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    Review Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition

    Dōmo arigatō, mister roboto(s)

    Watt and Volt, the two robotic protagonists (whom we still can’t believe are not related to Chibi-Robo) have been around since 2013 when Twin Robots debuted on the Ouya. They have since trekked their way over to Steam and Wii U, now returning for the ‘Ultimate Edition’ on Nintendo Switch. So is this truly t

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    Review Escape Trick: 35 Fateful Enigmas

    Derren Brown's knock-off

    Whenever someone reminisces about the “escape from a locked room” genre, their first thoughts are usually of the Nonary games, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors on Nintendo DS and its follow up, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward on Nintendo 3DS. They were defining releases on their respective consoles, and for...

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    Review The Final Station

    All aboard the apocalypse train!

    Do My Best's very first game is now boarding on Nintendo Switch with The Final Station. From afar it might look like a mere curious train simulator/zombie shooter hybrid presented in a retro pixelated wrapper. However, once you board this train you will quickly realise you are quite unable to stop this journey...

  • News Real Bout Fatal Fury Is Reality Next Week On Nintendo Switch

    Calling all wolves

    You can't keep a good bad guy down and Geese Howard certainly just keeps on going; the proverbial thorn on the Bogard brothers and South Town paw is coming back next week once again to make life miserable for people of good values and kittens... probably kittens (he always seemed like a dog person to us). HAMSTER is keeping up its...

  • News Peter Molyneux's The Trail: Frontier Challenge Is Out Right Now On Switch

    Walk on by

    Did we miss a memo? Is this the week for developers to stealth release their games, seemingly out of nowhere? First there was Outlast: Bundle Of Terror and now here's 22Cans' The Trail: Frontier Challenge, right there on the eShop without warning or fanfare. The latest game from the indie studio set up veteran developer Peter Molyneux...

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    Review A Normal Lost Phone

    No signal

    There’s something to be said about the power of telling a story through the environment, utilising details and objects to portray a simple narrative in a more tactile way than simple text or dialogue. What would it be like, then, if this kind of storytelling was attempted in a digital environment? Using pictures and smartphone apps to...

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    Review Ace Of Seafood

    Making anemones

    The Japanese have a word for "bad" video games: Kusoge. It is used to describe titles which, despite the best intentions of their creators, fall desperately short in terms of quality and contain many moments of (perhaps unintentional) humour and mirth. Ace Of Seafood most certainly feels like Kusoge; clearly produced on a small...

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    Review Radiation Island

    Caution: Video gaming hazard

    The year is 1943. You were having a fantastic day in your highly-paid, no-questions-asked US Navy post until you took part in the top secret ‘Philadelphia Project’. It was supposed to make the ships invisible to radar but something went terribly wrong and suddenly an entire island materializes out of thin air next to...

  • Video Gekido Kintaro's Revenge Will Roundhouse Kick Switch This March

    The GBA classic gets another title shot

    Developer Naps Team has confirmed the Game Boy Advance beat-'em-up Gekido Kintaro's Revenge will be getting a brand new port on Nintendo Switch in March. The new version, which has been retooled to fit Nintendo's shiny new hardware, will feature two-player co-op and a new Relic Hunter mode where you fight...

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    Review Hollow

    Queasy does it

    Hollow is a difficult game to play. We don't mean that in the sense that it requires great skill to complete, or that its dark sci-fi horror world is especially harrowing. Those would both be valid, even praiseworthy qualities. No, Hollow is difficult to play in mostly all the wrong ways.  The game is perhaps best described as a...

  • News 2064: Read Only Memories Integral Hits Switch In April

    Snatcher look at this one

    Cyberpunk visual adventure title 2064: Read Only Memories will be hitting the Switch this April, it has been confirmed. We already knew that the unique visual adventure - which owes a massive debt to Hideo Kojima's iconic Snatcher - was headed to Switch, but it's good to have a solid release date.

  • News Chicken Wiggle Workshop Kickstarter Opens On 6th March

    “This is no yolk!”

    Chicken Wiggle—the latest new release from Atooi—saw a release on the 3DS eShop late last year, and we thought it was pretty good. Unfortunately, releasing the title so late in the console’s lifespan led to it being overlooked, and the developer wasn’t overly pleased with how sales turned out. Last month, Atooi showed...

  • News Brand New Yoku's Island Express Trailer Shows Off Some Quirky Abilities

    And it's all pretty adorable, too

    Team17 has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming pinball-platformer Yoku's Island Express, showing off some of the abilities that will available to you as you play. As Yoku the dung beetle, you'll be bouncing your way around Mokumana Island pinball-style as you attempt to save the world and...

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    Review Little Triangle

    The right angle?

    Despite what the game tittle may suggest, you need no advanced degree in geometry to enjoy Dreamoji’s new action 2D platformer, but a good grasp of parabolas will certainly help with the hundreds of jumps you will be executing to conquer it. Little Triangle is a game of two halves and far more than meets the eye... Invasion! Of...

  • News Danmaku Unlimited 3 Will Fire Onto Nintendo Switch Next Month

    Not long to wait!

    Doragon Entertainment has revealed that Danmaku Unlimited 3 will be bringing its intense, bullet hell shenanigans to Nintendo Switch on 13th March. Inspired by legendary classics like Ikaruga, Dodonpachi and Touhou, and attempting to be a medley of the best aspects of Japanese bullet hell games, Danmaku...

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    Review Mercenary Kings Reloaded

    Mercenary hunter

    Expectations can be a funny thing. Try as we might to avoid it, there's a whole list of assumptions we make after seeing even a single screenshot of a game, hoping to fit it into a certain genre and quickly gauge the kind of experience we'll have. Buff, '80s-style action heroes toting huge guns in a jungle setting naturally brings...

  • News Shock Horror! Outlast: Bundle Of Terror Is Out Now On The eShop

    It's the first game and the DLC

    We knew Outlast was coming to Nintendo Switch - in fact, we've been expecting Red Barrels' first-person horror hit to drop sometime in Q1 2018 - but it's just made a surprise jump scare on the eShop. Outlast: Bundle Of Terror collects together the first game and The Whistleblower DLC into one package, slaps on a...

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    Review Detention

    Best in class

    Every so often, a little-known game with much smaller expectations than its AAA counterparts will come along and completely knock your socks off. Celeste managed it last month with its intricate 2D platforming, and no less than a month later, another crowning achievement has made its way onto the Nintendo eShop. Detention, from...

  • Feature Getting Inside The Head Of Membrane Developer Seth S Scott

    "There's always that moment when you realise how much freedom you have"

    Membrane is a creative action puzzle game that's landed on the Nintendo Switch eShops and it's already made quite the impression on us - just check out our glowing review. It's the brain child of husband and wife development team Perfect Hat and it's proved to be one of the most...

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    Review Dragon Sinker

    Legendary Sinker or Legendary Stinker?

    If you were around playing games in the late '80’s and early '90’s you might have caught a fever, a JRPG fever. More often than not you would spend hours reading and gazing at the images on video gaming magazines at Japan-exclusive titles that were deemed unmarketable in the West. Among many of those games...

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    Review Toki Tori 2+

    Top of the pecking order

    Originally released on Wii U back in 2013, Toki Tori 2+ is a game that has seen continuous tweaks and improvements with almost every edition released. Despite the fact that the latest version on Switch hasn’t been called ‘Toki Tori 2+ Definitive Edition Deluxe Turbo-Supercharged XL & Knuckles’, the five-year gap...

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    Review Crypt Of The NecroDancer

    How low can you go?

    When it first released on PC in 2015, Brace Yourself Game’s Crypt Of The NecroDancer was an unexpected delight: a personable dungeon crawler on a rhythm game base, it combined the procedurally-generated levels and relentless challenge of the roguelike genre with the beating heart of a dance game. Now that it’s out on Nintendo...

  • News Fling Cubes Like Golf Balls As Midnight Deluxe Hits Switch On 8th March

    A hole in one

    Golf-like platformer Midnight has been out on PC since January 2016, but with many an update and a slew of new content, developer Petite Games has decided to bring a retooled version - known as Midnight Deluxe, no less - to Nintendo Switch. And, best of all, it's due out next week on 8th March. With its Limbo-esque shadowy art style,...

  • News World Conqueror X Will Forcibly Annex Your Nintendo Switch This March

    Send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance

    CIRCLE Entertainment has revealed that it is bringing EasyTech's World Conqueror X to the Switch eShop next month. The latest entry in the long-running wargame series takes the action to World War II. It will include support for touch controls in handheld mode, in addition to controller support when...

  • News Party Planet Gets European eShop Release Under The Name '30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1'

    A much catchier title

    Teyon has announced that 30-in-1 Game Collection: Volume 1, known as Party Planet in the US, will be making its way to the European eShop on 8th March. Despite the change of name, this is the same release that hit North American stores at the end of last year. Playing solo, or with up to three friends in supported games,...

  • News Slime-san’s Big Update Is Now Available

    New campaign! Performance updates! A lower price!

    Slime-san is a sublime platformer that launched on the eShop last year, emulating the tough as nails style of Super Meat Boy while packing in a shocking amount of content. We absolutely loved the game at launch, but developer Fabraz hasn’t been willing to rest on its laurels. A brand new expansion...

  • News A Normal Lost Phone Will Let You Snoop Through Texts On Switch Next Month

    Complete with HD Rumble support

    Narrative-driven PC and smartphone title A Normal Lost Phone is coming to the Switch eShop next month. Launching on March 1st, A Normal Lost Phone has you snooping through the handset of an individual called Sam, who has mysteriously vanished after their 18th birthday. To uncover the truth you have to rifle through...

  • Nintendo Download 22nd February (Europe)

    Here's all the new games and extra stuff arriving on the EU eshops

    Thursday has rolled around yet again, and with it comes another new Nintendo Download update. This week's haul is an impressive one, with triple-A ports, indie darlings, Neo Geo revivals and enough games in between to satisfy even the pickiest of player out there. Which ones will...

  • Nintendo Download 22nd February (North America)

    Every new game and piece of content hitting the NA eShops

    Hello, and welcome to another day of virtual treasures and digital morsels from the world of Nintendo! This week's impressive haul is a hefty one, and includes everything from the triumphant return of a video game icon, a platformer with a love of vocabulary, the usual glut of Neo Geo ports...

  • News Super Toy Cars Screeches Onto Nintendo Switch In March

    Micro machines

    We quite liked Super Toy Cars when it screeched onto the Wii U eShop back in 2014. If you missed it last time, then do not despair, the lovely folks over at Eclipse Games are giving you a second chance. Super Toy Cars will be powersliding onto the Switch eShop on 2nd March for $9.99/€9.99/£7.99. If you are not in the...

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    Review Superola And The Lost Burgers

    Run and don’t look back

    If the title wasn’t already a dead giveaway, Superola And The Lost Burgers is one big parody. It draws inspiration from dated internet memes, pop culture and even makes reference to classic video games in order to tell the story of a llama on a quest to recover hamburgers stolen by an alien hotdog race. Even if you find...

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    Review Premium Pool Arena

    Potting the black

    Pool games are never going to be the most evocative of experiences. When you're attempting to emulate a game mostly played in hazy snooker clubs and sticky-floored student bars, there’s only so much 'va-va-voom' you can inject into its virtual recreation. So when a game comes along with the words ‘Premium’ and ‘Arena’ in...

  • News Abstract Platformer Spectrum Will Be Wiggling Its Way To Switch Soon

    "Zen-focus platforming"

    Digerati and 3D Avenue have revealed that Spectrum, a platformer previously released on Steam, will be making its way to Nintendo Switch this spring. Spectrum takes away the regular platforming restrictions of only running along the ground, replacing it with a gravity-defying challenge full of bright and bold scenery...

  • News Muddledash Is Set To Bring Fast-Paced Octopus Racing To Nintendo Switch This Spring

    Let's get kraken

    Yes, you definitely read that correctly. PQube and two-person indie developer slampunks have announced that Muddledash, an upcoming competitive party game featuring squiggly, squashy octopuses, will be racing its way onto Nintendo Switch this spring. The game challenges players to race against one another, squabbling over the...

  • News 1970s Crime-Inspired Action Game Milanoir Will Hit The Switch eShop This Year

    "A cinematic era of intrigue and lawlessness"

    Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced that Milanoir, a pixel-packed action game developed by Italian studio Italo Games, is expected to launch on Nintendo Switch in early 2018. Inspired by the wave of Italian crime movies released in the 1970s, Milanoir tasks you with sneaking, choking and...

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    Review Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus

    I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Pac-Man

    In 1980, Pac-Man took the world by storm, introducing arcade players to an entirely new kind of gameplay style. The titulad pill muncher went on to become a universally recognised icon of gaming, while also spawning numerous sequels and spinoffs to the inaugural debut over the decades that...

  • News Bleed 2 Is Coming To Switch This March

    Tell me, do you bleed?

    The Switch eShop has played host to a wide variety of awesome indie games, one of which is the sublime Bleed. Developed by just one man, this run ‘n’ gunner mixes a wry sense of humor with frantic arcade action to produce a memorable and enjoyable experience, one that we highly recommended. It stood to reason, then, that...

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    Review Typoman

    What are words worth?

    Would you say that you like the solutions in your games spelled out for you? In that case, Typoman is here to punish you for your careless use of language. This side-scrolling platform-puzzler spells things out for you alright. Its protagonist, antagonists, and essential level furniture are all quite literally made up of the...

  • News Legendary Shmup Star Force Forces His Way Next Week To The Switch

    Can you hit 16 shots per second?

    Are you familiar with the legend of Takahashi Meijin? The star from the lovely Adventure Island series achieved legendary status in Japan by being able to hit the fire button a stunning 16 times per second, a skill he famously demonstrated several times in the Famicom/NES home conversion of Tehkann's (later...

  • News Sengoku 2 Arrives Next Week, Marking A Year's Worth of Neo Geo Ports On Switch

    Severe cases of split personality ahead

    Next week a rather unique feat will be accomplished by HAMSTER: the company has managed to release a Neo Geo game every single week for an entire year! You read that correctly, Nintendo Switch's first anniversary is coming up fast and there will be no less than 56 Neo Geo games available on the system! If you...

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    Review Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway

    JRPG combat at the tip of your fingers

    Despite the game’s title, Workyrie Game Studio’s offering is not about 'a year spent traveling abroad, typically immediately before or after a university or college course'. Instead, it delivers a very compelling slice of JRPG strategic combat action, disguised as casual friendly by is cute graphics. But is...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Fatal Fury 3: Road To The Final Victory

    Similar, but a bit different fighting thrills

    Nintendo Switch is not short of one-on-one fighting games, but here’s another ACA Neo Geo release anyway. Fatal Fury 3: Road To The Final Victory again provides the typical best of three rounds fighting action as you beat up a variety of people en route to an ending. Compared to previous instalment...

  • News A Hole New World Is Jumping And Shooting Its Way To Switch Next Month

    "No tutorials, no easy mode"

    Mad Gear Games has announced that A Hole New World will be arriving on Nintendo Switch on 1st March. The game, which was originally intended to be released on Wii U following a successful Kickstarter campaign, is a 2D, arcade-inspired adventure that sees players jumping, shooting, and taking on giant bosses to acquire...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Membrane

    Insane in the membrane

    For your consideration, the common housefly (Musca Domestica). For as long as mankind began to build houses, these tiny winged insects somehow always manage to find the tiniest openings to invade the peace of our homes. The genesis of Membrane is a story about such a home invasion. With an aforementioned flying tiny pest now...

  • News Switch Exclusive Platformer Castle of Heart Secures A March Release Date

    Prices have been confirmed, too

    Indie developer 7Levels has confirmed that its upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Castle of Heart will be released on 23rd March. A platformer that combines jumping heroics with hack-and-slash style combat, Castle of Heart features changing landscapes, weather conditions, and rich backgrounds derived straight from...

  • News The Mummy Demastered Just Got A Large New Update

    Back from the dead

    We absolutely loved The Mummy Demastered when it came out last year, hailing it as another fantastic title in WayForward’s impressive portfolio and a lovely addition to the eShop’s lineup. That 9/10 score was well deserved, but WayForward evidently wasn’t satisfied with resting on its laurels, as it recently put out a new...

  • News Rocket League Is About To Get Supercharged With New DC Heroes DLC

    Unite the league

    Rocket League is the game that keeps on giving, combining incredibly replayable gameplay with a seemingly bottomless amount of new DLC and content updates from Psyonix Studios. The Switch port has received full support—with a performance enhancing patch even due out later this year—and a recent announcement has shown what comic...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Pool Billiard

    First round exit

    There has been a surprising amount of pool-based games released onto the Nintendo eShop as of late, hasn’t there? We have the simply named Pool, which looks to be giving Tennis a run for its money in the award for most generic title of 2018, as well as Premium Pool Arena that looks to add a fair amount of customisation into the...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Aqua Kitty UDX

    Pawsitively awesome

    It's nice when you play a game that's focused on delivering one thing, and delivering that thing well, as opposed to a more ambitious vision that's never realized. Aqua Kitty UDX is the perfect example of this, presenting a straightforward gameplay style that's wholly unoriginal, but also extremely polished. It's an absolute...

  • News Arena Shooter At Sundown Will Plunge The Switch Into Darkness This Spring

    "A deathmatch in the dark"

    Publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with indie developer Mild Beast Games, has announced that the top-down, shoot 'em up game At Sundown will be releasing on Nintendo Switch this spring. At Sundown is a stealth-based arena shooter where four players can compete in online and local deathmatch games. Action takes...

  • News Duck Game Is Set To Make A Splash On Nintendo Switch

    More details still to come

    A new blog post from Landon Podbielski, the developer behind the multiplayer action release Duck Game, has confirmed that the title is headed to Nintendo Switch. Originally released on OUYA back in 2014, with more recent ports to Steam and PS4, the title was actually very briefly included in last February's Nindies...

  • News Retro Shmup Kyogeki Quartet Fighters Blasts Onto The Japanese Switch eShop This Week

    Complete with music from famous Japanese composers

    Japanese developer Happymeal is bringing retro-style shooter Kyogeki Quartet Fighters to Switch next week, it has been revealed. The news comes in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, which lists a Nintendo eShop release for February 22nd, with a cost of 1,389 Yen. The game allows up to...

  • News Nintendo On How It Views Indie and AAA Games

    All games are created equal

    The Nintendo Switch has been a runaway success, smashing sales records and bringing Nintendo back from the brink after the Wii U. Even so, the argument of AAA game releases vs. indies is still ongoing, with some saying that the Switch has too many indies and not enough AAA games to be considered competitive with the Xbox...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review 2020 Super Baseball

    Baseball with a twist

    The Neo Geo sports games that have so far appeared on Switch offer up simple quick-to-play arcade experiences, but 2020 Super Baseball is a bit different. It’s not because it’s predicting some radical rule changes in a couple of years time (we’ve already had futuristic takes on football and volleyball), but because games...

  • News The Nintendo Switch Online Prices For Those Playing Down Under Are Finally In

    NZ gamers will be paying slightly more, though

    Nintendo Switch Online is only seven months away, and we're slowly starting to see the prices plans for each region. Now it's the turn of the service's planned launch in Australia and New Zealand, and the prices for both countries have been revealed. A one-month membership in Australia will cost...

  • News Arcade-Action Brawler Varion Is Blasting Its Way Onto Switch This Spring

    A couch co-op calamity

    Indie game studio Rundisc has announced that its upcoming brawler Varion will be launching this spring on Nintendo Switch. Inspired by recent 'couch co-op' hits Towerfall Ascension and Gang Beasts, Varion is aiming to be the perfect local multiplayer experience, allowing you to fight against your friends in good-spirited...

  • News Super-Tough Platformer OkunoKa Has Been Announced For Nintendo Switch

    "Heroes don't die, they respawn"

    Luce Games has announced that its upcoming platformer OkunoKa will be arriving on Nintendo Switch later this year. OkunoKa is a 2D 'masocore' platform game, a genre that commonly tests players to the limit with frustratingly difficult platforming sections mixed with fast respawns and hectic gameplay action. The...

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    Review Shiftlings - Enhanced Edition

    A Gassy Good Time

    Puzzle platformers come in all shapes and sizes these days, but Shiftlings - Enhanced Edition might take that notion in its own direction. Preferably round, and depending on who’s carrying the fart bubble you might be large or small. Yes, really. The conceit of the game follows two hapless janitors tethered together as they try...

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    Review Old Man's Journey

    An important pilgrimage

    Old Man's Journey is one of those games that’s hard to talk about without venturing into spoiler territory. As a short but sweet experience, it’s the story that takes centre stage here, with the gameplay confined to the audience of the auditorium. It’s definitely not going to be a game for everyone, but does this...

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