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Japanese Virtual Console list - March 2008

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

You thought last month's schedule in Japan was underwhelming? Then you obviously haven't seen this one yet! There's not much variety this month - Only 4 systems get new games. The Nintendo 64, Mega Drive and Neo Geo all miss out this time. Only two potential new games for the rest of the world are revealed - Most of the others weren't released outside Japan.

Japanese VC list - March 2008:


Super Famicom:

  • Super Gussun Oyoyo

Nintendo 64:

  • Nothing this time!

Sega Master System:

Sega Mega Drive:

  • Nothing this month!

PC Engine:

  • Psycho Chaser
  • Bomberman: Panic Bomber
  • Mr. Heli

Neo Geo:

  • You guessed it, nothing this month!

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Roo said:

Everyone saying its a bit lacking? Its no that bad. That up there is about 800% more games than were released on N64 and GameCube each month.



yamiiguy said:

I'll probably download Joy Mech Fight and Fantasy Zone, not alot this month .



Stuffgamer1 said:

Panic Bomber was released in the U.S. once, on the Virtual Boy. I had a friend once who said it was one of his favorite VB games, but I'd like to see a console VC version stateside. I don't know if either would be better, though, as PC engine was a CD game and the other version was SNES. Also of interest is the fact that the game was released on Japanese PSP in 2005. Since the PSP is region-code free, you COULD import a copy, if you don't mind the $45-up on eBay.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:

Lol, I bet the Japanese are just Jumping up and down for Metroid! But really, why did it take this long for them to get it? And do they even have Super Metroid? Oh well, I guess they needed to just slip it in there since its probably on the 'Classics' section of Brawl.

And to Link o Fett. We're not gonna get Smash Bros 64 this week because its bad marketting to release a previous version of Smash Bros 6 days before Brawl comes out. There might be people who opt to buy (or just play after buying) the VC Smash 64 over Brawl, which is 10 dollars vs Brawl being 50 and may be harder to find after the first day.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Joy Mecha Fight is pretty fun, and I´d gladly buy it. Fantasy Zone may be the best game on the list, except for Metroid which everyone has already played.



Adam said:

Well, Metroid is a big name title, and we already have it, so maybe we'll be getting something else good in its place. Joy Mecha Fight seems fun and easy to localize, too. Could still be a good month for the West...

Re: Kenryoku: There are precedents -- Mario Galaxy (Mario Bros. 3), and Metroid Prime 3 (Metroid & Super Metroid). I wouldn't be surprised if we got Smash 64 Monday, but I'm not crossing fingers either.



MasterMario said:

It's strange that Japan got Metroid in March after Metroid Prime 3 came out for a while now.



E-dawg said:

Get a grip Nintendo, why is there such a lack of Nintendo 64 games, your going to loose your VC fanbase soon-enough.



MasterMario said:

Looks like I was wrong. According to, Metroid Prime 3 will come out on March 6 in Japan. So I guess that makes sense why Japan gets Metroid in March but what about Super Metroid?



Kelvin said:

Oh, I didn't spot Mr Heli, which is a great shoot-em-up with a lot of character.



ChocoDK said:

Here I was hoping the VC would bring N64 games that I missed playing and they don't even release barely any. Sooner or later I should buy myself an N64 and collect the games I want to play for it.



Kenryoku_Maxis said:


Hey, go for it. That's what I did for the NES and it was a great decision. And in some instances can be cheaper and will get you many of the games you want faster. However, once you get to certain games, you won't get them cheaper than VC. And some of the best N64 games, while easy to find even in used gaming stores, LAN Centers or on EBay, will run you 40-60 US dollars used (Harvest Moon 64, Paper Mario). While the others may be 5-10 bucks each...or they might be more if you have to buy them all individually.

So its a real tricky thing. VC won't have all the games you want even over years, but trying to buy them all in hard copy will run you up quite a bill and be hard too.

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