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Mon 14th Sep 2009

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jwl commented on Nikkei Corroborates Previous Wii 2 Controller ...:

I fail to see the point if the rumors are true. When I play on a console, I look at my TV screen. It would be annoying if I need to look at two screens when playing games. Also, this will likely make the controllers awfully expensive.



jwl commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

To me it sounds like he can't handle competition. I have great fun playing many of those cheap games on the iPhone, and in terms of value for money, as in play time pr. money spend, some games are really really good. Call it disposable or whatever, but having ten hours of fun for 1-3 dollars is not a bad thing in my book.

Also, many of these cheap handhelds games are in concept more like oldschool retro games - in a good way - with games that are easy to pick up and play, focus on gameplay rather than complex storylines and cinematic movieclips. I think they could learn something from that.

But saying it is bad for the industry is really just complaining about competition - I can't take that seriously. Nintendo can't and shouldn't compete with those kind of small games, but make some other good stuff instead.



jwl commented on Review: Military Madness: Nectaris (WiiWare):

I am pretty happy with the old game, and if the levels are basically the same, then it is not that important for me to get right away. Maybe there will be some DLC in the future?



jwl commented on Nintendo Download: 12th March 2010 (Europe):

Wow, both Ironclad AND Military Madness! Think I'll get Ironclad first and wait for the review of Military Madness. If it hadn't added much extra to the original game other than new graphics, then I might pass.



jwl commented on Blazing Lazers:

Can anyone get the invincibility code to work? The game seems to crash by it.



jwl commented on WiiWare Market Grows to Nearly $60M USD in 2009:

As #23 Mike says, declining VC sales are very much likely due to fewer released games, duh. I can't understand either why VC games don't just flow out, it should be almost only profit. There is almost none development cost, since they already have emulated all the consoles to Wii, so basically it is only down to releasing some ROM-files to the VC service. Re-Writing a small online manual for the menu and other minor adjustments shouldn't be that expensive.

If wiiware is the future then I hope they make more rebirths and classic style games, rather than endless and endless puzzle games. How big can the demand for puzzle games be?



jwl commented on Sega: Nintendo Should Support Mature Gamers:

I don't see why games aimed at older gamers necessary means more violence. I don't mind violent games, I play games like Quake, Unreal Tournament and Serious Sam alot on PC, but still. How about just more complex games? Good storydriven RPGs, strategy games or the likes.



jwl commented on Final Fight 3:

Thanks for the response I will probably be tired of Streets of Rage 2 anyway when this comes out in EU, so this seems like a good beat-em-up game to get at that time.



jwl commented on Streets of Rage 2:

Got this on the Sega sales, and it is great fun! Great replay value. Completing the game once is easy enough, but difficulties and different playable characters makes it last longer.



jwl commented on Golden Axe:

It might be fun in US, but with the PAL framerate the game feels very sluggish and plain boring.



jwl commented on Phantasy Star IV:

I didn't know this game existed until I found it on nintendolife. And what a great game it is! It is by far the game I at the moment play the most on my wii.

The story is really interesting and very uniqie I think among those countless medieval fantasy styled RPGs. Battle system works and easy to get into, if you are familiar with games like Final Fantasy. It is true though that it can be a bit annoying not knowing what the skills and techs actually do when you want to use them, but the in game operations manual is a good enough reference, and there is also a great deal of game FAQs to be found online.

24. Mickeymac asked whether it is really science fiction or just sci-fantasy, and well, I think for the most part it qualifies as science fiction. The story builds on science fiction elements and conventions. We have planetary systems, ancient alien civilisations, robots, AI, space stations and stuff. However, the battle part of the game is still pretty fantasy-like. You use swords and armor, and some magic spells every once in a while.
However in a good RPG, the story is important, and the fantasy elements there is not very many.

A really amazing game offering many hours of engaging play time!



jwl commented on Review: Geometry Wars Galaxies (Wii):

This is a great game, but also a pretty difficult game. I only have tried planets in the first 3 solar systems, and they are pretty tough with enourmous number of enemies attacking you at the same time. It is hard to imagine how one can score high points on those planets, but I guess better bot AI helps along the way.

I think both Classic Controller and the remote thingy works, but with different advantages. Using classic controller you can react faster and more precisely, however using the remote is great when there are tons of enemies on the screen and you just hold down the trigger and spread your shots at free will.



jwl commented on Final Fantasy IV:

I feel the same as #47. I have been looking at FFIV "After Years", but since one of the best thing about a FF game is the story, I would like the entire background story first.
But until it comes out in europe, "Phantasy Star IV" will hopefully be a god replacement