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Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine (C64 / Commodore 64)

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Federation storage depots have been raided by pirates, taking valuable minerals, jewels, ammunition and the latest battle weaponry. You have been commissioned by the Federation to retrieve the cargo and return it to a storage within a specified time limit. Extra points and an extra ship will be awarded if you succeed.

The pirate craft have activated all planetary defence systems which you will have to negotiate as well as the pirates themselves. If you fail to reach the depot within the time limit or the value of your retrieved cargo is insufficient you must forfeit one of your Cybernoid ships

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Posted by Dion Guy

Federation storage depots have been raided by pirates, taking valuable minerals, jewels, ammunition and the latest battle weaponry.

Part shooter, part maze game, you are tasked to track down and retrieve stolen cargo from pirates, returning it to a storage depot at the end of each level (of which there are 3) before time runs out. Not that the pirates are going to sit back and let...

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User Comments (36)



Bass_X0 said:

yawn. another shoot 'em up. if anyone wanted a good shoot 'em up, they would have already downloaded one of the widely acknowledged great shoot 'em up games.



KeeperBvK said:

I'm looking forward to it. Some poeple tend to look at the genre, see it's a shooter and mourn about the high amount of shooters already on the VC, even though there is not even a single one like this on the Wii so far...



Dazza said:

@Bass - I am quite fond of this one. Its an exploration game as much as it is a shmup. It offers a very different experience from the shmup games already on VC. Good choice for Commodore to release this one.



DrApostropheX said:

Awesome! I remember playing Cybernoid for HOURS on the C-64 back in the day. It may look like a shooter, but it has as much exploration involved as the origindal Zelda or Metroid games did. Watching that video I can remember vividly a lot of those enemies and power-ups... so I guess they're still burned into my mind even 15-20 years later!



Joxe said:

I really, really love this song! One of the best from the C64 period, so good that I have it on my mp3 player

Haven't played the game though but would probably buy this one for the song, lol...



aphexbr said:

Yeah I remember this one, pretty good though i can't remember if I preferred this or the sequel on the Spectrum. This was designed by Raffaele Cecco, one of my favourite old school game designers who also did Exolon, Stormlord and First Samurai.

@BassX0: yeah, probably a good idea to check the game out before blasting it for being something it's not. At least check out a video - it's clearly a flip screen exploration game with some shooting elements, not a shooter.



deggs said:

yeah, calling this a shmup doesn't do it justice. like what has already been said, exploration was a big part of it. it was fun in the 80s... don't know how it stacks up these days though



Betagam7 said:

I somehow managed to get the game to reset to the blue C64 startup screen where you can type stuff in (programmes, pokes etc). It seemed random as I'd just started the second level. Has this happened to anyone else and is it in anyway an important discovery as it seems that behind every game there must be a fully working C64 emulator in which case...can't we just have that Nintendo?



RoninDennis said:

Music is by Jeroen Tel, who also did the music for Lemmings. Guy's a genius in his own right, methinks!

Edit: spelling



Mr_64 said:

This and it's sequel were truly great (if somewhat hard) games. The exploration/shoot 'em up gameplay, along with the ludicrous amount of weapons and upgrades on offer make it a really interesting game. The soundtrack and graphics are further proof that in the world of the 8-bit machines, the C64 was king!

Lets hope the Hewson back-catalog gets extended to include Exolon, Lightforce and Eliminator. They too were favourites of mine back in the day!



AMP said:

It's like the very first Metroid game, with a spceship instead!



ICEknight said:

I loved this game... but the Spectrum and Amstrad versions, I'm not getting this one. =(



Dehumanizer said:

"Exploration" is not the term I'd use to describe this game, as, unlike Metroid, it's completely linear. Each screen has one entrance and one exit. However, it's not a shoot'em up either; it's more of an action puzzler. Again, the player in the video plays a perfect game and makes it look easier than it is; play it yourself, and you'll see that many screens require some thinking, you can't just rush in.



jesus_666 said:

Don't believe the hype, this was always a truely abysmal game that relied more on the high quality graphics and sound (for it's time) than any kind of merit gameplay wise. The game is basicaly a flick screen shooter, where you travel from screen to screen shooting enemies and dodging dangers, there is no difficulty curve to speak of, and surviving many of the screens is completely reliant on luck.



Mr_64 said:

Jesus! That's a harsh critique! I think you'll find an element of luck is involved in the fundamentals of most shoot 'em ups, otherwise you'd just be able to plot your route though the levels. I admit the game is an acquired taste, but it's not exactly an abysmal game is it? You've obviously not played Double Dragon on the C64!



jesus_666 said:

When I play Double Dragon on the C64 I feel mildly bored, when I play Cybernoid I feel as though a seven year old is making me punch myself weakly whilst repeating "stop hitting yourself" over and over for half hour whilst Joe Pasquale is doing a rendition of "I know a song that'll get on your nerves"



jesus_666 said:

I may of strayed off the point a bit with that last comment so here is the shortened version

Double Dragon C64 = boring
Cybernoid = Unnecessary pain

There a youtube video on the NES version that I think shows why I hate the game pretty well but goes a bit over the top so don't take it seriously http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LR5DPHGLQo



Mr_64 said:

Lets agree to disagree. I personally think the Cybernoids are great games, though maybe as a VC upgrade, the aforementioned Joe Pasquale soundtrack would be an added bonus.



Eltigro said:

Thanks Jesus 666, I thought that this looked familiar. I remember the NES version, but I never played it. I just remember seeing it in Nintendo Power and thinking it looked hard.



Betagam7 said:

Overrated, a waste of 500 points in my opinion. Awful frustrating difficulty and very short



SKTTR said:

I found it
and lasting me some time,
until I beat its short 3 stages.
And played something else.

7/10 from me. (It's nothing like Metroid, and there's no luck involved either)



jhuhn said:

Game has now been given a rating by the ESRB which is rated E, which means there will be a release on the VC in North America for a future date.



Adamant said:

Okay, people. Help.

there's this spot with three elevators on stage 2 I just can't seem to get past. I've reached it about twenty times now, i can get to this spot without dying even once, yet I've never managed to pass it.



Adamant said:

Yeah, never mind, I got past it. Managed to reach level 3 now - damn this is one addicting and awesome game.

I'd say Solomon's Key is a more fitting comparison than Metroid, though. The rooms are all small puzzles, you often get tons of crap sent at you in a "THINK FAST, oops, that was the wrong reaction, you're dead" fashion, you have limited lives, but can amass more by going out of your way to get risky pickups, and you need to preserve ammunition for specific spots to have a better shot at making it through alive.

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