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    Review Teslagrad

    Alternating current, direct fun

    We seem to love Scandinavian games here at Nintendo Life. We began our glowing SteamWorld Dig review last month by espousing the virtues of the Swedish indie gaming scene, but Sweden's neighbour to the west is not to be forgotten: hot on the heels of SteamWorld comes Teslagrad, an equally impressive Metroidvania-style...

  • Rumour PAX Prime Flyer Teases Potential 2D Castlevania Successor

    Could this be Koji "Iga" Igarashi's next project?

    Last week, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune hosted a panel at PAX Prime, and during the event flyers appeared which seemed to hint at a new Castlevania-style adventure. The rumour is that Koji "Iga" Igarashi — who oversaw the Castlevania series and recently parted company with Konami to make games on...


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    Review SteamWorld Dig


    The two hottest properties in indie gaming right now are Sweden and spelunking. From Amnesia to Hotline Miami to Goat Simulator to that DotA song, a hugely disproportionate number of big independent releases the last few years have come from Swedes; whether it's Cave Story, Shovel Knight,