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Friday25th May 2018

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  • News Twin-Stick Switch Shooter Sleep Tight Arrives On 26th July With 12 Playable Characters

    40 winks

    Following on from its reveal back in November, developer We Are Fuzzy has revealed the cutesy twin-stick shooter Sleep Tight will awaken on the Nintendo Switch eShop on 26th July. Not only that, but the game - which has been designed by developers with experience at Bungie, Ubisoft and Pixar - will come with 12 unique playable kids you can...

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    Review The Adventures of Elena Temple

    Play a classic you never knew existed

    Before the arrival of extensive open-world gaming, cutting-edge 3D graphics and online multiplayer connectivity, video games were much more humble. Life was simpler and the games of yesteryear were a reflection of this. The Adventures of Elena Temple by GrimTalin is for anyone who has a yearning for the past...

  • News Gorogoa Is Getting An Update, Adding In An Extra Puzzle From The Original Demo

    More free stuff!

    Unusual artistic puzzler Gorogoa has proved a strange yet popular addition to Nintendo Switch's growing library, and owners of the game is getting some extra content today via a free update across all platforms. The update will patch in the original demo for the game, providing access to a puzzle that wasn't included in the final...

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    Review Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

    'Meh'ga Man

    After Capcom released the initial Mega Man Legacy Collection, it seemed likely that the company would eventually release the rest of the series in another collection. Sure enough, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 came to pass, and while it mostly does the same things its predecessor did, the experimental and varying nature of the games...

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    Review Mega Man Legacy Collection

    A legacy to be proud of

    Until recently, it seemed that Capcom wasn’t all too interested in the Mega Man series, which understandably upset a lot of fans who grew up alongside the Blue Bomber. Though Mega Man has starred in a lot of games, it’s the original NES releases that arguably stand as the most iconic, which makes Mega Man Legacy...

Monday21st May 2018

  • News Legendary Eleven Brings The Golden Age Of The World Cup To Switch This June

    Football's coming home

    If FIFA 18 isn't enough football action for you this World Cup year, then you might want to check out Eclipse Games' upcoming Legendary Eleven: Epic Football. Described as an "epic" arcade football title "inspired by the golden age of football spanning the '70s to the '90s", Legendary Eleven features fluid gameplay,...

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    Review Fox n Forests

    How does the fox play? (ring-ding-ding)

    Although the idea of indie games using retro graphics is about as overdone as a chicken cooked in a volcano, very few of them are authentic. With a few exceptions – Shovel Knight and VVVVVV immediately spring to mind – the majority of indie games using 8-bit and 16-bit style visuals would simply never have...

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    Review Disco Dodgeball - REMIX

    If you can dodge a wrench

    Breaking away from its custom of pumping out pinball titles at an impressive rate, Zen Studios has decided to bring Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball back to life but with a much snappier name. The first iteration saw release on PC three years ago and now Switch owners can join in with minimal differences from...

  • News Resident Evil 7 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch In Japan

    But there are a few catches...

    It’s fair to say that Resident Evil 7 surprised the gaming community back in early 2017. As well as being a dramatic departure and reinvention of the franchise, what was more interesting to most was that it was actually really good. More than good.  Developer Capcom has been a strong supporter of the Nintendo...

Friday18th May 2018

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    Review Invisiballs

    Let’s get ready to rumble

    Created by Swiss indie developer Digital Kingdom, Invisiballs describes itself as a “competitive next-gen hide-and-seek,” aiming to utilise the unique features of the Nintendo Switch to make something a little different. It also gives off that immediate multiplayer party vibe that we see so often in the Switch’s...

  • Feature PixelJunk Monsters 2 Developer Q-Games On Nintendo-Like Design And Future Switch Projects

    "The amazing thing about the Switch is the simplicity"

    In the heart of Japan's former capital Kyoto, Q-Games founder and former Argonaut programmer Dylan Cuthbert and his team are putting the finishing touches to the sequel to popular tower defence game PixelJunk Monsters. Ten years since the original title and several ‘canon’ games later,...

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    Review Fairune Collection

    Fairuno, Fairdue, Fairtre

    Skipmore’s charming Legend of Zelda/Ys retro mash-up did some good service for 3DS owners in the past and it's once again being brought to the spotlight thanks to a compilation of both titles (and a couple of extra ones) in this new Fairune Collection. Are these brain-teasing adventures worth taking once again? Let's give...

Thursday17th May 2018

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    Review InkSplosion

    No use crying over spilled paint

    Splatoon 2 and, to an extent, De Blob, have a lot to answer for. It seems that so many developers are attempting to ape the style that comes from splashes of paint spilling from a protagonist or vehicle. There’s a lot to be said for the visual style; bright colours bursting from a screen are always...