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Tue 12th Aug 2008

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GotToGoBackInTime commented on Riot Zone:

I don't think this game is as bad as everyone says it is. I mean sure it's a Double Dragon, Final Fight rip off, but so is Street Of Rage. if you like these kinds of beat'em up games it's okay. And It's got a great rocking soundtrack.



GotToGoBackInTime commented on Hardware Focus: SNK Neo Geo:

It's hard for me to want to Download these game's on the VC for 900 Wii points each, when SNK has put out a Disc for the Wii with 16 Neo Geo game's on it for only $29.95. It kind of kills them on the Virtual Console for me.



GotToGoBackInTime commented on Ninja Spirit:

This is a Great! game, but I get all the way to the last level were you fall down and have to avoid those other ninjas as your falling and I can not do it. I have never beat this game because of that. That is the only reason I would give this game 3 stars & not 4.



GotToGoBackInTime commented on Bomberman '93:

The Saturn was Sega's 32-Bit system they had out around the same time Sony had the PS1 out. The Saturn was better then the PS1 but nobody bought it.



GotToGoBackInTime commented on Altered Beast:

Altered Beast was a great arcade game. It came with the Sega Genesis when the system came out in 1989 (that was the year I got the Genesis). The graphics & sound were unbelievable compared to the 8-bit games of the time. Thats why I think Sega gave it with the system to impress. Altered Beast may seem bad to people today, But it has it's place in history and is a Classic.



GotToGoBackInTime commented on Vigilante:

I like Vigilante in it's time it was a really cool game, maybe it dose not hold up as good today but it's still fun. It's odd some people think this game is hard and some think it's easy, I even see some websites list this game as very hard, I'm no great gamer but I found this game very easy to beat for me, I guess some people have more trouble with it then others.



GotToGoBackInTime commented on Neutopia:

I had Neutopia when it was originally out but I never beat it and I never had Neutopia II, so I will probably download it & II sometime. I remember it was a really good game, but I can't remember though why I never beat it.



GotToGoBackInTime commented on Monster Lair:

I remember This and Fighting Streets were the first two CD games to come out on the Turbo. I was so glad they put this game on the Wii VC. This game is so much fun to beat. And the soundtrack is a perfect fusion of island & jazz. Just in case anyone did not know you can get unlimited continues in the game by getting the high score and putting your name in as 68K, I think you have to hold select to get numbers come up.



GotToGoBackInTime commented on Final Fight:

I like Final Fight a lot but I would much rather have the Sega CD version than the SNES version. The Sega CD version had all three characters, a really good soundtrack and a better intro & ending.



GotToGoBackInTime commented on Ys Book I & II:

This is my all time favorite RPG. I had this game when it was first out on the Turbo and I loved it. I'm not a big RPG fan but I beat this game 5 times when I originally had it. It's been almost 20 years since I have played it, I can't wait to download it on the Wii VC and play it again. I'm sure it's just as Great! as I remember it.