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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Warsong commented on Military Madness:

You may have loved such games as Advance Wars and Panzer General (both terrific) and never have heard of Military Madness, the game that I would assume is the inspiration for them both.

The graphics and story may be unsophisticated, the music may get repetitive, but the essential gameplay and strategy are very strong. Overall this is a great example of turn-based warfare, probably the best that will be on VC for some time (until Warsong--dare I hold my breath?) so if you don't mind a game that WILL kick your ass if you dont pay attention, it is definatly worth some time.

p.s. The mobile version of this game has several interface improvements over the VC version. Unfortunatly the AI seems dumbed down to the point of trivializing much of what makes this game exciting.



Warsong commented on Bomberman '93:

It may not be the prettiest of the Bomberman incarnations, nor the one I enjoyed the most, but the elements that made this hit title a lasting franchise are here. It is simple, frantic, and the more players the better.



Warsong commented on Beyond Oasis:

Bright and loaded with personality, this is not only attractive but a gem of an RPG. Where the "adventuring" part of Sword of Vermillion is weak, here it is the heart of the game--and done superbly. It is easy to enjoy by a wide range of gamers, a classic that was overlooked by many.



Warsong commented on Sword of Vermillion:

In its time this SoV was ground-breaking. Sega had a series of full page magazine ads that showcased just how good the Genesis graphics were on its newest games. SoV and Strider are the two spreads I remember clearly.

Vermillion's strengths:
Combat is action oriented--a welcome break from many of the menu driven RPGS of that time.
Boss fights were gorgeous for the day.
Some of the music is top notch.
More serious than most RPG's.

The first-person views are a bit clunky and disorienting when navigating the maze-like world.
Ditto for the dungeons.