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ChuChu Rocket! Review

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

The ultimate game of space cat and mouse

Around the turn of the millennium, Sega wasn’t doing so hot. Their much-beloved Dreamcast failed to ignite the sales charts despite being home to a plethora of fantastic new and original games as well as nigh-perfect (in some cases, improved) home conversions of arcade hits. It was with a heavy heart that Sega fans heard the news in January 2001 that the company would be ceasing all hardware production and retool as a third-party software publisher. For their first release, amidst all the flying pigs, the once unthinkable happened: a Sega game, a Sonic Team game, arrived on Nintendo hardware. Launching alongside the Gameboy Advance was a port of the Dreamcast’s ChuChu Rocket!

An action puzzler from Yuji Naka, the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, ChuChu Rocket! makes players responsible for directing space mice (ChuChus) around stages and into rockets by dropping directional arrows on the board before the space cats (KapuKapus) gobble them up. As far as Dreamcast exports go, few games would have captured the spirit of the console as successfully as it’s done in this cheery and frenetic outing.

ChuChu Rocket! is at its best in the multiplayer portion. Players can use the then-new-fangled single-cart option to take on three of their friends in a head-to-head or team battle that has you trying to direct ChuChus into your rocket while steering KapuKapu your opponents’ way. If you don’t have anyone else to play with then you can take on AI opponents with definable play styles, and they’ll certainly put up a good fight. Toss in special mice that, once aboard a rocket, will do anything from flood the board with mice or kittens to blacking out most of the stage and you’ve got yourself a maniacal multiplayer mode to rival the Mario Kart series in screwing people over for fun. It's pick-up-and-play nature is perfect for a portable, too, and you'll be hard-pressed to resist just one more go.

If absolute lunacy isn’t your bag then the massive amount of puzzle stages should suit you just fine. Instead of scrambling for ChuChus, you’re given a limited set of directional tiles and must figure out how to get the mice safely around the board and into the rocket. There is a wealth of new stages as well as all of the Dreamcast ones, and if you ever get bored of the stages available then you can create your own using the level editor and share with your friends. And if you’d like you can even create your own characters with the pixel art editor.

However, running out of content shouldn’t ever be a problem. The Dreamcast original included a robust, if somewhat clunky, online component where players could not only play against each other but also upload their created stages for the world to see. The GBA is of course incapable of going online, but Sega didn't let a good resource go to waste and crammed over 2500 user-created stages from their servers onto the miniscule cart.

The presentation is virtually identical here to the console version. The music is fittingly cheery and catchy, and even though you’ll be hearing a lot of the same tunes over and over it never feels intrusive or repetitive. And even though the GBA substitutes the 3D character models in favor of Donkey Kong Country-style pre-rendered ones, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference apart from a few pixilated edges when the rockets lift off. It’s all very clean, stylish and runs silky smooth even under the most busy situations. Colors tend to lean on the bright side too, which is very helpful when playing on an original GBA screen that demands the concentrated power of its own sun to see anything.

The GBA port’s main problem is in the controls. Moving the cursor around the screen to drop tiles isn’t as precise as it was on the Dreamcast, and while still playable can result in misplaced tiles during heated multiplayer sessions. Dropping a tile can be done in a few different ways with mixed results, too: you can either go the one-button route by holding A and hitting a direction on the D-Pad or the multi-button method that assigns each of the four face and shoulder buttons to a specific direction. The problem with the one-button method is it’s a little slower than you need when the going gets crazy, and multi-button takes some getting used to since the layout doesn’t align like a second D-pad as it does on the Dreamcast. Once you're used to it you won't really care, but it's been done better elsewhere and it can be tough to adjust.

ChuChu Rocket! on the GBA is a great game and all, but being stuck on that platform is kind of a drag in this day and age of online-enabled handhelds. The game would absolutely sing as a DS or DSiWare release with user-generated content sharing and online multiplayer; frankly, we’re stunned Sega hasn’t done anything with the series in the last nine years besides a kart racer cameo. Even though Naka is no longer with Sonic Team, hopefully Sega Clause comes to its senses and does something new with the Chus soon.


As a multiplayer experience, ChuChu Rocket! is tough to beat nearly a decade after it first hit the portable scene. You'll laugh, you'll swear, you'll never speak to your friends again, and that's just how a party game should be. Just because it's ported down to a handheld from a home console doesn't mean it's a lesser experience either, packing in more content than you could reasonably know what to do with. A few control quirks slow the pace down a little but they don't stop ChuChu Rocket! from being crazy, ridiculous fun.

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Knux said:

I need to buy this game sometime, it looks cool and unique.



BJWanlund said:

This screams "I need a DS port!" more than any other game, especially because it'd make a lot more use of the 4 face buttons to place the arrows (X for up, B for down, Y for left, and A for right). This way, it'd be a nice hybrid of the Dreamcast version (including Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to substitute for the Dreamcast's online capability) and the GBA version!




Corbs said:

I'm truly shocked that this game has not been brought to the Wii or DS. One of the true classics. I still love playing it! Great review Jon.



jackaroo said:

One of my favourite games ever. Its been too long since the release of this game. Please bring back the series. Even a port on DS, Wii or wherever would do me (With online functions of course). I was over the moon to hear that the chuchu's would make an appearance in Sega All Stars Racing.
Please sega! Bring this series back!



axelay80 said:

I remember playing this game a lot. I was completely floored by the amount of content packed inside that little cartridge. I agree; we need a DS or Wii remake.



OorWullie said:

I still remember the day my free copy arrived in the post.Only took 5-6 days to come.I'd taken the day off work and was lying in bed with my girl,she never got any attention from me that day.



ChaosValentine said:

I remember downloading the Demo version of it to my GBA from Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. It was quite alot of fun, I should really pull out my copy of Billy Hatcher and do it again sometime



HolyMackerel said:

Got this when it was new oh so many years ago, as well as the Dreamcast version. Fantastic game, and could do with both DSiWare and WiiWare upgrades. This with Wiimote pointing and touchscreen input would be excellent. Bring back the editor, stage repository, online play and "single cart" DS Download Play and I'd gladly pay 800 points for it!



BulbasaurusRex said:

Why was the title never fully translated? It should be SqueakSqueak Rocket!, since "chu" is the sound a mouse makes in Japanese. Similarily, Pikachu means Sparkle Squeak.



dres said:

I have been screaming for this to come out for Wii/DS in years. Would be a perfect fit. It's an instant classic, so what are you waiting for, Sega?!?



JimLad said:

Wasn't this like the first ever online console game? (for a properly established online service)
And it was free! What an exciting time to own a Dreamcast. (before the bombshell obviously)
Then it was Quake III Arena, Phantasy Star Online and Planet Ring, that came with the microphone (anyone remember that one?)

But yes, this should definately be released on WiiWare.
Sega, can't you see that is where your future lies!



ejamer said:

This was an incredible game for GBA. So many sprites at once, a ton of content to enjoy, great connectivity with a single cartridge, and the ability to create your own sprites and levels too? Easily one of the best launch games - and still one of the best games available on the system!



Ricardo91 said:

Finally! The GBA reviews have started!

I really wanted the play this game back when it was on Dreamcast, but since I never had one of those I decided to wait for this version. Sadly, despite looking EVERYWHERE for it back when it first came out, I could never find it. In fact I STILL can't find it!
Looks like another game I'm gonna have to resort to Ebay or Amazon for.



Pxtl said:

It's a nice reminder of what an abortion of a company Sega has become. The Dreamcast has a half-dozen Sega titles that are sorely missing on the Wii and DS (Virtual On is another one - the Wii is the first console with real twin-sticks!)... and still all we get for the Wii are more lackluster Sonic snuff films.



WolfRamHeart said:

I definitely need this game. I heard a rumor a while back that it was coming to the Xbox Live Arcade but nothing yet. I suppose I should just find myself a copy of the GBA version on eBay instead of waiting endlessly.



Dred said:

I'll always remember the DC version of this game as one that makes me want to punch someone in the face when they screw me up, but it's still one of the most fun games you'll ever play with other people.



sketchturner said:

This game was THE biggest reason I got the original GBA. I played the crap out of this game and still haven't finished the 2600+ levels. I still pick it up from time to time [on my Micro]. Very few games have continued to hold my interest for a dozen years like this one has.

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