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    Review Time Recoil

    Step back in bullet time

    For all the different genres of games that indies are releasing on the Switch eShop in the last few months, the rogue-like (or 'rogue-lite', on some occasions) has become particularly popular. Randomly-generated levels, upgradeable stats and permadeath are becoming staples of modern gaming, regardless of whether you're...

  • News Existential Adventure Night In The Woods Could Be Coming To The Switch

    "Stay tuned for news on another console"

    Infinite Fall's critically acclaimed adventure title Night in the Woods could be coming to the Nintendo Switch. When we say 'could' it's because the studio is being quite cagey about the whole thing. Infinite Fall recently tweeted some information relating to the Weird Autumn update - described as a...

  • Out Today Five New Switch eShop Games to Spice Up Halloween

    The horrors of property rents

    In what is now likely to be a regular update, we've been checking out which games are out early in this download week. With solid support for the Switch eShop we have release dates planned to tie-in with retail arrivals or multi-platform downloads; in crowded weekly release schedules 'early' arrivals can therefore fall...

  • News Nintendo States That More Than 300 Publishers are Working on Switch Games

    Nintendo hopes that'll broaden its userbase

    One of the more startling graphs in Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima's investor presentation relates to a survey conducted in the US. Based upon responses to over 60,000 email surveys in the country, it seems that many Switch owners in the country were young adult males, overwhelmingly so. This may...

  • News Nintendo is Heading for Its Best Ever eShop Revenues, Driven by Switch Success

    The store's most successful six months to date

    All of Nintendo's download platforms have delivered success on various levels, from standout hits on the Wii and DSi stores, to notable landmarks achieved by the 3DS and then Wii U eShop. With the Switch eShop we could be heading for genuinely sustainable success, however, with an impressive number of...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Violett

    Through the Looking Glass

    Point-and-click adventure games are in an interesting spot these days. There’s definitely an audience for them, but it seems that developers go out of their way to make them only cater to that specific crowd. Those who don’t have an affinity for finding hidden messages in game manuals or using an inventory item on every...

  • News Chess Ultra Arrives on the Switch eShop, With Cross-Platform Play, This Week

    Your move

    Some may recall when Ripstone published Pure Chess on Wii U and 3DS, a game developed by VooFoo Studios. It was an impressive title (despite some nagging flaws) that offered cross-platform play and attractive visuals. A little while ago Ripstone confirmed that its own internal team was bringing Chess Ultra to the Switch, which should be...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Zombie Gold Rush

    Yawn of the dead?

    The hybrid nature of the Switch allows amazing big-name games to be played on the go, but it also allows for short gaming bursts should you find yourself with a few minutes to spare. The modestly-named Amazing Inc. hope to provide one such quick gaming fix with Zombie Gold Rush, a simple game that has you gunning down waves of...

  • News Earth Atlantis Gets a Notable Update on Switch

    'Pixel Perfex listened to your feedback'

    The Switch eShop already has some fascinating and exclusive releases, and one of these is Earth Atlantis. With an eye-catching visual style and solid monster-hunting mechanics it's tempted plenty to dive underwater on the hybrid system. Nevertheless every game can get better, and Pixel Perfex has...

  • News Art of Fighting 3 Is Your Next HAMSTER ACA Release on Switch

    Skiping AoF2 and straight to the finishing line

    Further evidence that HAMSTER simply does not care about continuity, next week the Switch eShop will be graced with none other than the final episode of Ryūko no Ken, better know among us westerners as Art of Fighting. We assume we will see Art of Fighting 2 somewhere in 2018. Despite the cast...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Moon Hunters

    Fly me to the moon

    With each passing day the Switch cements itself ever more as the home of some fantastic and unique indie games, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Carrying on in this tradition is Moon Hunters, a successfully funded Kickstarter project that promises a roguelike co-op RPG experience with a high amount of replayability. It...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Volgarr The Viking

    Viking treasure

    With a final groan you are thrown backwards. Freezing in mid-air, your clothes and flesh melt away before your bloody skeleton explodes. This little moment plays out whenever you receive a final, fatal hit and it’s a moment you’ll be seeing a lot in Völgarr the Viking. This action platformer may have first seen release on other...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Super Ping Pong Trick Shot

    Become a trick shot master

    With more games released every year, deciding which one to play next has become increasingly difficult. The complex progression systems and open world design commonly found in modern video games appear to have become a norm, even in some download titles. Sometimes the limitless nature of these types of games can become...

  • Nintendo Download 26th October (Europe)

    Super Mario Odyssey! The Mummy Demastered! Halloween Sales! Much more!

    Another Nintendo Download Update is live in Europe, and it's a big one. In addition to Mario's notable arrival on Switch we have a whole lot of other tempting options, along with the usual DLC add-ons and discounts. Let's get to it! Switch Retail Downloads: Super Mario Odyssey...

  • Nintendo Download 26th October (North America)

    Super Mario Odyssey! Poi! Splasher! Moon Hunters! Much more!

    It's Nintendo Download Update day, and this one is arguably one of the biggest of the year. We have Nintendo's main man making his full 'main game' Switch debut, of course, while there are also a number of rather tempting download options on the table. Let's get to it. Switch Retail...

  • News Wheels of Aurelia Drives Onto Switch on 2nd November

    Music = 10/10

    A little while ago MixedBag Games confirmed its various projects for the Switch eShop, with the studio also stepping in as publisher in a couple of cases. It already brought its own excellent title forma.8 to the store, and now there's a release date for Wheels of Aurelia, a game developed by Santa Ragione - it'll arrive...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Elliot Quest

    The Adventure of Elliot

    Elliot Quest is a side-scrolling, action-RPG that instantly brings to mind classics from the NES era such as Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and Metroid. It was originally released on PC, shortly before its first console appearance on Wii U in 2015. It has since appeared on various platforms, with many consoles seeing it...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Knight Terrors

    Cheap thrills

    A few weeks ago, Nicalis quietly announced Knight Terrors, a game unlike most of their others, in that it isn't getting the physical release treatment and is instead exclusive to the eShop. It's also unlike other recent releases in that it's incredibly budget-friendly at a mere three dollars. So, is Nicalis's latest release worth a...

  • News Leif's Adventure: Netherworld Hero Will Make Its Debut on Nintendo Switch

    "Creating a game for a Nintendo Console was always my dream"

    Slowly and surely the Nintendo Switch is attracting some talented new names to the eShop, and we're certainly intrigued by the debut release of one-man studio One Man on Mars - Roman Fuhrer has confirmed that his title Leif's Adventure: Netherworld Hero will make its debut on the Nintendo...

  • News Perception Will Give You a Fresh Look at Horror on Switch, Out on Halloween

    That is good timing

    Halloween is surprisingly close, and we've had some suitably themed titles arrive on the Switch eShop in recent times. Perception - developed by The Deep End Games - has got its timing bang on, however, as it'll arrive on 31st October in North America and Europe; its US price will be $14.99USD. This only arrived on other...

  • News Action-RPG Blossom Tales Is Set to Bloom on Switch eShop This Winter

    And it looks bloomin' lovely

    Publisher FDG Entertainment has revealed that Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, a game previously released on Steam, will be heading to the Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive 'this winter'. As Lily, Knight of the Rose, you must go on a quest to save the Kingdom of Blossom from eternal darkness, collecting a host of...

  • News Mutant Mudds Collection Will Support Video Capture

    The first of many

    One of the biggest features of the new Switch system update was that of the new video capture feature, which allows you to record footage from the last thirty seconds of gameplay. It’s a welcome addition, one that will no doubt get plenty of use on social media, though it is rather limited in scope right now; supporting only four...

  • News Nintendo of America Adds Some Halloween-Themed Switch eShop Discounts

    Just don't get too excited

    Earlier today Nintendo of Europe launched its Halloween sale and, although there are some decent options, we'd suggest it lacked many knockout deals. Nintendo of America hasn't branded a range of discounts in the same way, but did publish a News post on the Switch with some rad artwork. The article is pointing users to...

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    Switch eShop

    Review The Mummy Demastered

    A run 'n stunning monster mash-up

    There are a few different ways this review could have started. Lamenting that officially licensed video games based on blockbuster movies have had a rough history (to put it politely), or the even more disappointing tales of movies that have used gaming franchise IPs as source material. Whichever way you cut the...

  • News Nintendo's European eShop Halloween Sale is Now Live

    Shovel Knight! Thimbleweed Park! Axiom Verge! More!

    Nintendo has been teasing its Halloween eShop discounts for about a week, and the roll-out has kicked off in Europe. It promises 'over 100' discounts across Switch, 3DS and Wii U, with some that may be genuinely tempting. Below are some highlights from Nintendo's news post and from our own...

  • Out Today Enticing Switch eShop Titles Arrive to Stretch Your Bank Account

    Hard to resist

    As we've mentioned previously, eShop release dates are getting a little bit more dynamic than they used to be. This is a good thing, as it reflects the positive third-party support coming the Switch's way, and with crowded weekly schedules and occasional multi-platform launches publishers are more than happy to break the 'release on a...

  • News Time Recoil is Bringing Twin-Stick Shooting to the Switch This Week

    Just in time

    Finnish indie game developer 10tons has been on a roll lately with the recent releases of Sparkle 2, Neon Chrome and JYDGE on the Switch eShop. Next up is Time Recoil, a twin-stick shooter that will launch on Switch this Thursday for $13.99. Euro pricing is to be confirmed. In this one killing the baddies triggers time slowdown, a

  • News Snake Pass Is Half Off on the North American eShop

    Get it before it's gone!

    One of the standout releases of the early Switch library was that of Snake Pass, the 3D platformer starring a cute snake. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but Snake Pass is certainly a unique experience, yet due to the massive influx of quality games to the eShop over the last few months, it’s likely been pushed down...

  • News Rogue Singularity Will Jump Onto the Switch eShop in 2018

    'A return to the golden age of 3D platforming'

    Nnooo is a name that'll be familiar to fans of the 3DS and Wii U eShop, with the Australian company developing and publishing various games even as far back as the days of WiiWare and DSiWare. Now it's confirmed a project for the Switch eShop as publisher of the Considerable Content-developed Rogue...

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    Switch eShop

    Review The Count Lucanor

    Not for the faint-hearted

    You know those nightmares where everything feels innocently real apart from that odd, horrendously creepy, strangely out of place, potentially rabid, demon-like goat in the corner of the room? Well, developer Baroque Decay has kindly wrapped up these fears into a small, puzzle-adventure video game package for us all to...

  • News VVVVVV Will be Defying Gravity on Switch This November

    I hope you're happy now

    Nicalis has been a prolific publisher in the first year of the Nintendo Switch, in some cases with retail titles. It's dipping more into affordable downloads now, however, and another to add to the list will be VVVVVV; it'll arrive on 17th November priced $9.99USD or 9,99€ in Europe. Originally developed by Terry...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Robo Army

    Little known, but lots of fun

    Neo-Detroit has been invaded by a legion of robots; their leader instructs them to seize the population and use their brains to clone themselves. Wait, what? Use their knowledge to build more of their number perhaps? Maybe the human brains are being scooped out for use in the robots? Whatever’s going on, it isn’t...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Spelunker Party!

    Spikes and boulders and traps, oh my!

    Revitalizing a decades old series is never an easy task, but Spelunker Party! manages to be a decent return while adding good multiplayer functionality. Don’t let the title throw you off. It’s easy to assume this is some kind of minigame collection or something along the lines of another Mario Party. That...

  • News Limited Run Games Will Publish Physical Copies of Indie Titles On Switch Next Year

    Collectors rejoice!

    Somewhere, far into the distance, you might just be able to make out the cries of joy from video game collectors (and cries of fear from their wallets) because Limited Run Games has confirmed that it will be publishing physical retail games on Switch next year. In case you are unaware of the company, Limited Run Games is known...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Putty Pals

    A Puzzler Built For Two

    The Nintendo Switch has brought social gaming back to the couch with aplomb. With the ability to literally disconnect two controllers and hand one to a buddy, how could it not? While competitive multiplayer has been the main thrust, cooperative experiences seem to be fewer and far between. Putty Pals is your friendly reminder...

  • News King Oddball is Looking to Rule the Switch eShop Very Soon

    Utter madness

    Certainly one of the crazier concepts for a game we have seen in recent times, King Oddball is set to land on the Switch's eShop with a bang - and there's not long to wait until it does. You take control of a boulder (the King of boulders it would seem) with the aim of using your ridiculously long tongue to lick up other, smaller...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Party Golf


    The Switch is slowly but surely becoming one of the best available entertainment systems for multiplayer fun. The eShop is positively bursting at the seams with great co-op adventures and games that focus on simple, pick-up-and-play action for multiple players to enjoy. Party Golf is one of the latest titles to jump on board, hoping to...

  • News Zombie Gold Rush is Creeping Onto Switch In Time For Halloween

    Kill zombies, earn cash

    Scrolling through the 'Coming Soon' section of the Switch's eShop can become a rather fun pastime - especially with the amount of games that are bombarding the system at the moment. One such game that has recently appeared in this menu of future delights is Zombie Gold Rush. The game sees you jumping into various cars and...

  • News Moon Hunters Lands On the Switch eShop Next Week

    Mesopotamian mayhem

    We're really looking forward to playing Kitfox Games' Moon Hunters, which was announced for the Switch eShop last month. It's now been given a release date for next week on 26th October, priced at £9.99 in the UK. We expect the North American release to be on the same day also. In the game you create your own legend in a 1-to-4...

  • News Splasher Will Make Its Mark on the Switch eShop Very Soon


    For those seeking some fast-paced 2D platforming on the Switch eShop, there's a promising option right around the corner. Playdius has confirmed that Splasher has its final release date on the system, launching on 26th October for €14.99 / $14.99USD / £11.99. In the game you use various inks and resources to 'splash' walls and...

  • News Mutation Nation Is Your Next HAMSTER ACA Release on Switch

    No turtles here

    Side scrolling beat' em up fans can rejoice, because when it rains (Wulverblade, Robo Army), it pours. Next week HAMSTER is re-releasing Mutation Nation on the Switch through the ACA series, a tale of mutation and madness set in the now not-too-distant year of 2050. As if we ever really needed any sort of plot to put down some...

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    Switch eShop

    Review JYDGE

    Enforce law and order on the city streets of Edenbyrg

    Imagine a bleak dystopian future where crime is rampant and multiple citizens are being held as hostages by dangerous people. JYDGE, recently launched on Steam  and now available via the Switch eShop, explores this exact scenario. When all goes to hell in the cyberpunk city of Edenbyrg, the...

  • Nintendo Download 19th October (Europe)

    Fire Emblem Warriors! Spelunker Party! Elliot Quest! Much more!

    The latest European Nintendo Download Update is live, and it's another busy line-up with lots of varied options. There are two retail releases on Switch alongside the usual inundation of download games, while there are also big arrivals on the New 3DS / 3DS. With plentiful discounts...

  • Nintendo Download 19th October (North America)

    Fire Emblem Warriors! The Mummy Demastered! Knight Terrors! Much more!

    It's another Nintendo Download Update for North America, and as is now the norm it's absolutely jam-packed with content. The Nintendo Switch eShop accounts for most of the options, again, with a first-party retail title being joined by some download-only gems; the New 3DS doesn't...

  • News Spelunker Party! Launches With a Snazzy New Trailer

    Another option for this week

    In recent weeks the Switch has been getting bombarded with so many new releases that we've started to think there are almost too many. Thursdays are when we see the vast majority of these titles hit the eShop and one of today's new offerings is Square Enix's Spelunker Party! You can check out a brand new...

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    Switch eShop

    Review The Jackbox Party Pack 4

    Changing the four-mula?

    Ever since the first 'You Don't Know Jack' game arrived in the mid '90s, the Jackbox brand has increasingly targeted consoles with its quirky cooperative and competitive experiences. As 'traditional' party game experiences have been joined by more and more virtual board games and digital quiz shows over the last few years,...

  • Reminder Don't Forget This Week's Early Switch eShop Releases

    Three to choose from

    The standard Nintendo Download Update is on a Thursday, but with more titles arriving on Switch alongside other versions we're seeing a variety of games on different days. Due to how busy each week's update is at present it's easy to lose track of these odd-day releases. With that in mind, here's a pre-update reminder on the...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Ninja Shodown

    Bad for your stealth

    Ninjas by their very nature are an elegant and elusive group - patiently lurking in shadows in order to dispatch foes without anyone ever realising they were there. Their grace and efficiency have become legendary over hundreds of years. In the medium of video games, however, ninjas have a somewhat 'varied' depiction, none more...

  • News Super Ping Pong Trick Shot Bounces Onto Switch eShop Tomorrow

    Tricking out or a load of balls?

    The Switch eShop has been inundated with a whole slew of great games lately, our resident video producer Alex even argues that it's become a problem, in a nice way. Like any store, especially now that curation has evidently well and truly ended, there will also be releases that are less appealing. We'll have to wait...

  • News Action RPG Moonlighter Has Been Confirmed for Switch

    With an awesome reveal trailer

    After smashing its Kickstarter goal, Digital Sun Games' action RPG title Moonlighter has been steadily getting closer to release. Until now there had been no inclination of a release on Switch but, thanks to a rather epic reveal trailer, we now know that the game is indeed coming to the console. The game sees you lead...

  • News Elliot Quest Begins Its Switch Adventure This Week

    PlayEveryWare's impressive title gets another chance

    Elliot Quest opts for a simple look, but underneath that exterior is a rather accomplished adventure game. It was an impressive indication of what could be achieved through HTML5 technology on the Wii U eShop, before it was then ported to C++ (not Unity as we initially stated) and released on...

  • News Sony is Publishing an Indie Title, Tiny Metal, on the Switch

    Via a subsidiary, but it counts

    While Nintendo's corporate structure is easy to understand, fellow platform holders Sony and Microsoft are broader and more complex. They're companies with numerous sizable divisions and spin-offs, with various businesses and interests outside the game industry. That subverts any idea of 'console wars' in the modern...

  • News Heroes Of The Monkey Tavern Is Bringing Dungeon Crawling Action To Switch

    Arrives on the eShop next month

    Fans of the massively influential Dungeon Master will be pleased to know that Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is headed towards the Switch eShop. The first-person dungeon-crawler takes inspiration from FTL's '80s classic, giving you the chance to take a team of warriors into hostile territory, where you'll face hordes of...

  • News Neo Geo Brawler Robo Army Is Invading Your Switch This Week

    Do the robot

    Side-scrolling fighting fans have been well-served recently on Switch thanks to the excellent Wulverblade, but if you fancy a bit more walk-punch-walk-punch action then you'll be pleased to know that Hamster is bringing Robo Army to the Switch eShop this week. Originally released in 1991, it's a very early Neo Geo release but boasts...

  • News Rytmik Studio Aims To Find Its Rhythm On Switch

    You can't stop the beat

    Cinemax has released several of its music creation apps on Nintendo platforms - quite a few arrived on DSiWare and the more recent Rytmik Ultimate found its way to 3DS - and now the latest instalment is on the way, heading to the Switch next year. Rytmik Studio, like the previous titles, is a music creation software...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Rogue Trooper Redux

    Super Trooper, Norts are gonna find me

    Rogue Trooper Redux is a remaster of Rogue Trooper (a 2006, third-person shooter based on the 2000AD comic book series of the same name). The series focuses around Rogue – a genetically created, toxin-immune, manufactured soldier (or ‘GI’) – as he becomes the last surviving member of his race during a...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Don't Knock Twice

    Seriously, don’t

    Don’t Knock Twice is a first-person horror game, based on the film of the same name that was released last year. The story sees you take the role of Jess, a mother who had to give away her child at a young age but is now hoping to reconnect with her. Your daughter, Chloe, is in a bit of a pickle with some paranormal forces and...

  • News Mantis Burn Racing On Switch Will Include Cross-Play Support

    Race against players on rival platforms

    VooFoo Studios has announced its top-down racer Mantis Burn Racing will include cross-play support. The title bolsters cross-play offerings on the Nintendo Switch, with some of the previously announced cross-platform games for the device including Minecraft, Rocket League and the recently announced th

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    Switch eShop

    Review Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch Story:COMBAT

    Dungeon crawling and rock paper scissors - together at last!

    Coming up to the Halloween season, one might be looking for something appropriately eerie on the Switch eShop, and the word 'witch' on its own might immediately get the spook sensors reacting. Unless you have a severe phobia of cute anime characters and turn-based battling, it seems...

  • News 90s-Inspired Shooter Dead End Job is Heading to Nintendo Switch

    Put those pests to rest!

    Ant Workshop, the studio behind recent, twin-stick focused puzzler Binaries, has announced that their latest project Dead End Job will be coming to Nintendo Switch next year. The game is a twin-stick shooter that sees you take on the role of Hector Plasm, (an employee of a paranormal pest control company called...

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    Switch eShop

    Review The Flame in the Flood

    A river ride to die for

    At first glance, The Flame in the Flood depicts a beautifully crafted world with its use of stylized art and charming audio. What isn't quickly apparent about The Molasses Flood’s debut title is that it actually details the harsh reality of survival. Hunger, thirst, sleep, broken legs and bear attacks, it's all part of a...

  • News Downloading WWE 2K18 Requires 32GB Of MicroSD Storage Space

    Big in every respect

    WWE 2K18 may not have a solid release date on Switch yet, but that might be a blessing in disguise because if you're keen on playing it, you now have plenty of time to invest in a sizeable MicroSD card (or two). It has been revealed that to download the game you will need a MicroSD card with at least 32GB of storage spa

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