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TodayThu, 22nd Mar 2018

  • News Nintendo Download Special Offers: 22nd March (Europe)

    Here are all the special spring discounts on the eShops

    There a lot of special offers across the Nintendo eShops this week as part of a new Spring Sale. Since there are just so many, we've put together a special extra article to cover the new discounts in Europe. Let us know in the comments section below if you'll be taking advantage of any of these...

  • Nintendo Download 22nd March (Europe)

    Every game, demo, DLC and theme hitting the EU eShop today

    Running out of things to play on your 3DS or Nintendo Switch? Well, we've got just the remedy - a brand new Nintendo Download update. This week's haul is an impressive one, bringing with it a ton of new additions to the eShops, ranging from Neo Geo re-releases and indie curios to bigger...

  • Nintendo Download 22nd March (North America)

    Games, games and more games on the NA eShops

    Thursday is here, yet again, and with it, another Nintendo Download update for North America. As per usual, it brings a whole host of new games, extra bits of DLC, demos and maybe the occasional discount and deal. As always, be sure to add your votes to the poll below and leave us a comment sharing...

  • News Double Dose Of Sengoku Arriving Next Week On Switch eShop

    HAMSTER and Zerodiv, no relation

    Next Thursday there is much to rejoice if you are looking to expand your virtual Switch arcade salon since there not one, but two, Sengoku games releasing on 22nd March! But don't get confused: Both are not only from completely unrelated series, but they are are also top tier within their own distinct genres. Still...

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    Review Castle of Heart

    Made of stone

    While the developers of Castle of Heart have done little to encourage it, it's easy to see why this Switch eShop release is being dubbed "the Dark Souls of platformers" by some in the Nintendo community. It boasts a very similar medieval aesthetic to the beloved Souls series and contains gameplay that is often punishing and...

  • News Flip Wars Developer Over Fence Files For Bankruptcy

    Studio formed by ex-Hudson Soft staffers is set to close shop

    The developer behind the Switch title Flip Wars - known in Japan as Battle Sports Mekuru - has filed for bankruptcy, it has been reported. Over Fence - which was founded in 2012 by ex-Hudson Soft employees - commenced bankruptcy proceedings on 16th March with a total debt of 2 million...

  • News Streets Of Red Launches On The Switch eShop On 29th March

    Better late than never

    Some of you may remember Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe, a permadeath beat ‘em up that was due to release on the Switch last month. The game was supposed to launch on 27th February, but that day came and went without a peep. Though no announcement was made relating to why this date was missed, those of you that were...

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