Renegade (NES)

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Renegade was a highly influential benchmark in the beat ‘em up genre.

Step into the shoes of a vigilante who must battle his way through subways, parks, alleyways and parking lots. You can even burn rubber on a motorcycle. Pick up items like a hamburger that restores life, a heart that increases your lives by one and an item that gives your bike a boost. You’ll need all the help you can get to take out the many street punks, killer kung-fu females, outlaw bikers and array of bosses standing in your way.

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Wii U eShop Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Ron DelVillano


What's the expiration date for nostalgia? Is there a certain amount of time that has to pass before we start looking fondly back at the old, often inferior, games of our youth? It's undeniable that some games have aged gracefully and are still just as...

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3DS eShop Review

Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Crime doesn't pay

The company known as Technos might be best known for creating Double Dragon and River City Ransom, but before coming up with either of its two big hits, it made a number of lesser known titles — of which perhaps Renegade is the most well-known. Renegade...

Game Review

Virtual Console Review

USA USA Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

A beat-em-up best forgotten

Technos' Double Dragon became a household name and River City Ransom gained rave reviews from all and sundry, but people often forget that the company also released Renegade on the NES, forming what many fans deem to be a classic trilogy of 8-bit fighting...

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User Comments (22)



ICEknight said:

Ugh, that must be the worst port this game ever had, along with the C64 version.

I really hope they give us the Master System version instead... or the Amstrad CPC or Spectrum versions, even.



Jonny2x4 said:

Anyone who says this is a poor man's Double Dragon is ignorant. This came BEFORE Double Dragon. It isn't really that bad for a first gen title, but it isn't that great. The game is near impossible on Lv. 3.



meatlander said:

I remember playing this on the NES when it was new... now true I was young, but I remember this game being insanely difficult.



Serpent said:

@ Jonny2x4
You said it your self, "it isn't that great". so how am i being ignorant?



Dazza said:

D00M - I agree, Target Renegade was excellent. Seeing as the Speccy didn't have a conversion of Double Dragon at the time this was the best way to have some 2 player beat em up action. It was a lot different from the original Renegade where you were pretty much stuck in one area. In TR it scrolled along like Double Dragon and you could pick up pool cues and smash them over the bad guys heads!

An interesting use of Taito's license by Ocean it has to be said. The sequel Renegade 3 was a let down however as it was only one player. In that you could travel back in time to beat up dinosaurs! lol



D00M said:

Dazza, I think it was one of the best scrolling beat-em up's on the Speccy, It had great levels, and if you were lucky enough to have it for the 128k it loaded all in one go and had excellent music.
Loved the car park level with the bikes/bikers (Can't beat a flying kick to a speeding bike!) and the level with those annoying dogs.

One of the few Speccy games I finished



Adamant said:

Somewhat noteable for being the first Kunio game. Of course, since some idiot in America decided people would rather play as Joe Generic McBoring than Kunio, you wouldn't know that from this release.



lordbowser said:

This game ain't tough enough for me. I actually play this quite often despite it not being that great. I really like the music though, sounds kinda like an 8 bit version of the Stray Cats.



michinmuri said:

Was a good arcade game, not so good NES game. I always loved beating someone to the ground, then sit on their chest and pound face. That was sexy.



ZEIDO said:

Actually, this WAS THE BEST beat-em up on a home computer, but on the ZX Spectrum, and was only bettered by the 'unofficial sequel' by Imagine, Target Renegade. I WISH we could Speccy ports on the VC



blackknight77 said:

I never did get into the NES version. Its not awful, infact IGN's review is actually pretty positive despite the age of the game.
I think retro collectors will enjoy it



Yami_Bakura said:

@ Herandar

Exactly what I was thinking, lol!

I'm glad that someone else thought of that old show when they saw this.



stinssd said:

And now for a limerick:


In this game when you want to kick left
You'll find yourself thus quite bereft.
With controls as amusing
as this game you'll be losing,
Instead give this game a good heft.



DjPhatskillz said:

lol i really love this game... i love the levels where you fight wave after wave of girls with the purses lol



edofthe209 said:

First game on the NES I ever beat. I had a blast fighting giant angry women and kicking guys off of motorcycles. Back in the day I loved this game. Looking at it now though, ugh, those are some nasty graphics, even for the NES. I may have to get RCR, though.



Superdavey79 said:

@Jonny2x4 Exactly, also you have to keep in mind that this game was the beginning of a new genre, not just a new game so you have to allow a little more room for errors.



Superdavey79 said:

Beat em up genre rule of thumb: Renegade invented it, Double Dragon popularized it, Final Fight perfected it.

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