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EU VC Releases - 27th June - Super Fantasy Zone

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

After this week, it is rather safe to assume that Nintendo of Europe is indeed following a pattern. There's 5 new VC games to pick from, and like two weeks ago, no WiiWare games.

The top pick might be argued about, but if you ask us, it's Super Fantasy Zone for the Mega Drive. The game plays pretty much exactly the same as the original Fantasy Zone (Also on VC), but now the fact that it makes use of the Mega Drive's hardware instead of the rather limited Master System means the sound and graphics are really quite a sight to behold. It could be called the best in the Fantasy Zone series quite easily.

There's finally a new SNES game this week as well. It's a catch-up title, but it's a good one. Pac-Attack is Namco's attempt at a block puzzler, obviously starring Pac-Man. The game is rather simple in looks, but will quickly become fiendishly difficult as you try to keep your screen clear of ghosts and blocks. The game also has a secondary puzzle mode to keep you entertained.

The Neo Geo also gets a new game in the form of King of the Monsters. This is in essence a fighting game, but it's a bit different from traditional one-on-one fighters in that the playing field isn't small and really just a horizontal strip of ground, but rather a large city which you can walk across in any direction. You play as giant monsters inspired by movies such as Godzilla and King Kong as you try to beat each other senseless while simultaneously wrecking the city.

The Commodore 64 naturally also gets two more games this week. Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine is technically a shooter, but instead of just scrolling up or to the right shooting stuff, you can freely move around yourself. The game's actually a bit of an adventure game, as you find your way through tunnels, caves and other narrow places while shooting stuff.

Summer Games II is another part of the "Games" series, which also includes California Games, World Games and Winter Games. We're not sure why they decided to skip the original Summer Games (At least for now?). but the sequel is another simple yet enjoyable game.

So, there you have it! 5 more games now available. Let's hope against all odds we don't have to wait 2 more weeks for the next 5!

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Rexy said:

..."I told you so."

Still, given that we face this scenario, I'm sure we'll be facing alternating VC and Wiiware weeks from here on out. It's a weird business strategy, I'm sure, but it could be feasible in the long run.

I'm familiar enough with Super Fantasy Zone at least; I'll look into a game or two but I'm not sure if it'll be worth investing on anything just yet due to Brawl finally coming tomorrow



Adamant said:

"This is in essence a fighting game"

Nuh-uh, it's a wrestling game. It might not look like one from the screenshots, but once you actually start playing, there's no doubt about the genre.

This is a decent update. No "super mega ultra quintuple A"-titles, but all of them are quite fine games worth a closer look.
Personally I'm no huge fan about King of the Monsters (the sequel is good, though), but I know it has a sizable fanbase.



Bass_X0 said:

Well, as long as we get five games a fortnight then i have no problem with it. less games and i would. I won't be downloading anything.



Cally said:

Yeah, and if you're worried about system memory you'll say goodbye to 128 blocks with SSBB's save file alone (which, for some reason, you can't even transfer to an SD card).



Jolted85 said:

Just checked the wiki page for North America and Europe's VC games, we now have 232 games each, but different games for different regions, I guess they were trying to catch up to the others region in terms of VC releases, strange isnt it?



WarioFan63 said:

(which, for some reason, you can't even transfer to an SD card).

Did nobody notice this until Smash Bros? Any Wii game that uses online cannot be transferred to the SD Card.



Rexy said:

I noticed the trend since Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (which didn't have an online option btw). Maybe certain Wii games had a lock on to prevent unlockable data being transferred between machines or something (in which would suck in the event that the owner's Wii would disintegrate).



Pj1 said:

Well. I'm Still going to look on Monday to see what America gets for the VC and then when I'm around on Friday I will look on this very site. I wonder if it will be Wii-Ware stuff next week (4 July) and then VC stuff 11 July. I reckon once Wii-Ware calms down then it might go back to normal. Any way see you all soon, enjoy Brawl...



y2josh said:

Ok, didn't know if anyone noticed, but Cybernoid got rated not to long ago and it comes out the following Friday... as for SMRPG you all have to wait. Shame on you Nintendo, shame...



Rexy said:

Were there any moaners continuously bickering about the state of SMRPG's release? Yes. For Cybernoid? No. Why? Because apparently those that remember the Commodore 64 are more patient and mild mannered.
Plus, didn't I even bring up the disadvantages of releasing it alongside Brawl in a prior news thread?

[edit: eh, should have figured that this site was family friendly ^^;]



Will said:

Meh times five.
Now, time for a crazy all nighter on quake wars followed by a trip to games-stop at 9:00am for (da da da daaaaaaaa) Brawl!



Virus said:

This five every other week thing doesn't seem too bad from my perspective. You're already getting more VC games than the US gets in two weeks (even three). I wouldn't mind if the same thing started happening here. Still, I think at least three games should be released on the WiiWare weeks. Now that would be pleasant living, but sadly, for now it's just wishful thinking.



timp29 said:

hey virus, in australia we dont have c64 either, so we get 3 vc games every 2 weeks (is this the same as USA?). thats one and a half vc games a week. sucks to be anywhere but europe if you love your ninty.



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well cybernoid is on the c64 dtv plug'n'play thing while i unable to grasp the diffucaulty of ot but the music i love the music alone wourth 500 points but for Australians who haven't got a c64dtv unfortunately have to wait for the commdore 64 to be released over here .



Virus said:

Well, I don't know about getting one and a half games a week... sounds buggy to me...

Terrible puns aside, I wouldn't enjoy the situation in Australia, but from the way I see it, at least it is three games a week again. Here in the US we get roughly the same amount of VC games, but more WiiWare games. So yeah, I wouldn't complain myself if I was Australia, but I can see the reason for your complaints.



WarioFan63 said:

I noticed the trend since Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (which didn't have an online option btw).

I dont think it matters if it has Direct Player to Player interaction since you could still log online to check scores.

Then I figured anything with even WiiConnect24 interaction wouldnt be able to copy because I couldnt get Elebits to copy, but I could still get Metroid Prime 3 to copy over so I have no idea about that.

The only online game I managed to copy was BWII but it still mentioned that not everything was copied over, and the copied save said it took up 1 blocks comapred to the originals 2.

Whoops, long-winded explanation that isnt VC related!
Super Fantasy Zone for July! MAKE IT SO!



i8cookie said:

why edit ur post it wasn't offensive at all. I went to a photography exhibition recently with some tasteful artisitc nudes, and somebody actually complained about one of the photos (quite a mild photo at that, only a little more explicit than my avatar). The most annoying thing was the manager of the venue actually took it down! I really don't understand people sometimes. The photo was in all the fliers anyway, hardly a successful censorship.



AlexSays said:

@ russta- I think I speak for all of us here when I say, I wish I knew what you were talking about.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Rexy, you're not the only one who "told you so." Pretty much everyone here concluded that this would be the pattern over the last couple of weeks. That said, this is a fair enough update.



Ark said:

Looks like a nice week for Europe. I'll be anticipating the new reviews...

I wish Nintendo of America followed this pattern to be honest. We'd get more games than we get in two weeks(sometimes three)! Or maybe put them on different days of the week so there's more than one Wii Shop Channel update a week...?



WarioFan63 said:

Bad News? If we end up getting Super Fantasy Zone or King of Monsters that would be great! Of course we'll have the usual million infinite people saying those games suck based on the fact that they arent SMRPG. But it would still be a good week.



Nadroc516 said:

i think i would go bananas, all this week i have been looking forward to mario rpg. i took all my vc games and put them on an sd card and cleared my wii menu, and only put mario games up. waiting for mario rpg



Cally said:

"Haha, "bickering".

Sounds like a cookie..."

It totally does, doesn't it? So how popular is the C64 anyway? I seem to remember one of these wonderful editors commenting about Nintendo having to be crazy to expect people to shell out five bucks for those. (Nintendo hasn't thrown those at America, yet).



Cally said:

. . .

I wonder if there's a little something to be said about the paradox that is whining about "whiners".

Just a thought.



MultiPLAYA79 said:

It's funny how almost every discussion turns into bickering over SD cards, storage issues, or SMRPG ! LOL.



Rapadash6 said:

Okay, this set of releases has made me realize a few things:

-Europe will get VC games every other week from now on, but they will be bountiful. WiiWare titles will be released the other weeks. (Duh!)

-Because Europe has C64 on thier VC, they will get more classic games per every two weeks than North America in the same amount of time.

-North America in turn will recieve more WiiWare titles overall than Europe, most likely due to developer budgets and limitations. This, I speculate, is why they added C64 support only to Europe. It's basically compensation.

-Lastly, and most sadly, it will probably be a good couple of months before either of us gets Super Mario RPG. Rarely ever does a game like this come out so soon after it's Japanese release. N64 games are the exception. Just take comfort in the fact that it IS coming... eventually.

Overall, I think no one really has the right to complain anymore. Each territory seems to have it's fair share of good and bad.



RGVEDA said:

Great week! It´s totaly ok for me, for a 5 VC Games Week every two weeks



DEMON212 said:

Thinking about it, on average, we're getting 7 games a fortnight. Which is like having 1 4 game week and 1 3 game week. So we're finally back to premium VC releases it would seem. And I still say that we're doing this well, because STILL! 9 of our top 20 are 3rd party titles.

NA only seem to buy Ninty stuff and just whinge about everything else that comes out. And while that continues to happen, no one's going to bother with the NA VC. Because why should devs port there 60hz versions onto the NA VC?

Why should devs do all that hard work for 100 sales?

It's probably more than that. But compared to the sales they get EU wise, it's still peanuts.

But you guys get WW up the ying yang. So I'm with Rapadash. No one should be complaining.

BTW, I won't be Brawling, as I've already had it, beat it, multiplayered the hell out of it, got bored of it, and lastly sold it



retrogarden said:

I'm getting Brawl today, so having a cheap week this week.

However, I do rather like KOTM. I only played it on the SNES, it was a poor comparison. Never played the Neo Geo game, but may wait for KOTM2 on good advice.

Pac Attack was a lot of fun, but I remember times thinking "why aren't you eating THOSE ghosts!?!?!?".



AlexSays said:

"NA only seem to buy Ninty stuff and just whinge about everything else that comes out."

If developers make more money in Europe it's because the Euro is stronger than the dollar, and Europeans pay more for Wii points.
That's the same reason Nintendo ships more Wii's to Europe; because they know they'll make more money than if they shipped some of those over to NA.

I highly doubt we'll never see some great VC games because the developers don't think there are enough VC-happy Americans.



Rexy said:

Rexy, you're not the only one who "told you so." Pretty much everyone here concluded that this would be the pattern over the last couple of weeks.

That wasn't aimed at the new routine, Jogurt - more like the mass of people who believed a Wikipedia edit on a potential release for SMRPG last night. I see what you mean though concerning people understanding the new routine quicker than me



i8cookie said:

@xsupermariox - lol, sorry just get annoyed at cotton balling the world, unnecessary censorship and what not...

But back in reality, or virtual reality, although i haven't pre-ordered it I am on a mission to be brawling today. So I may be kicking some of ur asses later, or more likely vice-versa.



Will said:

If you will excuse me, im going to gamestop now. I shalent be available for some time



MVP said:

When we will get the Mario RPG??, I´,m not going to buy any of this games, another fantasy zone another games summer and all that... who is the person that select the games?? the catalog is not well balanced I don´t find a good soccer game but there are alot of shooters!!.
EPIC FAIL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



DEMON212 said:

Super, aren't NA Wii's made differently to EU Wii's? So how could they just ship them over? They could make more for one location, but they can't just make a billion identacle Wii's and ship some to JPN, some to NA etc...

Euro being stronger has nothing to do with it. If someone sold 10 Apples in American and then 1 in the U.K, where would he have gotten the most cash from?

Also, I never said that you'd never get them, I just said that for the moment, maybe it's not worth there time and effort. I mean, would you run a marathon for 5 bucks?

But as for the only buying Ninty stuff, it's just the impression I get from your top 20 popular games, the comnents on here and the forums, the comments I get on my channel and vids, and the comments I see on other Youtube vids.

Most NA-ers don't seem to want amazing games. They just want Nintendo ones. And I think MPR's #1 spot seems to prove that more people would rather buy **** from Ninty, than quality from TwoTribes.



brooks83 said:

Demon I think that's a little bit unfair, as I imagine the top games on the Euro VC are Nintendo games. And how high ranked is Toki Tori on Euro's WiiWare? I'm gonna guess that it's below Dr. Mario.

BTW I have downloaded Toki Tori, as have many Americans on this site.



blackknight77 said:

King of Monsters is my guess for the VC on monday. I think we will get one game. If its not KOM, it will be Neo Turf Masters. I would hope this Super Fantasy Zone hits the US soon it looks really good. But at the same time it would be nice to see other non-shooters hit the VC.



Betagam7 said:

I downloaded Cybernoid last night and it crashed in the second level and reset to the old familiar blue C64 startup screen. Alas I knew no pokes or peeks to enter! Has this happened to anyone else?



Bensei said:

Completely Fail, not because of bad releases, but because they give us that much games in the Brawl week, where hardly anybody will have enough time to play Retrogames. STOP ALTERNATING WEEKS!

At least we got Pay-Attack now, I hope the other 3 Stars+ titles from the US follow soon...



blackknight77 said:

I wish the US would get Summer Games or Track and Field. We only have the less than stellar World Sports competition. Actually I like to refer to World Sports Competition as World Disqualification competition. Anyone who has ever played WSC knows what I mean:)



Junichi said:

Nothing to my taste this week, at least I'll be able to play Brawl. Oh wait, it was supposed to come through the post today, but it hasn't. Another bastard dissapointment.



AchubaNanoia said:

Very nice week for Europe, I am looking forward to see when Super Fantasy Zone will come to the US Virtual Console... I really liked the game on the Master System, but this is one is indeed much better. About King of Monsters: I'm 90% sure I played it on the SNES, and I recall it was a good multiplayer fighting game, so I can only imagine the Neo Geo version is even better.



DEMON212 said:


Yes, Mario is top, but Alex Kidd is 2nd and is above 3 Mario games.

As for WiiWare...

#1 T.V Show King.
#2 Lost Winds.
#3 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King.
#4 Cocoto Fishing Master.
#5 Block Breaker Deluxe.
#6 Dr. Mario & Germ Buster.
#7 Toki Tori.
#8 Star Soldier R.
#9 Actionloop Twist.

So yes, Toki is below Dr. Mario. But I just used Toki as an example. And I also used MPR and not Dr. Mario. But as you can see, there are 5 non Ninty games above Dr. Mario, which was my whole point. That 3rd party games seem to sell better here.

I'm willing to post our top 20 VC games if you're interested



saturnkid said:

I can live with alternating weeks, at least it's a predictable pattern!
We need Space Fantasy Zone now for the PC Engine, I can't play mine as it's still sealed in it's packaging.



DEMON212 said:

Top 20 VC list UK
As of 27/06/08

#1 Super Mario Bros. 3.
#2 Alex Kidd In Miracle World.
#3 Super Mario Bros.
#4 Super Mario World.
#5 Super Mario 64.
#6 Pac Man.
#7 Mario Kart 64.
#8 Sonic the Hedgehog.
#9 Donkey Kong.
#10 California Games.
#11 Ocarina of Time.
#12 Bomberman 93.
#13 Lylat Wars.
#14 Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
#15 Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers.
#16 Super Mario Bros. 2.
#17 Donkey Kong Country.
#18 A link to the Past.
#19 Metal Slug.
#20 Double Dragon.



AlexSays said:

@ DEMON212

They do make more Wii's for Europe than NA. That's why we've had a constant shortage since launch. Nintendo knows they'll make more money in Europe, so they make and ship more Wii's across the pond. But I'm talking about the number of Wii's being relative to the population, so while NA might be getting more, Europe's been getting considerably more than they should.
There's even several news stories on this, and I'm sure I can find a link you need me to.

Furthermore, we don't know the exact number of sales. Lost Winds might be #2 in Europe, and sell x of downloads, but it could be #5 in Europe, and be more than x number of downloads. Until Nintendo releases some exact sales, we don't know if anyone is making more money here or there.

As for the people that comment your videos, I'd argue most of them aren't old enough to remember most of those games.
As for me, I run almost every day, so how long is the marathon?



Viral said:

Hey admins, can we have a vote for your game of choice to come out type thing? Or make a single nomination or whatever? I'd like to see what people pick that isn't Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, or Chrono Trigger. Personally, I think we need to see people get into games like Zombies Ate My Neighbors or Earthworm Jim or even Tiny Toon Adventures. Things like that always make me more interested in games. All this hype people are feeling over Mario RPG is making me want to download it less and less because I know how popular it is now... By the way, the Block Breaker game for the WiiWare is not that bad. It's quite a challenge in some of the difficult levels!



Corbs said:

@ SaturnKid - You should open your Space Fantasy Zone. I know it's collectible, but it's a great game. I play mine all the time.

@ Viral - I'd like to see Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals hit the Virtual Console myself. I think it's one of the most underrated rpgs out there. But I'd have to second the vote for Zombie Ate My Neighbors. That's still one of my favorites as well.



DEMON212 said:

Super, that wasn't what you originally said though. So it threw me. Apologies. Oh, 100 mile. Just because people say that porting to VC is really hard work, and I'd imagine a 100 mile marathon would be too.

And while we don't know WW sales figures, you've just said yourself that we get more Wii's.



Cally said:

"Hey admins, can we have a vote for your game of choice to come out type thing? Or make a single nomination or whatever?"

Once again, I second this Viral idea.

By the way, how does the Genesis version of Earthworm Jim compare to the SNES version?



Quimby said:

@ Rapidash6 (quite a while ago in the convo)
Everyone gets a good deal here according to you, but what about us Aussies? We get the exact same releases as Europe, without the C64 games... So are we allowed to bitch?



Demonic_St33V said:

@ Anyone who's unaware..... especially Rexy for the "Were there any moaners continuously bickering about the state of SMRPG's release? Yes. For Cybernoid? No. Why? Because apparently those that remember the Commodore 64 are more patient and mild mannered." comment....

Cybernoid was also released for the NES, both the C64 and NES versions found their way to the states. OK game, but in the USA it was considered a "must rent" on the NES and a "must check out from the library" title for the C64.

In the end, the major reason we "Yanks" whine so much is that we're spoiled. We want everything because we're too used to getting it. Which is also why the C64 isn't memorable here..... At the same time it was available, so were many other home computers with the same or better features at the same or (more often) lower price point.

So yeah, we whine about the SMRPG, but seriously..... IMHO, aside from the Lord of the Rings game, the C64 had NOTHING that could compare to the awesome sauce that is the SMRPG.



Cally said:

"the C64 had NOTHING that could compare to the awesome sauce that is the SMRPG."

Yeah, I'd be happy to give the C64 a shot . . . after I'd given hundreds of other things (including what I've both have and haven't played) a go.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I got a Super Fantasy Zone cart a few months ago, the Master System FZ feels fresher but it´s a good game anyway. Cybernoid looks like a fun game.



slangman said:

Only Super Fantasy Zone intrests me this week but overall this is quite a good week. I might get Cybernoid and Pac- Attack if the reviews get me intrested.



DEMON212 said:


No, lol.

Never played SMRPG, but I bet I've played IK+ more than the time it'll take me to beat SMRPG.

So I'd rather have the C64 games for now.



Rexy said:

the C64 had NOTHING that could compare to the awesome sauce that is the SMRPG.

Personally, I disagree. I already stated that SMRPG was nothing more than a beginner's RPG, which in affect seems pale in comparison to trying out some of the cream of the crop of the C64. But I don't want to go through THAT talk again.

I do understand that you guys in America deem to be spoilt though, but do remember that America isn't the ONLY English speaking country in the world. The way you percepted the standard American's taste in gaming is making me think that you guys are a lot more casual and laid back than the rest of the English speaking world, those traits usually raising eyebrows elsewhere.

Either way, I didn't know that Cybernoid came out on the NES so thanks for the heads up.



Rexy said:

@Paper Yoshi: I should have stated that that was the general consensus concerning American gaming, not everyone involved in it. Don't worry, it was just an assumption from seeing how they make their investments around here o_O
(And yes, I second Demon212's statement concerning gas prices around here too!)



Betagam7 said:

I've downloaded Cybernoid and so far its been the first c64 title I'm regretting. The game isn't hard its just irritatingly unfair. Collision detection is poor and at points you have no alternative but to die and start again if you've already used the shield. The music seems annoying without any sound effects. So far the most fun I've had with it was somehow resetting it to the blue C64 startup screen. I'll give it a chance but consider Uridium, Nebulos and Impossible Mission to all be far superior purchases so far



AlexSays said:

@ Demon212- Yoshi isn't old enough to own a car. So I'll speak for him, and reject your offer.



03bgood said:

Why does Europe get like 5 or 6 games each week, while we only get like 1 game (2 if we're lucky) and 3 WiiWare games that nobody cares about. Nintendo of Europe is basically spoiling their Wii owners while Nintendo of America is belittling us with only 1 or 2 VC games and 3 or 4 WiiWare games that nobody cares about, although I guess the Europeans have been spoiled way long before video games were even invented. I mean why do we only get 1-2 VC games a week; it would be a totally different story if half of the VC games we got were actually good choices, anyone else agree with me? I think if we're not going to get like 5-6 VC games a week then either release better games or add C64 or MSX support for the US.



Rexy said:

Correction - we get 5 or 6 games each fortnight, which amounts to 2-3 VC games each week. We aren't being spoilt - you're just overexaggerating the issue; we are all being treated the same.



Mixer152 said:

Great game. I'm definately gonna buy this one.
Gonna be the first VC game I've bought for a while.

love the tunes aswell



AlexSays said:

@ Rexy- We're all being treated the same?
We get 1-2 VC games a week, and you just said that Europe gets 2-3.
2-3 > 1-2
What's your definition of the "same"?



AlexSays said:

Most people value VC games more than WiiWare games.
Especially when our WiiWare games are composed of My Pokemon Ranch, Critter Round-Up, Protothea, Table Tennis, Blackjack, etc.

The only WiiWare games you're missing out on are Defend Your Castle, and Gyrostarr for some. Besides that, there's nothing else worth downloading.

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