The gang's all here

Sumo Digital are shaping up Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing is full of goodies for Sega fans old and new. The offical website has been updated to bring the full character list up to speed and they include the sentient ship Opa Opa of the Fantasy Zone series and a quadruple of ChuChus from the Dreamcast and GameBoy Advance classic Chu Chu Rocket.

Also confirmed are Jacky and Akira, two characters from the Virtua Fighter series teaming up in a slick sports car and Bonanza Bros of the arcade title of the same name.

Most of those are fairly recognisable, but some may not recall the Bonanza Bros: they had one arcade title ported to Mega Drive and PC Engine in 1990 and that's been their only appearance. Yet still these guys are not the most obscure characters on the list; that honour goes to Zobio and Zobiko, a zombie couple from House of the Dead EX, a Japan-only arcade spin-off of Sega's popular Zombie shooter series.

For those concerned about certain purple jesters, NiGHTS is there waving the flag to start and end races too thanks to a devoted fan campaign.