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The BIT.TRIP titles have been wildly popular on WiiWare, but despite being able to purchase the games individually, fans of the series have been clamoring for a Wii compilation disc release since the series was completed. With the release of BIT.TRIP COMPLETE, fans not only get the collection they've wanted, but also a wealth of brand new challenges and bonus content to sink their teeth in to. But even with all of the extra content, does this package of WiiWare titles really have enough bang for the buck?

Anyone that's played any of the BIT.TRIP releases is familiar with the unique old-school influences they exude from the Pong-like gameplay of BEAT and FLUX to the side-scrolling platforming of RUNNER. Even FATE gives gamers a taste of a good old-fashioned shoot 'em up, albeit with a few twists along the way. And while the games feature the same simplicity so prevalent during the Atari 2600 era, there's certainly no shortage of engaging gameplay to go around.

To begin with, all of the six BIT.TRIP releases found in this compilation are true to their original forms. And while every inch of mind-numbing challenge remains intact for fans of the series to enjoy, the developers have been kind enough to add in both EASY and HARD difficulty settings to make the games as pleasant or challenging as you'd like.

As if having all six games in one package wasn't tempting enough, each game now features an additional 20 special challenges to tackle. And while these new levels aren't quite as lengthy as the originals, they are absolutely brutal in difficulty. The majority of these challenges force you to perfect the level from top to bottom and feature very little in the way of forgiveness. While a few of the challenges are unlocked from the beginning, you will have to complete the available ones in order to unlock more.

The multiplayer components are alive and well, but the addition of online leaderboards opens up a whole new level of competition on a worldwide scale as you attempt to beat scores from players around the globe. These leaderboards are even broken down into different difficulty levels and are present for each and every level throughout the game. That means that not only will you have the incentive to go back through the game and perfect the many levels, but you can also try to outperform other players across the globe.

To round out the collection, Gaijin Games has included a wealth of unlockable artwork, videos, audio tracks and special letters that tell a little story about each game. These include everything from gameplay trailers to special concept artwork that you can't see anywhere else. Of course, in order to view all of this additional content you're going to have to beat levels in the various games. Given the extremely high level of difficulty, it might have been nice if this content was available without the need to unlock it all, but at least you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you earned each and every piece of content if you're somehow skilled enough to unlock it all.

The BIT.TRIP titles have always featured extremely responsive and creative controls and you're going to need them when it comes to tackling the extra 120 diabolical challenges. All of the new levels are very well constructed and even with their insane level of challenge, they're all perfectly tameable for those who put in the time to tackle them all. You'll certainly never be able to blame the game for your failures, although there will be many times when you'll want to.

All of the old-school visuals and chip tune audio are firmly in place and even most of the new challenge levels feature the same musical tracks and visual elements, although there are some interesting twists tossed into the mix for players with a keen eye. Of course, given the amazing soundtracks and unique visual presentations the series has become so well-known for, it's no wonder the developers decided not to mess with a good thing.


It would have been amazing enough just to be able to own all six BIT.TRIP titles on one Wii disc, but getting 20 new challenges per game, not to mention a wealth of bonus content, makes this the definitive collection of BIT.TRIP goodness. If you're even remotely a fan of these games, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for you not to spring for this amazing compilation. BIT.TRIP COMPLETE truly lives up to its name and is a fitting tribute to one of the most unique and engaging video game series ever created.

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Aksys and Gaijin Games are serving up a double dose of BIT.TRIP with COMPLETE on Wii and SAGA on 3DS. Not sure which one to get? Our head-to

User Comments (52)



luke17 said:

With how much this site is in love with Bit.Trip I'm surprised you didn't give it the first ever 11/10.



bezerker99 said:

Easy and Hard modes? wtf? /me gives game 0/10. I'm surprised it doesn't come with a free box o' tissues for those who think it's too hard.



CanisWolfred said:

Easy Mode? Makes me wish I never spent money on the Wiiware versions. Putting on Wishlist now, top priority.



wanderlustwarrior said:

So it's actually in stores now?

I'm actually surprised it didn't get a 10 out of 10. What held it back? It seems to be technically flawless and a complete package. That is, unless "the bonuses could be too hard to get" was the detractor.

We've known about the easy, normal (regular) and hard modes for months now.



Link79 said:

I hate when they do this. I spend all that money on the games separately for Wiiware and they turn around and put it all on a disc. If only I'd known.



TKOWL said:

Hmm, maybe get this one in the future. But too many games are coming out, so I need to skip this one out for now.



wanderlustwarrior said:

@Link: No one knew at the beginning. I didn't, and I'm buying it twice. They didn't, because they didn't know how successful it would be.

We're still getting 3 difficulty levels, 120 challenges, online leaderboards and tons of extras specifically for people like us who've liked it from the beginning.

That picture of Flux seems odd. Should there be all that extra space on the left side of the screen, left of the text?



Radbot42 said:

is hard mode harder than the originals or is it the way they were originally. I can't imagine the games being harder than they were originally



moomoo said:

normal mode is the original difficulty. Hard mode is much harder. On the games with a health bar, you recieve more damage. On Runner, you HAVE to get each gold in order to pass the level



Radbot42 said:

OOOOOooooo..... Now I can't wait to play COMPLETE! it will be a whole new game!



bboy2970 said:

It makes me a little ticked that they split into 2 retail games like this. I have almost all the games on Wiiware so I'm going for the 3DS game. Now I have to miss out on all the extra content and leaderboards. They really should have just packed the extras into the 3DS game and just released that. I don't understand why they couldn't have done something extra (3D doesn't count) on 3DS. Its like you can never have it all (3D, portability, leaderboards, difficulties, achievements) in one spot....



OverlordMao said:

Yes! I am a crazy masochist when I played RUNNER and FATE and loved 'em, so I can't wait to finally experience the other games in the series as well as all the unlockable stuff.



WolfRamHeart said:

All that bonus content sounds really cool but I'm going to buy only one of these two games so it will have to be the 3DS version. Now if I could only find a store that actually has it in stock.



Corbs said:

Don't feel badly guys, I preordered from Amazon three weeks ago and now mine says it won't ship until September 20th. Sheesh.



krisko said:

I have it, and it's really great. Someone must have slipped up in the shipment of the games. The GameStop I went to only ever got ONE copy in- mine. Apparently, there was no demand for it. The bonus CD wasn't even physically packaged with the game. The employee had to take it from a slip-case and put it in the game case before sealing it with tape. A 9/10 for the game, A 1/10 for the shipper. As much as I'd love for this game to be a sleeper hit, Aksys hasn't done enough to ensure that will be the case.



theblackdragon said:

@krisko: are you the same guy from the bit.trip FB page who managed to snag a copy? if so, i reiterate: lucky!!! enjoy your time on the leaderboards before everyone else gets theirs >:3



Odnetnin said:

Picking it up tomorrow (SAGA, not COMPLETE).

Good review Corbs and I'll be sure to pick up COMPLETE down the line.



Paperclip said:

I'm actually surprised it's not a 10. No big deal, but I just figured it would, considering it's probably the best Wii game available.



LztheQuack said:

I want to go on the record that no place in Mississippi, Alabama or Tennessee had SAGA on the launch day



alLabouTandroiD said:

Wheels2050 wrote:

Let me hear you all together now:

"PAL release! PAL release!"

/me joins in and gets a pitchfork ready



Corbs said:

The SAGA review is written, just waiting on the retail copy to come tomorrow to check a few things. Then it will be up too.



wanderlustwarrior said:

@Corbs: So. This review is on the box. It's even in the instruction booklet! First time I've noticed that happen. Kudos.
Just curious, when was this written? I'm curious about the time frame for writing reviews and finalizing packaging.

For anyone who hasn't gotten it yet, gamestop seems to have received 0-2 copies per store in my area. (Not that I'd recommend shopping at gamestop, but I had store credit)



ToxieDogg said:

So...having paid to download all of them from WiiWare already, does the bonus content justify me buying the disc release as well? I'm not so bothered about the 'challenges' (I find the games insanely difficult enough as they are ) but how good are the other unlockables?



Corbs said:

I've had this review written for about 2 weeks now. I got the final build about 2 1/2 weeks ago.



Ayer99 said:

Just got this. Get it over the 3DS version. This has so much more. This game is AMAZING!



Kafei2006 said:

Any word about a release in Europe ? Otherwise I might consider getting a US copy of this. I'm also glad the Wii version seems to be the superior version, since I have no workaround to play imports on 3DS, while I'm able to play imports on my Wii .



wanderlustwarrior said:

@Corbert: Thank you.

@Toxie: Short answer, yes. Medium answer, probably, but like with the regular games we might not appreciate the value until we've played into them more.

Longest answer:

It is a bit bothersome to have to beat some of the games again, since there were some levels that gave me fits (RUNNER 1-11) the first time and some games I still haven't gotten close to finishing yet (FATE, VOID, CORE). You can change the difficulty up or down from the normal any time you're at the main menu for BEAT at least, so some might be easier. Since we've both still got the WiiWare version, we could always play them if we want to play a level we haven't unlocked in COMPLETE yet. Saves do not transfer over. But, at this point, I think others will agree with me that it's the thrill of playing through it again, which is a bit of a gift.

-The soundtrack CD is one mix for each of the 18(21) levels in the collection.
-The Letters, granted for beating the first segment in a game, are them explaining the meaning behind each level, which is for the most part what we thought it was, but is different in some places. It also explains why they chose the mechanics they did.
-The only videos I've unlocked so far (seems to be for beating bosses), have been trailers. Of course, I haven't had much time to play and have thus only beaten two bosses to get videos. There are twice as many videos as there are games, so it's unlikely to be all trailers.

Just as I'd thought. At least in Beat, play into the third level (get a high score) to view the game's cutscenes.

-Beating the second boss in a game unlocks one piece of art for it, and that piece is concept art. Another piece of concept art is unlocked at every 10 challenges beaten.
-I don't have any of the audio yet, but I'm looking forward to getting them.

One thing that does bother me is that they don't tell you the criteria for obtaining an unlock, and when you do unlock something, they don't tell you what it was until you find it. Also, the "press 2 to see unlocks" message at the main menu fades in and out. It's a bit unwieldy, and you have to guess at how to get some.

The challenges are hard. Of course. For the ones I've played (two in Beat and one in Runner) you have to perfect it (collect everything) to pass it. Beating the earlier challenges unlocks later ones. The ones I've seen are all new to me, but I wouldn't know if the BEAT ones were the same as for the iOS. The music still gives subtle hints at what and when you're supposed to do.

However, the package is indeed worth it if you have both the money and interest in it.



Sean_Aaron said:

I didn't really need a review to sell me on this. What I really need is a frakking European release date!



wanderlustwarrior said:

Oh, something I just noticed. The game doesn't say it anywhere, but when you're watching a video:

Press A to pause.
Press + to zoom in or zoom out slightly.
Press B to end the video.

I also think that since the first video for each game is unlocked by beating each you might get the cutscenes by beating the game. I'll post it ...somewhere... once I've beaten Flux again.

You have to manually refresh the leaderboards for each level you want to check.

FLUX has new messages in the background for challenges. The first is "Guardian Angle". Yes, Angle.

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