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  • Feature Nintendo Life eShop Selects - July 2017

    More downloadable gems

    The Switch eShop continues to pick up steam, with July seeing a noticeable ramping up in the number of download releases. There have been some busy weeks and plenty of interesting titles, so we're back with our series to sort the wheat from the chaff with our Nintendo Life eShop Selects awards for July. This month we've got...



  • Feature Nintendo Life eShop Selects - May 2017

    Games you might want to download...

    The eShop is now onto a new generation of hardware with the Nintendo Switch, and as a little extra bit of goodness to accompany our reviews of the most intriguing releases our video man Alex is kicking off a new series. It's Nintendo Life eShop Selects, and assuming Nintendo doesn't complain that we've used the...