just flat out 100% authentic patheticness. Obviously what happened here is no more or less than an accident of sorts, do you think Nintendo is purposely toying with us? Anybody that's sad about this needs to consider a secondary hobby, there are more things you can do besides sitting there waiting for Monday so you can see what 20 year old games came out and then being upset and whining when it isn't what you wanted. If you get a secondary hobby I think it'll dramatically soften the blow of bad VC Mondays.



michinmuri said:

WOW! I'm kinda glad I don't currently have a TV, because if I had one I would have expected to downloaded Y's and not gotten it. I would have been livid!



el_cabarto said:

@Rexy: SMS Sonic is my favorite Sonic. I only said they were poop compared to what SHOULD have come out. They're okay but like someone said about having a taste for steak...



alxtlvra said:

Two vc games at most? Secret release schedule? Lying? ... and keeps worsening

This just STINKS!



Wesbert said:

I think the reason the games didn't come out on monday was as not a matter of ineptitude, but a sort of "punishment" for the publishers, for flapping their mouths. It's obvious Nintendo doesn't want people to know the VC-releases in advance. And there's a possible reason: If a publisher announces "Hey, you're going to get XXX next week", then there's a good chance a lot of people won't bother to check the VC-shop this week, which means those games would be overlooked, no matter how good they might be.
Of course, this might annoy (or in this case, embarass) some publishers, but since their games eventually do get released, they eventually do get money for it, and money can buy a lot of forgiveness.
Leaving only the annoyed fans. But then again, the joy is all the greater when one's favourite game eventually arrives. After all, patience is a virtue

(Of course, I might be dead wrong; and I'm not saying it's the best policy. Just thinking aloud)



CanisWolfred said:

At least they saved face by releasing Samurai Shodown II in Europe. They weren't "lying", they were just "confused"!

Edit: Now they have Splatterhouse 2 as well! It was a "2" week, Samurai Shodown 2, Splatterhouse 2, and Pitstop 2, not to mention Echo jr., which in Germanese, translates to Echo 2. I guess they decided to do a theme huh?



CanisWolfred said:

How would they be offended? It's like how people would draw scary mouths on them to scare demons away, only this time, the scary mouths are video game companies, and the demons are the questions who's answers we so desire. I don't see what's so offensive here.



RoninDennis said:

You know, you can speculate all you like about who's wrong and who's not, but the fundamental wrong is this: Nintendo didn't like the actions Capcom, Hudson and SNK undertook and decided to settle to score over the backs of the customers.

They could have released as planned while telling C, S and H that they do not appreciate these press announcements in the future. No one'd get burnt. Instead they childishly screwed these companies' credibility and the customer's expectations. And that's BOOOH!



Andrew said:

In my humble opinion, it was not a case of Nintendo being inept, but rather them punishing the third-parties for their pre-release confirmations.



MaxPlastic said:

Nintendo don't need any of those companies... Nintendo have enough money from Pokemon and Mario to risk losing out on business and such. The Wii can be home to only first party mediocrity and still be their most successful home console to date
@ Rexy
I totally agree. Nintendo is not focusing/relying on VC to make it's priority profit. That comes from their hardware and "Blue Ocean" or "Demographic Growing" or whatever they call Wii Fit and the like.
Most people on this site have forgotten that the console is called the Wii and not actually the Virtual Console. The VC is a bonus; Another bullet on the features list for the main product.

I for one am tired of hearing these droves of so called Nintendo fans doing nothing but complain and bash on Nintendo knowing full well the typical behavior of the company (For the past 25 years or so, mind you), only to turn around and praise them when they get what they want. A lot like the spoiled little brats that stand in line at my job and beg their parents to buy them something, spitting fire and hate otherwise, only to coo and cuddle after the parents give in. I'm also tired of "fans" blaming Nintendo for being the only ones wrong here. Capcom, SNK, and Hudson all share part of the blame, because they forgot it's not actually their console to make the final decisions on.
Just treat the VC as an added bonus for the Wii. And if a game you want doesn't come out, move on! Don't sit around WAITING week after week just for an old game you've probably already played before... They're GAMES.

And I still think you should all pick up your DSs and play the Hell outta those... That's what I've resolved to do =D

Oh and lmao @ Damo: Way to shut that criticism down! You did seem kinda emotional tho o.o



diablos79 said:

@MaxPlastic: Ive tried to look at the vc as just being an added bonus tacked on to the main console but the problem with doing that is, when you look at it, the wii doesnt really have anything-else going for it. Just look at this years E3 summit, no mario announcements, no zelda announcements, in fact no "proper" software support at all. All there seems to be in the near future are yet more mini-game based software and wii-music shudder. which nintendo have already admited takes absolutely no skill to play whatsoever. I have been a nintendo fan for over 20 years now but the way they are treating their user-base is abhorrent, im not a geek or otaku but i do enjoy playing serious games and im getting fed-up with nintendo sucking up to the casual market, forgetting thats its the hardcore gamers that put the company in the enviable position it is in now.



CanisWolfred said:


No, actually, with the hardcore, they were in third place, remember, with the Gamecube? The casuals are the ones that are making Nintendo the most money, and they are going to catter to those casuals, since they want to make sure that they continue to stay on top. They already gave us Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and The Legend of Zelda TP, not to mention a bunch of great games on the VC already, so as far as Nintendo is concerned, the hardcore are satisfied. Now it's time to focus on the real money.



Atlantis1982 said:

It's so funny that people want another Mario/Zelda game already. How about something DIFFERENT for a change? People need to look at the third party stuff once in a while. >.>



CanisWolfred said:


Hell, I haven't even finished the ones I have already, not to mention there are good 3rd party games. I still have to beat the campaign in Blastworks, and I play Geometry Wars almost everyday. There are still a bunch of 1st and 3rd party games that I want, I'm actually glad there's nothing new out that I have to add to my Christmas list, it's big enough with things that already out.



MaxPlastic said:

@ diablos79
You're right, but the point I'm trying to make I guess is that... Third parties haven't fully taken advantage of the Wii, so we look to Nintendo to gives us games. I too am frustrated that Nintendo seem to be making games for my mother and grandfather and not me, but in the end, I have other systems to play and other things to do while I wait for awesome games to come out on ANY system.
On the point of Wii Music, I posted in the Forums that that entire presentation was the first time I watched Miyamoto on stage at E3 and cringed and felt uncomfortable... Sigh...



stinssd said:

The best way to enjoy classic gaming? Put the Wii in the rubbish and buy an old console with games on eBay.

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