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Released by SNK in 1991, King of the Monsters is an action/fighting game that features city-destroying battles between huge monsters.

Choose one of six monsters and travel around Japan, stopping to fight in various famous cities with the aim of becoming the ultimate winner. In addition to punches, kicks and other regular moves, each character has the ability to use more devastating maneuvers, like throwing flames and shooting laser beams, to defeat opponents.

Wrestling elements are also incorporated, as you must completely exhaust your opponent and get a three-count to pin him and be victorious. Along with the player-versus-computer game, multiplayer options allow you and a friend to enjoy one-on-one matches and two-on-two tag-team matches against the computer. Take on the challenge and claim the title of King of the Monsters.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

King of the Monsters is an action/fighting game that features city-destroying battles between huge monsters.

King of the Monsters is one of those titles that, despite being a very mediocre game overall, enjoys a fairly strong following around the gaming community. The game takes the classic "giant monster stomping through cities" made famous in the...

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User Comments (25)



lordbowser said:

This can't come soon enough. So many good memories of slaughtering my friends at this.



GameGod3008 said:

I'm a Huge fan of Kaiju (Giant Monster if you didn't know) films and games so i'll probably get this



Bass_X0 said:

It was released in arcades during 1991. These graphics would have been great at the time.



TheLuigiDude said:

I've never played this SNK fighter and I haven't heard too much about it in the SNK chatter I've been in...is it good?



DDR_Paladin356 said:

I didn't know the arcade version had 2 more characters than the SNES version. Interesting. This game is pretty weird, but not bad.



Adamant said:

It plays more like a wrestling game than a fighter, really. I'm no huge fan, but the sequel is great fun. Might want to wait for that.



MrLopez said:

About the review:
"Do yourself a favor and wait for king of the fighters 2"
Isn't that supposed to be King of the monsters 2?
Just asking.....



Corbs said:

Yes, I goofed. It's 2am and my brain is fried. Thanks for catching it.



MVP said:

I enjoyed a lot playing the Mega Drive version, but is not very atracctive to download it today.



AchubaNanoia said:

I never played King of the Monsters 2... but I did play King of Monsters for the SNES, a friend of mine had it, it was really fun to play with more people. Also, it helps if you enjoy Japanese Monsters movies like Godzilla and such, because that's what this game is all about! I won't be downloading this so soon because I have other priorities, but if you have some friends who might enjoy this type of fighting-beatyourfriendup game, I think it's not such a bad deal.



MrPoo6321 said:

I don't remember this game at all... but it looks pretty fun.... for an arcade game.



Adamant said:

Given that 9$ would get you a maximum of 12 credits (9 is more realistic) if you had happened to bump across this in an arcade today, is that really a bad thing?



J_K said:

2/5 is quite an unfair rating on this, especially if you're going to recommend the sequel. If anything while this one may not look as good, it has more players, better balanced difficulty, and more entertaining gameplay value than the sequel. I'm quite familiar with both and the 2nd was just not all that great. The gameplay had some nice moves in #2, but the difficulty was yo-yo like, and the final boss was a good $2 worth of quarters at least alone as just touching him = big damage, and at times he'll just sit on you until you're dead on your back.

This one I find is odd you rip on it for being a wrestling type game and not a fighter because...well that's what it is. Also unlike #2 this one has twice as many unique creatures to mess around with.



sephiroth79 said:

clunky and silly at best. 3-count bout is a much better wrestling game.

The concept of this game is cool, it's just not that good of a game.



Mixer152 said:

I used to have this game on Megadrive, I hope theyll release that version one day. Unlikely though.



Adroitone said:

Why, the Neo Geo version is by far superior, since, you know, SNK made the game for their system.



Party_On_Dude said:

Also remember that old Nickelodeon show in the 1990's, Nick Arcade with Phil Moore?! Remember the games in Video Challenge?! King of the Monsters was one of them; also Bonk's, Sonic's, Gunack, Ghost Pilots, Adam's Family, Monster in my Pocket... I could go on and on! Also Phil Moore was so funny making up goofy lines & humming to the theme song!

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