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  • News Plan The Ultimate Portable Heist As Payday 2 Steals A February Release Date

    It's drill maintenance, on the go

    If you're a Switch owner and you haven't had the pleasure of planning out your very own virtual heists in Payday 2 then you're in for a treat as Strarbreeze Studios unique shooter is set to arrive on Switch in 2018. In fact, you won't have to wait long - that vague 'winter release' window we were given earlier in...

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    Review ACORN Tactics

    Not a tough nut to crack

    Thanks to Fire Emblem, strategy role-playing games have found themselves in a position far-removed from the niches they once resided in. With consoles and handhelds in particular, there’s been an emphasis in keeping the complexity and deep thinking that’s involved intact, but introducing them to players in a way that...