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    Review Shift Quantum

    Do androids dream of black and white puzzle rooms?

    The quest for happiness is no easy feat. It means so many different things for every single individual on this Earth. But what if you could bottle it? Would you blissfully ‘buy happiness’ from someone, or is it the quest itself rather the destination that will bring you an eternal smile to your...

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    Review Yesterday Origins

    Die another day

    Do you like inspecting the bottom of objects? Do you enjoy looking at things with your eyes? Do you revel in the idea of browsing a person’s body and finding out information about their knees? If you answered yes, then here’s a game for you. Admittedly, much more happens within Yesterday Origins than just wandering and poking...

  • Nintendo Download 31st May (Europe)

    Grab a new game or two from this week's eShop updates

    It's time for another Nintendo Download update on the Switch, 3DS and Wii U eShops, which brings with it all manner of new games, demos, discounts and themes to add to your virtual collection. We're sure you'll find something to your liking in this week's haul. As always, be sure to leave a vote...

  • Nintendo Download 31st May (North America)

    All the new games, deals and demos arriving on the NA eShops

    It's the time of the week yet again as the Nintendo Download update brings in all manner of fresh games and other virtual delights to an eShop near you. This week we've got something for everyone, ranging from Switch indies to 3DS titles and Wii U oddities. As always, drop a vote in the...

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    Review Smoke And Sacrifice

    Drear, there and everywhere

    Sachi lives in a perfect, pastoral village. The inhabitants worship a mechanical Sun Tree that powers the community with its benevolent light. Everything’s hunky dory except for one thing: prosperity depends on firstborn children being sacrificed to the Sun God via a big laser. Sachi accepted this when she surrendered...

  • News Tower Defence Meets Beat 'Em Up In The Last Friend, Coming To Switch Next Year

    Save the last puppies on Earth

    Stonebot Studio has announced that its upcoming beat 'em up and tower defence mash up The Last Friend is headed to the Nintendo Switch early next year. The game’s storyline follows the aftermath of a worldwide chemical war that few humans survive. The remaining humans are divided into two groups - Survivors and...

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    Review Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

    Out with the new, in with the old

    Without context, Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon sounds horrendous. A title that offers nothing other than a few words thrown together seemingly on a whim, it may as well just be another under the radar game that comes and goes without anyone realising. With context, however, it’s a sleeper hit that celebrates the...

  • Video Here's A Glimpse Of Battle Princess Madelyn's Swashbuckling First Level

    Girl power

    Nintendo Switch has so many exciting new indie titles headed its way in the months to come, we're practically spoiled for choice. One such awesome looking title, Battle Princess Madelyn, is shaping up nicely with its Ghouls N' Ghosts-esque gameplay and developer Casual Bit Games has unveiled an exciting glimpse at the game's opening...

  • News Iro Hero Brings Throwback Vertical Shmup Action To Nintendo Switch On 7th June

    I can be your hero, baby

    Nintendo Switch is getting a brand new shump next week, one that aims to hark back to the classic days of the genre's heyday, while adding in a handful of modern systems for a veritable smorgasbord of things to shoot. Iro Hero is its name, and its due to arrive on the Switch eShop from 7th June with a price tag of $12.99...

  • News Samurai Defender: Ninja Warfare Arrives On The Switch eShop 7th June

    Pre-order for a discount

    Previously released on the 3DS eShop in 2015, Samurai Defender: Ninja Warfare - developed by Link Kit - will be arriving on the Switch eShop on 7th June for $7.99USD / €7,99, with a 10% discount for anyone who pre-orders. If you didn't play the original release by Flyhigh Works and CIRCLE Entertainment, this is a...

  • Feature Unravelling The Crossover Fisticuffs Of Blade Strangers

    Diverse roster aims to cut its teeth among the genre's elite

    Studio Saizensens new fighting game, Blade Strangers, brings together a diverse and interesting mix of established characters in their own respective universes, but are new to the fighting game genre. Teaming up with publisher Nicalis has further bolstered the roster to include the...

  • News Just Shapes And Beats Brings Musical Bullet Hell Action To Nintendo Switch On 31st May

    Throw some shapes

    Musical rhythm games are coming thick and fast on Nintendo Switch, with Just Shapes and Beats preparing to add to the beat this week. Developer Bezerk Studios had teased a release for the Switch version last week, and finally we've got a concrete release - and it just so happens to be tomorrow! Check out the release date trailer...

  • Video Watch the Pokémon 2018 Video Game Press Conference Right Now

    The full rundown

    If the announcements and game trailers weren't already enough, The Pokémon Company has just uploaded a full recording of its 2018 Video Game Press Conference to YouTube. This full recap of the event includes English translations and lasts for a total of 45 minutes. There are plenty of notable faces throughout including The...

  • News Pokémon Quest Is A New Free-to-Start Game for Nintendo Switch & Mobile Devices

    Out now on Switch

    The Pokémon Company has revealed two new titles at the 2018 Pokémon Video Game Press Conference today, with the first being the free-to-start game Pokémon Quest for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.  Out now on Nintendo Switch and available in late June on mobile devices via the App Store & Google Play, the...

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    Review ATOMINE


    Go up to any of your tech-savvy friends and whisper, “STUXNET!” in their ear and don’t be surprised if they break out in cold sweats. This nasty little number was first discovered back in 2010 and it used no less than four zero-day exploits on Windows operating systems to spread and lay dormant in thousands of systems,...

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    Switch eShop

    Review White Night

    Are you afraid of the dark?

    The year is 1938; the economic tsunami that is the Great Depression is sweeping over America and late one night a man finds himself driving home from a local bar, located on the outskirts of Boston. As he crosses over a bridge at a steady pace in his automobile, a ghostly silhouette of a girl walks out, leaving the man...

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    Review Nihilumbra

    Nothing to see here

    Artistic video games aren’t something you see all too often from major video game companies, but indie studios are quite the opposite, being far more daring and bold in their pursuits. Sometimes these artistic games are done in a meaningful way, like with Journey, and other times they don’t quite seem to reach what they were...

  • News Get Ready For The World Cup With World Soccer Pinball, Shooting Onto Switch This Week

    Featuring online leaderboards for bragging rights

    EnjoyUp Games and Super Power Up have today announced that World Soccer Pinball will soon be pinging itself onto the Nintendo Switch eShop.  World Soccer Pinball aims to be a perfect reproduction of a real pinball machines, with all the graphic details and sounds you'd expect from the real...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Yoku's Island Express

    A pinball-metroidvania that really delivers

    It's safe to say that Yoku's Island Express is the first pinball-Metroidvania game we've ever played. We sincerely hope it's not the last. Swedish indie studio Villa Gorilla has produced an improbable mash-up that succeeds through an uncommon combination of charm and inventiveness. Beyond all that, though,...

  • News Control Two Characters At Once In Night & Day, A Narrative-Driven Runner Headed To Switch

    "Complexity never seen before in the genre"

    Madrid-based development studio Ikigai Gameworks has unveiled information surrounding its very first title Night & Day, a narrative-driven runner game coming to Switch early next year. The game mixes environments in which day and night collide, containing your usual gameplay elements such as...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Die for Valhalla!

    I live. I die. I live again

    In 1991, Jaleco published Avenging Spirit for arcades and one year later for the humble Game Boy. What set this cute platformer apart from the rest of the bunch was the ability to possess enemies, thus offering up a varied roster of characters with different abilities to navigate each level. So it's a pleasant surprise to...

  • News Johnny Turbo Does The Dinosaur With Caveman Ninja

    Joe & Mac are back!

    The fifth serving of Johnny Turbo's arcade ports is already on the horizon and this one will bring back a couple of very familiar faces to Nintendo owners. The 1991 Data East Caveman Ninja classic marks the debut of the whole Joe & Mac series with this well-received title making its way to pretty much every home format at the...

  • News Two-Wheel Insanity Simulator Road Redemption Is Switch Bound

    Polish those old steel pipes

    If you happen to be missing a certain rash on the road and happen to be a Switch owner, this news will certainly make you grin. The once Wii U bound Road Redemption is making the natural jump the Nintendo Switch, according to a recent Twitter reply by developer Pixel Dash Studios. The game has been under active...

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    Review Ikaruga

    “Even though the ideal is high, I never give in”

    Upon first release on Sega NAOMI-powered arcades back in 2001, Ikaruga polarised audiences. While it most certainly was a vertical scrolling shmup like one would expect from the spiritual sequel to Radiant Silvergun, it played nothing like it. In fact, it played like no shmup before it and even...

  • News Zelda-Inspired Action RPG Songbringer Brings Top-Down Adventure To Switch Next Week

    "Dark times are coming"

    Double Eleven has announced that the Legend of Zelda-inspired Songbringer is headed to Switch next week, arriving on a Nintendo platform for the first time after its launch elsewhere last year. Songbringer tells the story of protagonist Roq as he journeys across an alien planet, bringing him more adventure, dangerous...

  • News Pirate Pop Plus Will Shiver Your Timbers On Nintendo Switch Next Week

    With a 20 percent discount, me hearties!

    13AM Games has revealed that Dadako Studios' Pirate Pop Plus is coming to the Switch eShop next week. The faux-retro title previously launched on 3DS and Wii U, and boasts a lovely Game Boy-like art style and Pang-like gameplay. We really enjoyed both of its previous versions, so we can't see any reason why...

  • News Superhot Director Really Wants To Bring The Game To Nintendo Switch

    "Nintendo is good with their stuff. Superhot would fit there well"

    We've had our strongest indication yet that unique time-bending shooter Superhot could be coming to Switch. Speaking to Destructoid at Poland's Digital Dragons convention, director Piotr Iwanicki revealed that a Switch port is actively being considered: There are plans...

  • News Just Shapes & Beats Launches On The Switch eShop Next Week

    Feel the beat

    The Switch eShop has played host to several quality rhythm games over the months since launch, with the likes of Voez, Thumper, and Runner3 bringing plenty of musically infused action to the hybrid. Indeed, it still feels like the genre is a little underutilized on the Switch, but that issue will soon be helped by Just Shapes &...

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    Review The Banner Saga

    Fate is in your hands

    As hinted by the title, The Banner Saga is part one of an epic Viking story where every choice you make directly impacts how your journey unfolds. It combines strategic turn-based combat with gripping text-based decision-making to draw you into a fictional world inspired by Norse mythology and filled with rich lore, as well as...

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    Review Punch Club

    Super punched out

    The idea of a fighting game in which you don't actually do any fighting might sound like an odd one, but that's precisely what you'll find in Punch Club. This is a conversion of a casual management simulator that started out life on PC and mobile before making its way to 3DS and other consoles last year. There have been no radical...

  • Nintendo Download 24th May (Europe)

    Every game, demo, DLC and theme hitting the EU eShop today

    Thursday is once again upon us, bringing with it a brand new Nintendo Download for all those lovely eShops. It's a big one this week, with everything from returning classics to some exciting new entries from the world of independent development. As always, leave a vote in the poll below and...

  • Nintendo Download 24th May (North America)

    All the games and downloadable content hitting the NA eShops

    The latest Nintendo Download goes live today on the various eShops, adding in an impressive new wave of titles to Switch, 3DS and Wii U - so be sure to log in and see what takes your fancy. As always, be sure to leave a vote in the weekly poll, and drop a comment or two below with your hot...

  • News Award-Winning Musical Runner Lost In Harmony Finds Its Rhythm On Switch Next Month

    Rhythmic tapping and running combined

    Playdius and independent developer Digixart Entertainment have announced today that Lost In Harmony, a multi-award winning musical adventure game, will release on Nintendo Switch on 21st June. Lost In Harmony was originally released on mobile devices, blending an emotional story into a rhythm...

  • News A Long Way Down Mixes Deck-Building And Roguelite Exploration On Nintendo Switch

    Check out the teaser trailer right now

    Despite playing host to myriad genres and subgenres as of 2018, Nintendo Switch is still lacking when it comes to deck-building titles. And while A Long Way Down from French studio Seenapsis isn't a traditional CCG, it mixes the basic concept with monster-filled dungeons and roguelite risk. The result is a dark...

  • News Here's How A Nindie Developer Thinks The Switch eShop Could Be Improved

    Nindie tough love

    We recently stumbled across a list of ideas on Reddit from the studio head of SMG Studios (Death Squared, Super One More Jump) which set out a few practical (and some not so practical) ways in which the Switch eShop could be made a bit better for both consumers and indie developers. Nintendo has, of course, made great efforts...

  • News Japanese Version Of Resident Evil 7 On Switch Has An English Language Option

    Worldwide release when?

    Biohazard 7 - known as Resident Evil 7 in the rest of the world - has just been released on Switch in Japan. It's a cloud-based proposition which means you're playing a streamed version of the game from Capcom's servers, rather than running it direct from the console itself. There's no indication on whether or not Capcom has...

  • News The Banner Saga 2 Raises Its Colours On Nintendo Switch With A 7th June Release Date

    More tactical goodness on Switch

    More than two years after its initial release on PC, the strategic battles of The Banner Saga 2 are set to arrive on Nintendo Switch with a release date of 7th June. Publisher Versus Evil is once again teaming up with developer Stoic Studio for the port, the role-playing game continues its emotional journey across a...

  • Exclusive Wulverblade Is Going On Sale To Celebrate Its Biggest Update Yet

    Easy mode! Beast mode! Performance boost! Bug Fixes!

    Historical hack and slash title Wulverblade is going on sale to mark the release of version 1.1, which brings a raft of new features to the title, along with changes based on player feedback. The patch arrives Thursday and will be accompanied by a 33 percent price reduction on the US eShop...

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    Review N++


    'Oops' is a word you’ll often see in N++, but it never quite epitomises the correct feeling of watching your tiny ninja avatar splatter into a thousand pieces from a landmine. Nor will it truly capture the frustration of watching them mulch into a pile of limbs because you missed landing a jump by a fraction. It does, however, give you a...

  • News Salty Shores Update Is Coming To Rocket League Next Week

    Grab that sunscreen

    Rocket League is very much the game that keeps on giving, with a nearly bottomless amount of post release DLC and support coming from Psyonix at a breakneck pace to keep players engaged in the bizarre soccer/car combat game. Whether it be new arenas, modes, skins, or something else, there’s always something else to look forward...

  • News Twin-Stick Switch Shooter Sleep Tight Arrives On 26th July With 12 Playable Characters

    40 winks

    Following on from its reveal back in November, developer We Are Fuzzy has revealed the cutesy twin-stick shooter Sleep Tight will awaken on the Nintendo Switch eShop on 26th July. Not only that, but the game - which has been designed by developers with experience at Bungie, Ubisoft and Pixar - will come with 12 unique playable kids you can...

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    Switch eShop

    Review The Adventures of Elena Temple

    Play a classic you never knew existed

    Before the arrival of extensive open-world gaming, cutting-edge 3D graphics and online multiplayer connectivity, video games were much more humble. Life was simpler and the games of yesteryear were a reflection of this. The Adventures of Elena Temple by GrimTalin is for anyone who has a yearning for the past...

  • News Gorogoa Is Getting An Update, Adding In An Extra Puzzle From The Original Demo

    More free stuff!

    Unusual artistic puzzler Gorogoa has proved a strange yet popular addition to Nintendo Switch's growing library, and owners of the game is getting some extra content today via a free update across all platforms. The update will patch in the original demo for the game, providing access to a puzzle that wasn't included in the final...

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    Review Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

    'Meh'ga Man

    After Capcom released the initial Mega Man Legacy Collection, it seemed likely that the company would eventually release the rest of the series in another collection. Sure enough, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 came to pass, and while it mostly does the same things its predecessor did, the experimental and varying nature of the games...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Mega Man Legacy Collection

    A legacy to be proud of

    Until recently, it seemed that Capcom wasn’t all too interested in the Mega Man series, which understandably upset a lot of fans who grew up alongside the Blue Bomber. Though Mega Man has starred in a lot of games, it’s the original NES releases that arguably stand as the most iconic, which makes Mega Man Legacy...

  • News Legendary Eleven Brings The Golden Age Of The World Cup To Switch This June

    Football's coming home

    If FIFA 18 isn't enough football action for you this World Cup year, then you might want to check out Eclipse Games' upcoming Legendary Eleven: Epic Football. Described as an "epic" arcade football title "inspired by the golden age of football spanning the '70s to the '90s", Legendary Eleven features fluid gameplay,...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Fox n Forests

    How does the fox play? (ring-ding-ding)

    Although the idea of indie games using retro graphics is about as overdone as a chicken cooked in a volcano, very few of them are authentic. With a few exceptions – Shovel Knight and VVVVVV immediately spring to mind – the majority of indie games using 8-bit and 16-bit style visuals would simply never have...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Disco Dodgeball - REMIX

    If you can dodge a wrench

    Breaking away from its custom of pumping out pinball titles at an impressive rate, Zen Studios has decided to bring Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball back to life but with a much snappier name. The first iteration saw release on PC three years ago and now Switch owners can join in with minimal differences from...

  • News Resident Evil 7 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch In Japan

    But there are a few catches...

    It’s fair to say that Resident Evil 7 surprised the gaming community back in early 2017. As well as being a dramatic departure and reinvention of the franchise, what was more interesting to most was that it was actually really good. More than good.  Developer Capcom has been a strong supporter of the Nintendo...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Invisiballs

    Let’s get ready to rumble

    Created by Swiss indie developer Digital Kingdom, Invisiballs describes itself as a “competitive next-gen hide-and-seek,” aiming to utilise the unique features of the Nintendo Switch to make something a little different. It also gives off that immediate multiplayer party vibe that we see so often in the Switch’s...

  • Feature PixelJunk Monsters 2 Developer Q-Games On Nintendo-Like Design And Future Switch Projects

    "The amazing thing about the Switch is the simplicity"

    In the heart of Japan's former capital Kyoto, Q-Games founder and former Argonaut programmer Dylan Cuthbert and his team are putting the finishing touches to the sequel to popular tower defence game PixelJunk Monsters. Ten years since the original title and several ‘canon’ games later,...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Fairune Collection

    Fairuno, Fairdue, Fairtre

    Skipmore’s charming Legend of Zelda/Ys retro mash-up did some good service for 3DS owners in the past and it's once again being brought to the spotlight thanks to a compilation of both titles (and a couple of extra ones) in this new Fairune Collection. Are these brain-teasing adventures worth taking once again? Let's give...

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    Switch eShop

    Review InkSplosion

    No use crying over spilled paint

    Splatoon 2 and, to an extent, De Blob, have a lot to answer for. It seems that so many developers are attempting to ape the style that comes from splashes of paint spilling from a protagonist or vehicle. There’s a lot to be said for the visual style; bright colours bursting from a screen are always...

  • Feature Hands-On With Playdough Platform Puzzler Semblance At BitSummit 2018

    Make yourself

    At Kyoto's Bitsummit indie games festival, we had the chance to have some hands-on time and chat to the developers of ‘playdough’ platform puzzle game Semblance, from South African developer Nyamakop.  The demo was all about the realisation of what was possible from one puzzle to the next, as the world and various platforms...

  • Nintendo Download 17th May (Europe)

    New games - and more - on the EU eShops

    This week's Nintendo Download update is in, bringing in tons of new games, demos, themes and activities to the EU eShops. As always, be sure to add a vote or two to the poll at the bottom of the article, and a comment with your chosen digital pickups. Enjoy! Switch eShop: Hyrule Warriors: Definitive...

  • Nintendo Download 17th May (North America)

    Here are all the new games heading to the eShops today

    Thursday has rolled around once more, so it's time to see what delights Nintendo has brought to its various eShops with this week's Nintendo Download. As always, be sure to leave a vote in our poll and drop us a comment or two in the comments section on which games you'll be picking up...

  • News Johnny Turbo Heads For The Kitchen With Super Burger Time

    "Let's go out for a burger..."

    The fourth serving of Johnny Turbo Data East classics will be released today in North America (next week in Europe) and it's strangely related with President Ronnie's favourite take-out food. Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Super Burger Time was the first proper sequel to the classic 1982 original, and along with a welcome...

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    Switch eShop

    Review The Fall

    More human than human

    When it comes to the allegorical relationship between artificial intelligence and the meaning of life itself, fiction has done a pretty decent job of marrying the two. From Blade Runner and Humans, to Ex Machina and The Matrix, it’s path well worn by many a piece of art. So is there space for a fresh interpretation, and can...

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    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

    The Real McCoy

    With a name like Real Bout Fatal Fury Special you might think that the game is an update of something else from the series, much like how Fatal Fury Special was the second game with extra bits. This, however, is its own thing, but although it's not an update of either of the other Real Bout games (and Real Bout 2 actually followed...

  • Video Fight For Your Right To Eat Sushi With This New Sushi Striker Story Trailer

    Raw thrills

    Sushi Striker is one of those games which could end up slipping under the radar of many, yet it's shaping up to be quite a experience for puzzle fans. To ensure it doesn't get ignored in the pre-E3 crush, Nintendo has released a story trailer for the title. Set in world where (gasp!) sushi is outlawed, you must step into the shoes...

  • News Chill Out And Unwind With The Joy-Con Flipping Power Of Zen Bound 2

    Rope a dope

    Are you need of a proper moment of relaxation? Are you looking to unwind after a long, hard day at work? Sounds like you need a game that's all about chilling to the max - enter Zen Bound 2, a sedate puzzling experience that's headed to the Switch eShop on 24th May. Originally released on PC and smartphones back in 2010, the game is all...

  • News Okami HD Release Date Revealed For Japan

    Two versions available this summer

    Japan's weekly gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed that the Switch version of Okami HD will be released on 9th August. A limited edition, priced at ¥3,990, will be available alongside the standard edition (priced at ¥2,900). Sadly, there's no news on whether this special edition will be making it to the West...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Ice Cream Surfer

    Vanilla flavoured

    Stephen Hausdorff's zany comic returns once more to Nintendo platforms after leaving a bit of a sour taste on Wii U. No small feat considering Dolores Entertainment still completed this game’s production despite a failed Kickstarter campaign. But has the flavour (or lack thereof) improved since the previous serving? The sugar...

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