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Phantasy Star IV is the fourth released game from Sega’s epic Phantasy Star series, one of Sega’s biggest RPGs on the Mega Drive / Genesis. In the year AW 2284, planet Motavia is once again plagued by strange biocreatures, and it’s up to the brave men and women of the Hunters Guild to exterminate them.

You are Chaz Ashley, a rookie Hunter straight out of training who is supported by Alys Brangwin - a crafty veteran whose good looks and prowess with the blade have earned her an awesome reputation. These two Hunters, along with a cast of supporting characters, will go beyond Motavia to unwittingly save their entire solar system.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

In the year AW 2284, planet Motavia is once again plagued by strange biocreatures.

After two successful Phantasy Star releases, Sega decided to change things up a bit for their third release in the series Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom. The game featured more of a medieval look to it instead of the science fiction theme that had...

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User Comments (62)



Damo said:

A masterpiece...easily my fave PS game. A real gem of an RPG.



Rockman_90 said:

I would download this to my wii the moment it comes out i have not played it before but i have heard so much good things about it



7th_lutz said:

Phantasy Star 4 is a classic.

It has everyone thing that you expect out a rpg. It has a great plot, great graphics, great use of cut scences, great battle system and very music.

Phantasy Star 4 is the best rpg on the Sega Genesis. I recommend it to anyone that doesn't own the cartridge or Sega Genesis classics.



Sage_Joch said:

Man, this game looks really promising! I was wondering though, is it recommended that you play through episodes 1 to 4 in chronological order following the storyline, or can they be played perfectly at random? And won't starting with PS IV kind of ruin the other games as they're apparantely not up to the standards of 4?



deggs said:

just started this the other day (in the genesis collection for ps2) and i'm lovin it... to be honest, so far at least, i'm not as into it as much as i was into the snes ff games but it beat CT and any other snes rpg hands down. this is prob one of the best rpgs i've ever played...



animehair said:

Ill never forget this game! This game is amazing. There are moments in the storyline of the game that to this day I will never forget. Thats how much it impacted me. The graphics, story, the music...its all top notch. You dont have to play the other Phantasy Stars first to play this one...but I remember the quality of this one kinda ruined the older Phantasy Stars for me when I tried to go back and play them.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

I've heard nothing but good things about this, and I probably wouldn't worry too much about starting with this one and not bothering with the previous games. But we need a better video for this! I want to see gameplay (battles, menus), not just the intro (which isn't really going to help me decide whether the game's for me).



SKTTR said:

intro videos are lame. gameplay videos is what its all about.



Shortay said:

I think I'll skip on PSII and III and just go for this when it's released, as the VC isn't getting enough quality RPGs and I want to get the best one possible right now



i8cookie said:

@Oldschoolmayhem - me too, think i will give it a go. does anyone one know the rough number of hours this game takes? I love the old school rpgs but i hate getting bored of them half way through which i find happens a lot



Raganara said:

One of the best Games I ever played.
You can set it in a row with Final Fantasy 6 JP (also known as Final Fantasy 3 US).
In my opinion PS IV is way better than FF 6

  • Macrosystem for Battles
  • Combine techniques
  • Nice Cutscenes
    and many more...


oneate7 said:

to sum up ps4 in one word: amazing. i play it to this day still every chance i get. hopefully nintendo will make the right move and release this, eb, and smrpg soon because my wii points are collecting alot of dust ;x



Starwolf_UK said:

My thoughts on the game its very good but a few things let it down. The interface is much clunkier than what you would expect to see in FF. I also found lack of information in places (lack of tech description for instance) a bit weird with the fact you can talk to your party (to find out where to go next if you get stuck).

Thankfully none of those issues get in the way of the game too much and it is worth putting up with them. All it reallys means is you have to put a little more effort into playing than you would say, FF.

Also, I find it a little sad some of the wow worthy ideas didn't catch on. The macro system (the cloest you'll find to this is auto battle but it isn't realy the same ) and the cutscene syling (the only games I know of that does the comic book panel style are both SEGA works*). Some games do the find out where to go next thing well but none in PSIVs style (usually buying hints or a log of the adventure)

*-The Project Rub and Rub Rabbits game on the DS and PSO Ep II on the Gameucbe.



Ricardo91 said:

Sucks for you guys who don't have a PS2 or PSP, cuz then you could just play it on Sega Genesis Collection! This was the only PS I really liked on that collection. PSII wasn't bad, but was a bit too difficult and time-consuming for me, and PSIII was just boring.



CanisWolfred said:

I think I'll give this one a go. I've heard enough good things about it, and I like a game that gos for a more Sci-fi theme, especially in a genre that seems obsessed with Medival fantasy worlds.

I just have to ask, though, is it really Sci-fi? I ask this because I had purchased another game that claimed to be a Sci-fi RPG, yet, after a mere glimpse of some technologically advanced civilization, it immediately strands you on some backwards, Medival planet and it devolves into a generic medival fantasy RPG. I felt so cheated by that game, and I really don't want to make a mistake like that again. So does PSIV run with the Sci-fi theme the whole way through, or is that "Sci-fi RPG" only on the back of the box?

I won't quite be downloading it, to tell you the truth, as I intend to get the Sega Genesis Collection, probably on the PSP(I need some reason to use that thing), but if it's really just a Fantasy type game, I not even going to bother with it.

I'd still like an answer, mind you.



JiggyGF said:

I have the Genesis Collection on PSP, but whenever this game shows up I'll still give serious consideration to downloading it. Phantasy Star IV really is an excellent RPG, and the VC emulation will probably be a step up above what Sega managed with PSP, so--yeah, I'll definitely think about it.



Stop waiting and buy Sega GenesisMegadrive Collection for PS2 or PSP if you want to play this and most of Sega's other great stuff. You get Phantasy Star II, III, and IV. If you want the first, I'd wait for the SMS release, since the only port is on GBA, and it's got some bad glitches, including a save glitch.

If you don't have a PS2, I can only ask why the hell you'd have a Wii instead unless you're running the Homebrew Channel.

Admittedly, Sega Genesis Collection has some slight emulation problems (the only ones I've noticed are sound problems, and the biggest is the lack of speed-up music in Sonic), so if this is your all-time favorite game ever, go ahead and spend $8, but everybody else should just buy that collection and be done with it.

I can only laugh at everybody who's stuck waiting for this right now, when it's been available forever elsewhere, as a hard copy and cheaper too.

For the uninitiated, this is the great finale on the 16-bit system, and it's considered to have aged better than the other three. If you like the series and have no qualms with playing older games, you should play I and II (and if you really like it, III), but most people would recommend you starting with this. They make references to previous games, but it's really ok to skip ahead.



TheLuigiDude said:

I'm getting the GBA PS collection and then I'll wait for this to come out the VC if I like what I played in the previous games. Sadly I would get this on the Genesis collection, but I don't have a PS2 or money to get one.



deggs said:

yeah, i've been playing this when i get the chance on the playstation 2 genesis collection and i have to say, it's amazing. prob one of the best rpgs that will ever hit vc. right now, i'd say it's my second fav rpg of all time (second only to Final Fantasy 2(4) and keeping in mind that i never was able to find most ps1 rpgs cuz i got my ps2 just recently. in fact i just got my playstation2 specifically for the genesis collection to play this very game and for the 2 mega man collections). I'm enjoying the game even more than I did ff3(6) or chrono trigger. The story's cool, and the music is great (for the most part).

if you don't have it yet on playstation 2, you'll be doing yourself a favor when you get it on vc.



Corbs said:

Shouldn't be too long before the US and Europe get this wonderful rpg. I've played through all of the 16-bit Phantasy Star games multiple times and this one is still my all-time favorite. I keep hoping Sega might resurrect the 2-D classic Phantasy Star games someday.



Kurachi said:

i dont know this game, but i see lots of positive posts here, maybe i give it a try
i have played PS II, and was also fun, until i got stuck somewhere
i now have plans for games, maybe after i got the others i'll buy this one aswell, looks good, just like PS II



Falk_Sturmfels said:

This is a great Friday for us europeans. So much high rated games. I have Phantasy Star I-III as originals, so I´m thinking of trying to get this one also as original.



Draygone said:

This game is great. Granted, I've never finished the game. I've got a terrible attention span. Only made it up to the first vehicle you drive. But I did get to the first battle with the main villain, and the events surrounding him were just what you'd expect from an encounter with a main villain (this guy is big trouble). And from what I've seen from the game so far, this game definately is up there with the great RPGs of the 16-bit era.

My only complaint is the spell names. You can't play this game without an instruction book by your side. I appreciate the attempt at original spell names, but I'd rather have my FIREs and CUREs instead of FOIs and RESes. Heck, a few spells and abilities weren't mentioned in the original instruction booklet. (Yeah, I own the original.)



MarkyVigoroth said:

This review makes me regret buying Phantasy Star III, yet I might as well enjoy III before IV comes.... (If only I leveled up better in III...)



Peppy_Hare said:

Incredible Genesis game! Easily the best of the Phantasy Star franchise. Can't wait 'till it comes to North America!



deggs said:

yup. as i said above... this and mario rpg are probably the best vc is gonna get...



ICEknight said:

"the VC emulation will probably be a step up above what Sega managed with PSP"

...And why would that be? That wouldn't make much sense.

Also, PAL gamers who buy the VC version will get a slower game.



soniczelda_dude said:

All I can say is I hope PS4 is released sometime soon, because I was planning to go Wii Point shopping as soon as possible. Luckily there's Secret of Mana to tide me over.



Cally said:

"Is this as brutal as 2 was?"

Nope. It's the most playable game in the series. Pretty smooth ride. And it's also going to be WAY more meaningful if you've completed PS1, 2, and maybe 3 (which is kind of a sidestory). It sort of plays off a certain story thread that goes through the other games and completes it--definitely a "sequel".



Divock said:

It LOOKS good, but I can't decide. I have a love hate with the virtual console. Yeah there are a bunch of awesome games, BUT YOU WANT THEM ALL! Thank god they're cheap.



slangman said:

Might get this but the crappy slow PAL music puts me off. Looks great though.



Link79 said:

Do you have to play the previous games to understand the plot of this one? I've never played a phantasy star game but I'm kinda tempted to try this one. If I just skip the first three will I be totally lost?



SamuraiBlitz said:

Really looking forward to getting this one

@soniczelda dude
At the rate Nintendo is going right now, we won't get Earthbound for another year so just get this game



The_Fox said:

I hated the first two PS games with a passion. The clunky menus and other old school RPG flaws really grated on my nerves. This one is much better, though.



Cally said:

"I might try it out if I can get over my distaste for all Genesis audio."

No kidding. It's not the most primitive audio chip ever made, but somehow that "tinny" sound just gets everywhere and you KNOW when you're hearing a Genesis game. Sometimes it's not so bad, but of all the really memorable game tunes I've heard, relatively few are from the Genesis.



Kelvin said:

@Link 79, this does follow on from the earlier games, but more in a Next Generation way rather than a direct continuation. If you've played the earlier games, you'll recognise people and places, but nothing that will harm the enjoyment of this game; it's pretty much self-contained.



Madmanonfire said:

I'm probably one of the few who doesn't enjoy this game. The beginning turned me off and the battle system feels awkward. The enemies are stationary while your character seems to appear in front of them to get attacked. I'll try to play through the game more, but I almost regret buying it.



Nintendork said:

Okay, can you jump right into this game without getting confused with the story or should I play the first ones first?



Cally said:

^I don't think you'll be lost or anything. But a lot of plot points will be more meaningful if you've gone through the original.

For best results, play 'em all. The next best way is PS2 and then 4, as 2 is the game where most of the references are made. They really are all worth playing.



WyvernKnight64 said:

I played this game on the Sega Genesis collection and it is worth every point its one of the best RPG's around.



jwl said:

I didn't know this game existed until I found it on nintendolife. And what a great game it is! It is by far the game I at the moment play the most on my wii.

The story is really interesting and very uniqie I think among those countless medieval fantasy styled RPGs. Battle system works and easy to get into, if you are familiar with games like Final Fantasy. It is true though that it can be a bit annoying not knowing what the skills and techs actually do when you want to use them, but the in game operations manual is a good enough reference, and there is also a great deal of game FAQs to be found online.

24. Mickeymac asked whether it is really science fiction or just sci-fantasy, and well, I think for the most part it qualifies as science fiction. The story builds on science fiction elements and conventions. We have planetary systems, ancient alien civilisations, robots, AI, space stations and stuff. However, the battle part of the game is still pretty fantasy-like. You use swords and armor, and some magic spells every once in a while.
However in a good RPG, the story is important, and the fantasy elements there is not very many.

A really amazing game offering many hours of engaging play time!



MageNoobMan57 said:

I might wanna check this out... idk. I've been getting into RPG's lately, and I've heard some good things about this.... idk.



ShawnAustin said:

I've had this on my wii for almost 8 months but never got around to playing it until about a month ago. I really wish I hadn't waited that long!

This is a near perfect RPG with great action, story, characters and all the essential elements. Ive played I, III and now this and am looking forward to going through no. 2 very soon. This is the definitive game in this series and is on par with FF2 for depth and keep you intrigued. 9/10 for sure.

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