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    Review The Flame in the Flood

    A river ride to die for

    At first glance, The Flame in the Flood depicts a beautifully crafted world with its use of stylized art and charming audio. What isn't quickly apparent about The Molasses Flood’s debut title is that it actually details the harsh reality of survival. Hunger, thirst, sleep, broken legs and bear attacks, it's all part of a...

  • News Downloading WWE 2K18 Requires 32GB Of MicroSD Storage Space

    Big in every respect

    WWE 2K18 may not have a solid release date on Switch yet, but that might be a blessing in disguise because if you're keen on playing it, you now have plenty of time to invest in a sizeable MicroSD card (or two). It has been revealed that to download the game you will need a MicroSD card with at least 32GB of storage spa

  • News Switch eShop Adds New Section for Discounted Games

    A welcome improvement

    The Switch eShop catalogue is getting better with each passing week, but even with the rapidly increasing number of titles available the simplistic store design has stayed largely the same. A couple of complaints have been around visibility, particularly in easily finding demos and games that are on discount; one of those...

  • News The Flame in the Flood Has "Smashed" Its Launch Targets on the Switch eShop

    "It’s had its best ever day on any console"

    The Nintendo Switch userbase may well still be modest in size, due to the system only being 7.5 months old, but it's evidently eager for new experiences on the system. Smaller publishers and developers have benefitted from this and there have been a number of heartening examples of studios being...

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    Review Yono And The Celestial Elephants

    An Elephant's Solstice

    Yono and the Celestial Elephants is an intriguing game from a design standpoint. While it looks the part of an educational cartoon meant for toddlers, within it hides a tale with a deep context meant for adults. The action feels like it belongs somewhere in-between these conflicting ideals. But does it work as a whole? Yono...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review The King of Fighters '95

    Unneeded fighter?

    Having already given us the ‘98, ’94, ‘99 and 2000 editions (in that order), HAMSTER now jumps back in time to give us The King of Fighters ‘95. As only the second entry in the series it lacks some of the features of later games, but the aim remains the same: pick a team and defeat a bunch of others on your way to a...

  • Guide How to Use Two or More Micro SD Cards in Your Switch for Limitless Storage

    Forget those 200GB monoliths

    Storage can be a bit of an issue on the Switch; the console's internal capacity is only 32GB, with a portion already reserved for the operating system, and bigger micro SD cards can be very expensive. Thankfully, you can rely several of the smaller, more affordable cards with relative ease. For those of you getting to...

  • News JYDGE Will Bring Dredd To The Switch eShop Next Week

    JYDGE for yourself

    We've recently seen a few games pop up on the Switch eShop from Nordic publisher 10tons. Next week, on 19th October, we'll be treated to JYDGE; it's a top-down shooter where you get to build your own cybernetic JYDGE and eradicate crime in the never-sleeping megacity of Edenbyrg. Here are some of the features boasted by...

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    Review Sparkle 2

    Modernising a niche genre

    If you’ve ever played an entry from PopCap’s ZUMA series, or the late '90s Puzz Loop game by Mitchell Corporation, Sparkle 2 by 10tons falls under the same banner. For the uninformed, Sparkle 2 is a bit of a blast from the past, providing marble madness in the form of a puzzle match game. The fact this entry is a...

  • News Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL Will Battle Its Way Onto Switch This Year

    A version exclusive to Switch

    Indie game publisher Wired Productions has announced that Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL is heading to the Switch eShop in time for the Holiday season. The game is a twin-stick shooter which sees the player control 'tiny troopers' battling evil adversaries from around the world, with a collection of weapons at your...

  • News Forever Entertainment is 'Amazed' at Progress of Hollow on Nintendo Switch

    Targeting a full 1080p docked

    If you've been browsing the 'Coming Soon' section of the European eShop with regularity you've likely seen Hollow in the mix. A first-person shooter / horror title, it's been hard to judge for Switch as the store's trailer was only a cinematic video. The developer is keen to highlight that progress is solid, however,...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Neon Chrome

    Minor oversight

    Finding a home on consoles is an ongoing challenge for games that have seen success on Steam and smart devices. While free-to-play or relatively inexpensive titles are becoming available on digital marketplaces thick and fast, it could be argued that there is a degree of stigma that comes with titles making the shift from mobile to...

  • Nintendo Download 12th October (Europe)

    Wulverblade! Flame in the Flood! 88 Heroes! Yono! Sine Mora EX! More!

    It's that time, once again, for the European Nintendo Download Update. It's another busy week with the Switch in particular getting loaded up with tempting options, though the 3DS and Wii U also have a bit to offer. Let's just right into the details, shall we? Switch Retail...

  • Nintendo Download 12th October (North America)

    Wulverblade! Flame in the Flood! 88 Heroes! Yono! Much more!

    It’s Nintendo Download Update time and we have another busy week to enjoy in North America. The Switch eShop has a bumper line-up to consider, of course, though the Wii U and 3DS don’t miss out entirely; the little handheld even has a big-time RPG from Atlus that's out soon. There’s...

  • News Former Rare Dev Plans To Dish Out Some Raging Justice On Switch

    "We're planning on getting on Switch ASAP"​

    Those of you who follow the exploits of former Rare employees as closely as we do here at Nintendo Life may be  aware of Raging Justice, a side-scrolling fighter inspired by Streets of Rage and Final Fight from Nic Makin, who worked at the UK studio on titles such as Ka

  • News Crazy Justice Aims to Bring 'Battle Royale' Action to the Nintendo Switch

    Tapping into a craze

    If you watch a bit of YouTube or follow wider trends of PC gaming, you likely know all about PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. It's taken the Battle Royale format and popularised it to an impressive degree, becoming one of the biggest active games in the world and the subject of console wars. Microsoft secured an upcoming port for...

  • Feature Going Deeper With The Flame in the Flood on Nintendo Switch

    Post apocalyptic survival with a difference

    We're heading into another busy period of enticing releases on the Switch eShop, and The Flame in the Flood is certainly one to consider seriously. A 'rogue-lite' with a focus on survival in a post apocalyptic world may sound rote and by the numbers, but the game is more innovative than the description...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Wulverblade

    Sharp and to the point

    The humble side-scrolling brawler was once a huge draw in the gaming industry, with titles like Double Dragon, Final Fight and Streets of Rage providing players with gratifying and visceral combat (usually with a friend in tow) across a wide range of stages and settings. When the arcades began to lose their importance in the...

  • Feature The Biggest Nintendo Switch eShop Games of 2017 - Fall / Winter Edition

    It's tough to pick a shortlist

    Recently we published our Fall / Winter edition of the 'Biggest Nintendo Switch Retail Games of 2017', which was relatively easy to put together. With less than three months left in the year there are only so many titles still coming, and in the retail space picking out 20 overall didn't leave many behind. Now,...

  • News Serial Cleaner Will Bring Quirky Crime to the Switch This Year

    Set in the '70s, of course

    Here's another interesting download game to add to the Switch eShop wishlist - Polish developer iFun4All S.A. has confirmed that its title Serial Cleaner is coming to Nintendo's system this year. Previously released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it's a stealth game (of sorts) in which you take up contracts to clean up crime...

  • News Knight Terrors Will Haunt the Switch eShop on 24th October

    We see what they did there

    Halloween is getting closer, and we should expect some appropriately-themed games to grace the holiday / night / annoying day when the door bell constantly rings. Nicalis is stepping up with Knight Terrors, a title developed by FreakZone Games (which brought us Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures). It hits the Switch eShop...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena Edition

    Stand up to bullying

    Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena Edition is an action-fighting game for one to two players. It was originally released on mobile devices (without the ‘Arena Edition’ tagline) and is inspired by Game Boy era brawlers; the mobile version’s user interface actually uses a Game Boy-like border to house its controls. The game has...

  • News Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX Will Be Crashing Onto Nintendo Switch


    EnjoyUp Games has announced that Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX, a game that was previously released on Wii U as well as other platforms, is on its way to Nintendo Switch. The game features a variety of tracks, an arcade mode, time trials, and multiplayer action to get stuck into as well as a rock 'n' roll soundtrack for accompaniment. The game...

  • Feature Keeping Our Eyes Wide Open for Dimension Drive on Nintendo Switch

    2Awesome Studio tells us about its screen hopping shooter

    The Switch eShop's library of upcoming games continues to grow, but one game due relatively soon that needs to stay on the radar is Dimension Drive. Confirmed earlier in the year and currently in the final steps to securing a full release date, it's a shoot 'em up that aims to add its...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Pankapu

    Dream on

    If you could only pick one genre that Nintendo systems have nailed down during their history, it would probably be the platformer. With the hat flinging, overall wearing mascot going on his own three dimensional odyssey at the end of this month, the Nintendo Switch has had a slew of top drawer 2D side scrollers to keep fans jumping for joy,...

  • News Infinite Minigolf Gets a 30% Discount on the Switch eShop

    Deal's up on 17th October

    Infinite Minigolf has been a pretty solid release on the Switch eShop this year, with the Zen Studios title including various features such as online multiplayer and cross platform sharing through the course editor. Just recently there was also free DLC - Tortuga - adding another environment along with Tournaments and user...

  • News Party Golf Gets a Tee Time for Its Switch Release

    Looks better than a fore out of ten (oh dear)

    Plenty of developers that have produced local multiplayer games are no doubt taking a long look at the Switch, picking up on the system's growing reputation for those kinds of titles. Another one adding to the list soon, which was initially announced earlier in the year, is Party Golf by Giant...

  • News NeuroVoider's Switch eShop Sales Bring Another Success Story

    One month of Switch sales matches over a year on Steam

    In recent weeks we've seen a pleasing rush of positive news stories from Indie studios releasing their titles on the Switch eShop. In addition to the ramping up of support and weekly releases, studios have spoken out about the growing Switch audience embracing download releases in significant...

  • Video Huey Games Shows Off Footage of Hyper Sentinel on Nintendo Switch

    Including those retro filters

    The Switch eShop already has a number of retro games available through the HAMSTER Neo Geo and arcade ports, while a number of titles can certainly be described as having a retro style. Hyper Sentinel will eventually add to the latter list, with its goal of bringing its own 'Neo Retro' approach to the shoot...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Earth Atlantis

    Go deep

    From the NES heyday shoot 'em ups like Gradius, and moving through the console generations with various sequels, Nintendo players have seemingly often had a soft spot for the genre. Right up to the recent tide of Neo Geo classics released on the Switch, including Blazing Star and Alpha Mission II, the genre continues to be well represented;...

  • Feature We Try Out Upcoming Switch eShop Titles from Merge Games

    Including The Count Lucanor and The Long Reach

    While a little bare at launch, Nintendo Switch’s library of eShop titles has exploded in recent weeks, now making it a virtual hotspot for new and exclusive releases. Joining the party with a few titles of its own is Merge Games, a game publisher that has been working with a number of different indie...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Oxenfree

    Under The Skin

    Oxenfree is one of gaming’s greatest ghost stories. Granted, they’re a rare breed, the genuinely spooky video game, experiences that aren’t so much played as permitted to crawl across your skin, cooling the blood and yet quickening its flow. But Californian indie studio Night School’s debut production, originally released in...

  • News Gear.Club Unlimited To Offer 4-Player Local Splitscreen, 1080p At 30fps Gameplay

    Race to the finish

    Eden Games - the studio behind the upcoming Switch racer Gear.Club Unlimited - has revealed that it will offer a 4-player splitscreen mode. Pascal Clarysse, Eden Games' CMO-at-large, dropped the news in an interview with Red Bull while explaining the big differences between the Switch title and the smartphone release on...

  • Feature Nintendo Life eShop Selects - September 2017

    Blimey, we really had a lot to choose from

    Every month we're amazed with how the Switch eShop leaps from strength to strength, and the month of September was absolutely no exception. With such an enormous roster of games released, this month was by far the hardest month we had to deal with for the awards, but we managed it. It's a nice problem to...

  • News Squareboy Vs. Bullies Lands On Switch This Week

    You can't beat a bit of bully

    Bullies, they are just the worst, aren't they? If they aren't giving you an atomic wedgie then they are trying to flush your head down the toilet. In Squareboy Vs Bullies: Arena Edition the titular Squareboy has had enough of the bullying and sets out to put them in their place in this old school...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Tumblestone

    Time to rock n’ roll!

    The puzzle genre can be very hit-and-miss, particularly on dedicated gaming consoles where players tend to expect a higher level of polish and quality than most mobile games are able to achieve. Tumblestone, on the surface, looks like your typical ‘match-three’ kind of puzzler and might struggle to stand out from the...

  • News Metal Gear Solid Parody Never Stop Sneakin' Is, Erm, Sneakin' To Switch Soon

    Farcical espionage action

    The developer behind 2012's Dust: An Elysian Tail has revealed that its next project to coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. Never Stop Sneakin’, as you can see from the trailer above, it a parody of Konami's seminal Metal Gear Solid, lampooning elements from the 1998 PlayStation outing - even the visuals...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Metal Slug X

    Remixed Vehicle – 001/II

    It remains to be seen how many Neo Geo titles HAMSTER will ultimately bring to the Switch, but there's been no sign of the publisher slowing down in recent times. This has ensured that a good range of titles are available, but it has resulted in some that are surplus to requirements. There’s little reason to download...

  • News The King Of Fighters '95 Is Your Next HAMSTER ACA Release on Switch

    "Break a spine, R..."

    HAMSTER's strange and random time-hopping will return in the coming week when The King of Fighters '95 joins the Switch eShop line-up on 12th October. The second game in the series brings a rather welcome option that would go to become a series staple: You are not confined to pre-determined teams, so you can pick any...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Picross S

    The S is for 'Safe'

    One of the constant presences on the 3DS eShop was that of the Picross e IP, the latest in a long running puzzle series. With close to ten releases on the 3DS eShop (including a few fun spin-offs) there were certainly plenty of entries for one console, though some releases were really more like DLC packs than fully-fledged...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Stardew Valley

    Star of the show

    Stardew Valley is a universally acclaimed farming simulator that was initially released on PC in February 2016, before eventually arriving on other consoles later that year. The last few months have seen little other than pure hype and excitement from Switch players, however, as they finally get to see this Harvest Moon-inspired...

  • Feature Four Horses Discusses the Process of Bringing Kid Tripp to the Switch

    Not kidding around

    Not long ago Kid Tripp arrived on the 3DS eShop, an auto-running platformer that offers snappy but challenging stages. Some balked at its mobile origins but that was to do it a discredit; in our view it's a well-constructed and fun game. Four Horses produced that version and is now working on a Switch port, so we caught up with...

  • News Wulverblade Cuts Its Way To The Switch eShop Next Week

    Sharpen your weapon

    The promising-looking side-scrolling arcade brawler Wulverblade is headed to the Switch eShop next week, it has been revealed. Originally confirmed as an early Xbox One indie release, Wulverblade - which is inspired by the likes of Golden Axe and Streets of Rage - is now making its debut on the Switch instead. You'll get to sink...

  • Video 8 Handy Tips to Help You Get Started in Stardew Valley on Switch

    Or any other platform for that matter

    To say Stardew Valley has a lot for you to do is a little bit of an understatement. With so much farming, mining, fishing and rummaging through bins to do, it can be a bit overwhelming the first time you set out. As such we've put together the video above with 8 handy tips that should help you on your way to...

  • News Rogue Trooper Redux to Arrive on Switch Alongside Other Console Versions

    No longer due after PS4 / Xbox One

    Rogue Trooper Redux is a pretty interesting upcoming release, as it'll tap into nostalgia while also offering some shooty-bang-bang gaming on the Switch. The good news is that Nintendo fans will no longer need to wait longer than PS4 / Xbox One owners to play it, with development getting ahead of schedule to ensure...

  • Exclusive A First Look at Plague Road on Nintendo Switch

    Turn-based combat and strategy in an apocalyptic world

    Regular readers of our sister-site Push Square probably know the name Luc Bernard, a British game designer well known for highly stylised and intriguing games. A recent project through Arcade Distillery - a studio with some familiar names in its roster - is Plague Road, and pleasingly it's...

  • Feature VooFoo Studios On Why It's Full Speed Ahead for Mantis Burn Racing on Switch

    "Switch is going from strength to strength"

    There have been a lot of download game announcements for the Switch eShop in recent weeks, with Mantis Burn Racing being one in the pack; its developer VooFoo Studios may be familiar to some eShop veterans as it brought us Pure Chess on the Wii U and 3DS eShop. This latest project is a top-down...

  • Soapbox Stardew Valley is a Perfect Fit for the Nintendo Switch

    Take the farm wherever you go

    Stardew Valley is arguably one of the most hotly anticipated indie titles to have made its way to Switch. The game was insanely popular on other platforms for doing pretty much everything just so, and we don't think anyone can object to such a well-received game making its way to Nintendo's hybrid. Being able to...

  • News Developers Discuss the Switch eShop 'Gold Rush'

    "Those who are quick to the market reap outsize rewards"

    Those that follow the weekly Nintendo Download Updates will have seen a busy few weeks on the store. Last week brought 17 releases (download-only and retail) to the eShop in North America, and this week's update brought another 10 overall in the same region. What's exciting for many eager...

  • News Neon Chrome Will Bring Twin-Stick Cyberpunk Shooting to the Switch

    With procedural levels and 'light RPG' elements

    With the rapid expansion of the Switch eShop we're gradually seeing more genres and variety. We've had a few top-down shooters of various styles, for example, and next week Neon Chrome will add itself to the list. Developed by 10tons Ltd, it's a stylised title with procedural generation; a...

  • News The Flame in the Flood Begins Its Journey on Switch Next Week

    Survival and rafting

    Just recently Curve Digital confirmed two games that it's bringing to the Switch eShop, including The Flame in the Flood (developed by The Molasses Flood). Pleasingly a press release has now confirmed that it'll arrive next week (12th October), so we'll get a chance to put it to the test. You can see the Switch...

  • Nintendo Download 5th October (Europe)

    Stardew Valley! Axiom Verge! Oxenfree! Mario & Luigi! Layton! Much more

    Another week, another impressive European Nintendo download line-up to separate us all from our cash. The Switch eShop has a broad range of strong arrivals, while the 3DS has three retail releases vying for attention. The Wii U doesn't miss out, either, and there's also a lot of...

  • Nintendo Download 5th October (North America)

    Stardew Valley! Axiom Verge! Mario & Luigi! Layton! Tumblestone! Much more!

    It's Nintendo Download Update time, ladies and gentleman, and it's another cracker. This week brings an impressive range of new releases on Switch, both at retail and as download-only titles. The 3DS also weighs in, with two notable retail releases on the veteran handheld;...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Axiom Verge

    Still a modern classic

    Just a couple of weeks ago the 3DS was graced with Metroid: Samus Returns, a top-notch new entry in the long standing franchise that gave the Metroidvania genre its name. Some were no doubt a little miffed that the game didn't come to the shiny new Switch, but another game has now come along that will fill in that gap quite...

  • Feature Zoink Games on Flipping Death, Fe, and Making the Move to Nintendo Switch

    "We’re really heading towards some exciting times"

    The Wii U eShop brought us plenty of memorable games, and one example was Stick it to The Man by Zoink Games. The Swedish studio earned plenty of fans with its unique art style and comedic storytelling, giving Switch owners good news when Flipping Death was confirmed for the...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Astro Bears Party

    Can you bear it?

    The Nintendo Switch has got off to a promising start during its first year on the market. A number of third-party publishers and developers initially sceptical of the system’s ability to become a commercial success are now in on the action. As the impressive library of games on Nintendo’s latest device increases by the day, the...

  • News Atooi Confirms Mutant Mudds Collection for the Nintendo Switch

    Will include the first two games and all new 'Mudd Blocks'

    Atooi may have been left disappointed with the early sales results for Chicken Wiggle on 3DS, but it's gearing up for its Switch eShop debut. The developer has confirmed that it'll bring Mutant Mudds Collection exclusively to Nintendo's current-gen system. It'll include Mutant Mudds...

  • News Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Tangledeep Is Wandering Towards Switch In 2018

    And Grant Kirkhope is contributing to the soundtrack!

    Impact Gameworks has revealed that its "roguelike dungeon crawler" Tangledeep is headed in the general direction of the Nintendo Switch, ETA 2018. The game is already available on Steam Early Access and is described as a "dungeon-crawling tribute to the golden age of RPGs, inspired by the...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

    Lovely stuff

    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a multiplayer experience that finds itself sitting somewhere between the action and party genres. Developed by Toronto-based indie studio Asteroid Base, the game has received a lot of love and attention across its PC and other console releases with its use of colour, imagination, and pure fun often...

  • News Don't Knock Twice Is Bringing Supernatural Horror To Switch

    Just in time for Halloween

    Halloween is on the way and our chums over at Wales Interactive are ready to embrace the scary season with their upcoming supernatural horror game Don't Knock Twice, which is coming to Switch eShop on 17th October priced at £9.99 / €12.49 / $12.49. Here's some blurb from the PR to get you up to...

  • Poll The Switch eShop is Hot, But Is It Time for an Overhaul of Its User Interface?

    Yes, in our view

    The Switch eShop seems to be going from strength to strength in recent weeks and months. After a first few months of curation - as declared by Nintendo in a pre-launch Nindies Showcase - the shackles have come off and more developers have been able to release content on the store. Yes, there's been a little bit of dross and games...

  • News No Heroes Here to Bring Chaotic Castle Defence to the Switch in 2018

    Includes online play and hardcore mode

    No Heroes Here is a new release on Steam today, developed by Brazilian studio Mad Mimic Interactive; the good news is that the press release for that arrival confirms it's another game heading to the Nintendo Switch. Utilising retro-styled pixel visuals, it's a castle defence game in which you have to gather...

  • Reminder Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is Out Today on the Switch eShop

    One of those rebellious Tuesday releases

    eShop aficionados naturally fall into a pattern of looking for new download games each Thursday (and Friday for retail downloads), and as a result attention can drift away from releases that line up on, for example, a Tuesday. It's worth a reminder, then, that the rather promising Lovers in a Dangerous...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Physical Contact: Picture Place

    Sudoku and demons?

    Physical Contact: Picture Place is the third entry in a series of games from publisher, Collavier Corporation. It is also a completely unnecessarily long and misleading name for a game that is effectively just a collection of Sudoku puzzles. We haven’t been having much joy with the first two games in the series so far (Physical...

  • Hands On Picking The Right Moves With Chess Ultra

    "Making Chess sexy"

    British game publisher Ripstone announced during the Summer that TIGA Awards finalist Chess Ultra will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2017. The company - known for previously publishing the likes of Ironcast, Extreme Exorcism and Pure Chess for the Wii U and 3DS -

  • News Metal Slug X is Your Next ACA Neo Geo Release on the Switch eShop

    The X factor

    HAMSTER's range of ACA Neo Geo downloads keeps growing on the Switch eShop, and this week we seem to be getting another good one - the European eShop lists Metal Slug X for a 5th October release. We've already had three Metal Slug titles on the store to date, though X is considered to be pretty darn good - it's a rearranged version of...

  • News Over The Moon Gives a Gameplay and Project Update on The Fall Part 2: Unbound

    Due in February 2018

    The Fall was an intriguing release on the Wii U eShop and a range of other platforms, and left fans hanging on for a sequel. Developer Over The Moon has been busy with its task of ensuring that follow-up steps everything up a notch, and also had to shift the project from Wii U to Nintendo Switch. The Fall Part 2: Unbound was...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Tower of Babel

    Ups and downs

    Not a great deal has been said about Tower of Babel; the game seems to have found its way onto the Switch’s eShop without anyone noticing where it came from. There isn’t even the slightest mention of the game on the official website or Twitter feed of its publisher, EnjoyUp Games, which is very odd indeed. EnjoyUp published...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Binaries

    Two characters, one control stick

    Binaries has arrived on the Nintendo Switch eShop, adding another puzzle game to an ever-growing - and high-quality - list of games in the genre. In some ways Binaries is incredibly similar to Semispheres (a fun little puzzler released on the eShop not too long ago), yet at the same time is the exact opposite...

  • News Projection: First Light Will Bring Shadow Puppetry to the Nintendo Switch

    Explores the history of shadow puppets in the adventure

    To date the Switch eShop has offered a handful of stylish and cerebral experiences, and by the looks of it Projection: First Light could be another when it arrives in Q2 2018. Developed by Shadowplay Studios (and published by Blowfish Studios) it'll be a puzzle platformer that explores the...

  • News Stardew Valley Arrives on the Switch eShop This Week

    The harvest is in

    Stardew Valley, the extremely charming farm-sim RPG that's been near the top of various Switch eShop wishlists, now has a release date. Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that the game will arrive on 5th October, and the price on the UK store is £10.99 (a match for the Steam price). Chucklefish Games also confirmed that's the date...

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    Switch eShop

    Review INVERSUS Deluxe

    What’s black and white and dead all over?

    Solely created by developer Ryan Juckett (previously of Bungie), INVERSUS Deluxe is a frantic shooter that asks you to manipulate the surroundings to your advantage in order to defeat your opponents. This ‘Deluxe’ version of the game contains a bucket-load of new content over the original release and...

  • News Darkest Dungeon is Another Critically Acclaimed Download Heading to the Switch eShop

    An intense dungeon crawler

    Each year has a group of Indie releases that earn plenty of earnest praise on the web, often PC games first that make their way to console. Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios was one of these games - on its surface it's a stylised dungeon crawler with turn-based battles, but its underlying mechanics and its methods for...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Burning Fight

    A dying flame

    Scrolling beat ‘em ups are simple games that provide a lot of fun as you (sometimes with the help of a friend) wander through a number of stages giving gangs of reprobates a good kicking, before facing off against a more powerful end of stage thug; rinse and repeat. Burning Fight comes courtesy of SNK and whilst Sengoku (another...

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    Switch eShop

    Review BUTCHER

    DOOM's younger cousin

    The news that DOOM is on its way to the Switch will have no doubt excited many Nintendo players who never had the chance to play the game when it was initially released last year. We still have some time to kill until it arrives, however, and luckily Crunching Koalas has brought the “DOOM-inspired” game BUTCHER to the...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Conga Master Party!

    Please conga responsibly

    Have you ever dreamed about lighting up the dance floor the same way John Travolta did in the 1977 film, Saturday Night Fever? If this has been a lifelong goal you are yet to fulfil, perhaps you’ll just have to remain hopeful, and in the meantime gather your family or a group of friends to instead play Conga Master Party!...


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    Switch eShop

    Review DEEMO


    Taiwanese developer Rayark may best be known for its music games on mobile platforms, but it was also responsible for one of the best surprises in the Switch’s launch lineup with VOEZ. Brought to the Switch by publisher Flyhigh Works, this colourful title showed how well once-free-to-play rhythm games could work on Nintendo’s handheld...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Golf Story

    A hole-in-one

    One would not think that an RPG centered around golf would really make a whole lot of sense, but Camelot managed to nail the idea back in the '90s when it released Mario Golf on the Game Boy Color. Though it’s a rather niche release in the plumber’s past, it clearly inspired the developers of Golf Story to expand on the concept,...

  • News SteamWorld Dig 2 Gets a Hot New HOME Screen Icon

    The icon the game deserves

    SteamWorld Dig 2 is an excellent game on the Switch eShop, meeting expectations and also delivering the IP's most successful launch. It's certainly among the 'must-have' downloads, but the ever-demanding Switch audience has had one complaint - its HOME screen icon. To be fair, the launch logo was a bit rubbish.

  • Poll Nintendo's Switch Arcade Archives - Is It the Retro Gaming You Want?

    They're fresh options, but questions remain over a Switch VC

    Nintendo often finds a way to surprise its fans and throw a curveball, and so in the most recent Nintendo Direct it didn't unveil the Switch Virtual Console, as such, but the 'Arcade Archives' series. It started this week with Arcade Archives Mario Bros., and the following are still on the...

  • Nintendo Download 28th September (Europe)

    FIFA! Arcade Archives Mario Bros.! Golf Story! Loads of games!

    It's time for another European Nintendo Download Update, and it's a big one. There's a lot on offer on the Switch, ranging from notable retail titles to a number of intriguing downloads. The 3DS and Wii U also have some new arrivals, while there are discounts across all three stores;...

  • Nintendo Download 28th September (North America)

    FIFA! Golf Story! Yo-kai Watch 2! Picross S! One Piece! Over 20 games!

    Well, this week's North American Nintendo Download Update is a bit of a beast. It's absolutely jam packed with games, especially on the Nintendo Switch; there's a mix of notable retail releases and some rather promising download titles. The 3DS and Wii U don't entirely miss out,...

  • 115

    Switch eShop

    Review Arcade Archives Mario Bros.

    Sibling rivalry

    While we Switch owners continue to cross our arms and stamp our feet as we wait impatiently for the merest sniff of news regarding a Virtual Console service, it’s worth noting that Nintendo has given the nod for something that could be of greater importance to those with a keen interest in the company’s past. Hamster...

  • 20

    Switch eShop

    Review PAN-PAN

    A little big adventure

    Of all the moves Nintendo has made over the last few years, from the baffling but brilliant to just plain baffling, an announcement regarding a new Nintendo Direct has become arguably as anticipated as a showing at Gamescom or E3. While expos are opportunities for players to get their hands on the games themselves, Nintendo...

  • News SteamWorld Dig 2 Has Had the Biggest Launch in the IP's History

    Has already earned back most of the development costs

    SteamWorld Dig 2 arrived recently; it's certainly one of the most high-profile download arrivals on Switch to date, and we think it's rather brilliant. It's bigger and more ambitious than its predecessor, and in some ways reflects the growing confidence of Image & Form that started to show...

  • 29

    Switch eShop

    Review Quest of Dungeons

    Going alone, again

    Upfall Studios’ Quest of Dungeons has returned for what marks its third outing on a Nintendo platform. Approximately a year after the original Wii U version’s release, the title has now arrived on the Switch eShop with new content and some minor technical tweaks. The big question is, do these changes make this the definitive...

  • Reminder Arcade Archives Mario Bros. is Out Today

    Already available in Europe

    The standard Nintendo Download day may be Thursday, but Arcade Archives Mario Bros. has arrived - as promised - already. It's the first of a series of releases that'll include a range of Nintendo arcade games reproduced for the current-gen hardware. The releases are being produced by HAMSTER, which has done sterling work...

  • Video The First 30 Minutes Of Golf Story Sure Do Look Pretty

    Hitting the green

    Golf Story tees off on the Switch eShop tomorrow, and our friends over at Vooks have posted the first half hour of the game. A mixture of RPG and sports, Golf Story boasts a gorgeous 2D aesthetic which reminds us of the glory days of the GBA. Are you planning on downloading this once it goes live? Swing your club at the comments...

  • News Ninja Shodown Throws A Shuriken At Switch eShop Soon

    Go Ninja, GO!

    Who doesn't love a good old ninja game? Rising Star Games has confirmed that it will be bringing Ninja Shodown to the Switch in the not-too-distant future. To celebrate it has released a gloriously ’90s inspired live-action trailer for the game, which you can view above. Developed by UK-based studio Bitmap Bureau, the game...

  • News Burning Fight Is This Week's Neo Geo Classic For Switch

    SNK's answer to Final Fight

    HAMSTER hasn't taken a week off from bringing us Neo Geo classics for the Switch eShop. This week's Neo Geo game is SNK's answer to Final Fight, which they affectionately called Burning Fight. It will be available tomorrow for £6.29 / €6.99 / $7.99. The game is set in a fictional version of Osaka...

  • News Spelunker Party! is Digging Its Way to the Switch eShop on 19th October

    Previously known as Minna de Wai Wai! Spelunker in Japan

    When you mention Spelunker to someone they likely think you mean Spelunkey and got confused, but Square Enix has released its underground puzzle platform game in various guises in the past. In April it released Minna de Wai Wai! Spelunker at retail in Japan; now it's being localised to the...

  • News BUTCHER Will Bring Ultra-Violent Carnage To Switch This Week

    A game where you are The Terminator!

    Polish studio / publisher Crunching Koalas, which recently brought us the rather lovely Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition, is back this week with another fun looking game for the Switch eShop. According to the European eShop 'coming soon' list, BUTCHER will be available on Thursday 28th September for £8.99...

  • News Zerodiv Is Bringing Psikyo's Zero Gunner 2 To Switch

    Sengoku, Gunbird and another Strikers outing also coming

    Zerodiv has confirmed that it is bringing the cult shooter Zero Gunner 2 to the Switch eShop "sooner rather than later". Originally released in arcades in 2001 on Sega's Naomi system, the game was ported to the Dreamcast in the same year but never received a release outside of Japan. It is...

  • 14

    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Art of Fighting

    Pretty but poor

    Street Fighter II took the arcades by storm in 1991, leading to a slew of one-on-one brawlers in the months and years that followed. SNK would develop a number of fighting series in the hope of tempting players away from Capcom’s game, samples of which have already arrived on Switch via HAMSTER’s ACA Neo Geo series. Now Art of...

  • News A Sonic Mania Patch is Rolling Out, Includes Switch HOME Button Fix

    Keep an eye out

    Sonic Mania is pretty darn good but it can be a tad buggy at times, from minor issues to problems that have frustrated some players. It's taken a short while, but the first update to tackle fixes seems to be rolling out. The official social channels for the mascot announced the news. At the time of publication the update hasn't...

  • News Thumper Gets a 25% Discount on the Switch eShop

    Available until 2nd October

    We're big fans of Thumper here at Nintendo Life, awarding it a 9 in our review - its 'rhythm violence' approach is heart pounding, challenging and a blast on Switch. A game that made its name on PSVR, the option with Nintendo's system is to have it on the TV or on the go, preferably with a good pair of headphones plugged...

  • News Golf Story Will Swing Into Action This Week on the Switch eShop

    Just making its September release window

    Golf Story has been capturing attention since it was first unveiled for the Switch eShop; developed by Sidebar Games, it blends RPG elements with retro-styled overhead golf. In the recent Nindies Showcase it was confirmed for a September release, and if the European Switch eShop is correct it'll hit that...

  • 9

    Switch eShop

    Review The Jackbox Party Pack 2

    The second party has started

    Hot on the heels of The Jackbox Party Pack (actually released after the third instalment on Switch), is the second package in the (so far) trilogy on Nintendo Switch. In a similar set up to the other entries in the series there are five party games on offer in The Jackbox Party Pack 2; here is a breakdown of the games on...

  • Feature We Breeze Through Shu on Switch and Chat to Its Lead Designer

    "We're looking to learn from it, understand what's possible"

    The Switch has seen plenty of indies find success on the platform since the console's launch back in March. Now Coatsink Studios is aiming to contribute to this by bringing 2D platformer Shu to the Switch, with the previously released Caverns of the Nightjars DLC included in a purchase...

  • News Critically Acclaimed Title, Inside, Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

    An Indie smash hit

    One of the biggest Indie hits of 2016 was Inside by Playdead, a studio that initially forged its reputation with the release of Limbo. Inside received extraordinary critical praise - our colleagues at Push Square gave it 10/10 - and the Steam community reviews are 'overwhelmingly positive' with almost 12,000 submissions. The good...

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