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Bomberman '93 (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Will there ever come a day when evil villains decide to give it all up in favour of getting an honest job, instead of stealing your girly and holding her to an extremely high ransom? This time, it's poor old Bomberman's lass who's been blagged by the bad guys and, as usual, the only way he can get her back is by confronting the evil doers face to face.

But, not being best pleased with the prospect of getting caught red-handed, the kidnappers have hidden themselves deep in a labyrinth of mazes. So, along with his bottomless pouch of bombs, the man Bomber sets off in search of his lovely!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Will there ever come a day when evil villains decide to give it all up in favour of getting an honest job?

The first thing that most gamers think of when they hear the name Hudson is Bomberman. Having been one of the company's flagship series over the years, it's little wonder why. The Bomberman games have seen releases on just about every console imaginable...

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__Jason Williams


Jason Williams said:

We had a great session playing this over the weekend. Got 4 mates over and some beers and relived our mispent childhoods! In my mind Bomberman really hasn't moved on since the 1993 version. It's genius in multiplayer mode!

__Nathan G


Nathan G said:

I still regard Saturn Bomberman to be the greastest one of all time, but I had never played this version, until now. Its great and even better in multiplayer! Its a game worth spending those precious Wii points on. A top game.



Issac said:

This has quickly become my favorite multi-player game on the Wii. I've had sessions that lasted upwards of three hours without anyone noticing how much time had passed.

This past weekend my friends and I played a drinking game where you had to take a shot every time someone else (be it another player or one of the computer players) gave you a disease. It added a new, crazy dimension to the game and also got us very drunk.

Highly recommended.



Warsong said:

It may not be the prettiest of the Bomberman incarnations, nor the one I enjoyed the most, but the elements that made this hit title a lasting franchise are here. It is simple, frantic, and the more players the better.



Felix said:

Aaaaaaahh..! Lovely, this game is extremely fun in multiplayer. Now i'm just hoping that they will soon release Super Bomberman from the SNES, thats the best Bomberman in my opinion!



Sinistron said:

I've got Bomberman 94 this year which I use a converter to play on my turbo- and I must say that I enjoy 93 a little more. However it's the battle mode in 93 that I like better- the one-player in 94 is better and more inventive than 93's...



Tandem said:

I wish I could download this game but like the rest of Australian Wii owners I have to be tormented by the gaping white space where the turbografix would be in the "show games by system" menu. They don't even try to disguise the fact that we are getting blatantly shafted.

It's a real shame that I can't get this title because classic bomberman multiplayer was the thing I was most looking forward to on the VC. And now that this title is out nintendo have little incentive to upload any of the SNES bomberman games that I actually could download.



Spike said:

well, the only better bomberman game i know would be atomic bomberman...

man that one was fun!
on the other hand, i downloaded this and its fun as hell. played eight hours this weekend with friends.. damn...



TheNintendoBoy said:

Yeah, multiplayer's where it's at with the bomberman games. I felt Super Bomberman 5 was slightly better than this one, but it didn't add anything that a casual gamer would really care about.



mario/zelda_fan said:

Well i really like bomberman and this game sounds good but I'm gonna wait for the n64 bomberman, what ever it was called bomberman 64 i think.



trakartist said:

This has become my friend's and mine's new addiction. Question guys: How do you get the 5 player working?



dave5 said:

i heard you had to use a GC controller in addition to 4 classic controllers to get more than 4player..



Mendez said:

Downloading it tonight or tomorrow night! Only ever played the Ware bomberman game "Wario Blast" on the Gameoy, so I'm quite positive about this one!



Shiro_Makoto said:

I wonder if there's any point in releasing another Bomberman game for the Virtual Console. Maybe Super Bomberman 3? (which was released only in Japan and Europe)



Tandem said:

I would definitely like to see another bomberman game made available, if only because no TG16 games are downloadable in Australia. I used to own bomberman 64 and while the single player experience was an excellent puzzle experience I much prefer the cross shaped explosions in the earlier titles.



Wolfman said:

Dull in single-player-- Bomberman is basically the ultimate party game. Get 3 friends, slap controllers in their hands, and start blowing each other up. Even Halo's brilliant multiplayer pales in comparison to this retro-style blastfest.



TenguTomato said:

This game is fun.....however I remember Super Bomerman for SNES being way better. With many more and better items. Roller skates, detonator bombs, Golden flame, punch bombs as well as kick bombs. Nintendo please release that version.



Zephyr_Tread said:

I'm looking forward to the SNES super bomberman, but this one is a very good thing to spend your time waiting. Buy it for the multiplayer, but play the story aswell!

__Smile Guy


Smile Guy said:

This is without a doubt the best multiplayer game of all time. There is just a magic quality about it which makes it so fantastically brilliant that you can simply not have more fun with a couple of your mates. For that it deserves 5 stars alone...

But, the single player by nature does quickly get repetitive and dare I say it a little tedious. I really wish there was a 4 and a half score but I just can't give it.

4 stars it is but STILL get this game (if you actually have people you can play with).



Charco said:

what did the update contacin that I downloaded today? cant seem to see any differences



yoshic said:

I had my buddies over for my b-day yesterday and I had gotten about 3 wii points cards, this was one of the ones I downloaded. we played 5 player multi matches the entire night. I havent played any of the 16 bit bomber mans since I was a kid. Download this game right now it will become the best multiplayer wii game you have.

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

Good game! but here's the TRUE storyline.
The Black Bomberman has attacked a city, stealing the seven power circuits that provide it with electricity and scattering them across several planets. It is up to Bomberman to recover them.
The multiplayer is fun. I recommed this if you have people to play with you.



Boo! said:

Well, instead of spending my valuable Wii Points here, I might just wait out for the WiiWare game - even if it is 200 points more, it is very possible to have WiFi = win.

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

Even if there's a wiiware game for Bomberman coming soon, I refuse to get rid of this.



Bass_X0 said:

We're coming up to the one year anniversary of this game being on Virtual Console and this is the only Bomberman game available to us. I really am surprised at this, especially when other series have had sequels released on Virtual Console. Heck, Bomberman '94 hasn't been released on Virtual Console outside Japan...



Clayfrd said:

This is a masterpiece! I love the Battle with just computer players, but when I had a friend to play, who, mind you, doesn't exactly appreciate older 2d games, we had a blast! The single player story is alright, but it is definately the battle mode that will have you spending hours on this game. But I want to emphasise the multiplayer once more. When I played this with a friend, the hours slipped by. We probably played battles over and over, teaming up on the computer players, for two and a half hours without even checking the clock. It was great fun, and as cartoony as it is, it even gets a intense at times. The multiple arenas helps. GREAT DEAL for six bucks. This easily gets 5 stars, and it is probably one of the top 10 VC games. Get this right away. -Clayfrd

Speaking of Top 10 VC games, that would a great New Year's activity for the Virtual Console Archive to usher in another year of classics... I wish I could make that list. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait for an authority in gaming to do that. Hint, hint.



NEO-GEO said:

This Game in multy player is absolutely awesome. I and my firends play it every weeks!



Danja said:

Its good because all the bomberman games are good, this is definately not the best version though. I used to have super bomberman 2 on the snes which had much better powerups.



ttfp said:

Great multiplayer game. If only it was online enabled as well.



The_shoemaker said:

So this is definitely not for me. This doesn't interest me as much as bomberman 64 which was awesome. But I'm not getting ether since most of the fun comes from multiplayer



Phantom5800 said:

God I love this game. Me and three friends played this game on multiplayer for at least 2 hours, it was crazy fun. If anyone is unsure about this game, BUY IT! It is a great game with friends in multiplayer.



Virus said:

The single player mode in this game maintains the same caliber of quality as other single player modes in other Bomberman games: mediocre. However, the Battle Mode in this game is good just like it is in its others games. Although its options and stages are not as expansive as future iterations, the Battle Mode is still fun whether there is one human player or five. Consider buying this game if you have many friends or siblings. If you're a recluse, you may want to wait for a future Bomberman game.

This game gets a: 7/10.



sandos said:

Me, girlfriend, her sister and her boyfriend play this every time they are over at our place. This beats all our newer wii games, guitar hero III etc hands down when it comes to multiplayer.

I really hope we will see similarly interesting multiplayer games on the Wii proper eventually...



WaddleWave said:

I love Bomberman games, proud owner of Atomic Bomberman! Anyway, the multiplayer it's awesome, good thing the A.I. it's not that dumb like the version for Xbox360, in this version the Kick icon, Spooge icon, Enclosement Depth and the fact that there is a LOT of diversity for Diseases(short fuse, short timer, "mute",etc.), makes a great if not, excellent multiplayer game. The single player songs are great but the gameplay can't be said the same, although the boss battles are challenging.



Manicfatty said:

While Saturn Bomberman is still the penultimate game in the series (imho), this is where my love of all things Bomberman started. This game sucked up many hours of my life, and multi-player was amazingly fun. While I've been seduced away by more recent versions, in particular the Saturn and SNES games, this one will always get play.



wowtriumph said:

I always loved bomberman. I remember we got if for the comp and networked it so we could play with 8 people that got a lil nuts. It was only computer class at school we had fun for weeks with that.



sirmatt said:

Can anyone offer any direct insight into the value of a two-player game?

I see lots of people here and on the net praising the 4 player and so on modes, however no one really directly addresses two player. I've only got two wii remotes and one regular playing partner. Is this a worthwhile purchase or just so-so like the solo mode is?

Conversely, I am trying to decide between this and Kirby's Dream Course. Any insight there insofar as two player fun and addictiveness goes? I have played and enjoyed both games on emu's.

Please advise.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

@sirmatt: The game is pretty fun for 2 players as well. Throw in 2-3 computer opponents and you´re set to go. The computer can act weird at times, but at least it´s pretty tough to beat.

@EVERYONE: What is this "update"? It weights over 100 units, so I don´t want to download unless it´s very usefull... Like new levels or an editor



Rooney said:

Fantastic game, but I think the WiiWare version will be the more definite choice.



Charco said:

Great game for when your pals are over for a few cans. Download this immediately.



Terra said:

I got this yesterday. Brilliant stuff. When the Retail Wii Version comes out, i will buy it. I'm currently waiting for that and the Super Bomberman series.



Ian_Daemon said:

Bomberman Generation for the GameCube has a great single player mode while still including a really fun and addictive multiplayer mode with great powerups!



Ricardo91 said:

^I agree. Bomberman Generation's single player was awesome, as was Bomberman Tournament's. Coin battle was a blast!

I was going to get this, but since that Wiiware bomberman is coming out real soon, I'll probably get that instead.
I'm also hoping for Super Bomberman and BomberMan 64, but none of the NES games, please. The original Bomberman blew.

Edit: scratch that. I heard that BM 64 sucked too.



Mipsymoodle said:

this was my first TG-16 game for the VC
i never owned a TG-16 so only because it was a bomberman title, i downloaded this
i love it, great multiplayer
i might get another TG-16 game



Yasume said:

I actually enjoy the Singleplayer mode a lot. I surely do not get bored of it and the boss battles are really challenging, I just beat Blastbat with a lot of retries. The Multiplayer is also just stupid fun. I recommend this game to anyone. 5 stars.



Bass_X0 said:

okay. going by that, super bomberman is seven stars. super bomberman 2 is seven stars and super bomberman 3 is nine stars.

and saturn bomberman is fifteen.



GotToGoBackInTime said:

The Saturn was Sega's 32-Bit system they had out around the same time Sony had the PS1 out. The Saturn was better then the PS1 but nobody bought it.



MasterMario said:

I know that the Com-Link mode sends you to battle mode on the VC version, but what does it do on the TG-16 version?



tragic-figure said:

I wonder if Bomberman 64 will ever make it to the VC?, this title is a prime example of a GREAT multiplayer game, its up there with Super smash brothers and Goldeneye.



Marvel_Maniac said:

I just don't have enough people around, enough of the time to play multiplayer. This was sort of a waste of a purchase for me because I don't care very much for the single player game. I REALLY should have wated for the Wii Ware Bomberman so I can play with people whenever I like. It can be the middle of the night and I can still strike up a game with 8 people!

This Bomberman however has been deleted off of my Wii after one or two play sessions...



Choptick said:

The game is more fun as multi-player. Other than that it's basically the same as the other 15 bomerman games

Love B64's MP mode too, with the ghost thing, priceless.



tatemon555 said:

This game is so fun!!! Unfortunately, it totally glitched up on my Wii, so I had to buy Bomberman Blast.



Tammy said:

Compared to the bomberman on my xbox live this one seems to be a it lacking, been playing this for a while now nevertheless but I always lose to my wife.. been secretly practicing bb man on my job with a dumbed down version on http://www.spel.nl ;p



RegalSin said:

I am kinda happy this game never made it to western shores as it was so corney. Otherwise it is an great play of the original bomber-man concept.

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