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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Is this a game fit for a king or a pauper?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, is the first WiiWare game from SquareEnix and they obviously spared no expense in putting this title together. Instead of pitting you in the fighting role, as in most normal Final Fantasy titles, this game puts you in the role of King and allows you full control over everything in the kingdom in a more simulation-style atmosphere. The game might lack the intensity of a regular Final Fantasy release, but you'll certainly never be at a loss for things to do in your new role.

The game plays out one day at a time and you have a running clock in the top corner of the screen that lets you always know how much time you have left in each day. At the start of a new day, you're given a report from the previous day's activities. This is where you find out what was accomplished and how much money was made. You can then send your adventurers out on missions called behests. These allow your fighters to leave the castle walls and explore the surrounding areas. They can do battle with monsters in an effort to make money for the kingdom as well as bring back the special ore "Elementite" that you'll need to build new houses and shops in town. While you don't actually take part in these battles yourself, you will have to carefully level up your fighters by sending them on only Behests that they are capable of handling, and you'll also have to occasionally rest them when they become fatigued.

As if this weren't enough of a responsibility, you'll also have to find time to build new houses and shops for the people of your kingdom to use, not to mention take care of special tasks that the people of the kingdom request of you. If you ignore their requests, morale will drop and your people won't contribute as much tax money as they normally would. Everything in the game revolves around you being a good monarch and taking care of the many responsibilities that go along with it. Since there are so many tasks, it might feel overwhelming right at first, but the game is set up so that you are never given too many things to do at once. To help you out, you also have several characters at your disposal that will constantly push you in the right direction as to what tasks need to be done next.

Don't expect a lot of fancy Wii Remote controls, as the only motion-sensing controls in the game come when you have to jiggle the Wii Remote in order to summon Chime, your royal aide. Other than this, you'll find that the controls are very standard in moving around the kingdom, and even the menus are all very intuitive and easy to manoeuvre. There's not much action, but the simulation aspects are very well executed and the game has this unique way of letting you have as much or as little freedom as you choose, which really adds to the overall relaxed and enjoyable feel of the game.

You certainly wouldn't know that this game is a downloadable title from looking at it; the visuals are quite simply astounding. The kingdom itself is enormous and each and every building is very detailed and has its own distinct design characteristics. The many characters are equally impressive in terms of both look and the realistic way in which they all animate. It's hard to believe that there's so much visual quality and variety in a game with such a small file size - My Life As A King effortlessly ranks as the best looking WiiWare game to date.

Final Fantasy games are generally well-known for their fully orchestrated soundtracks, but given the space limitations placed on the WiiWare titles, some concessions had to be made and it's obvious the music took the brunt of these cuts. The main musical theme is outstanding, and that's a good thing considering that it plays for pretty much the duration. You'll occasionally hear a fresh musical piece here and there, but it's generally only during times when something new happens and then it's back to same old tune from before. Of course there isn't any voiced dialogue either, other than the occasional "yes" or "no" mumble you'll hear from one of the characters. Once again, this is obviously done for space limitation reasons and certainly doesn't take anything away from the overall audio experience.


Of all the WiiWare titles to date, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is easily the most ambitious. The scope of the game is enormous and there's never a lack of things to do as you live out each day of the adventure. It can be a little frustrating not being able to take part in battles yourself, but you'll soon find that being in charge has its perks and building your kingdom from the ground up can be quite rewarding in this unique simulation-style adventure. The ability to purchase new content, such as additional outfits, buildings, and dungeons, gives the game an almost endless amount of expandability, but it's yet to be determined how interested consumers will be in paying for additional content for a game that already costs 1500 Wii Points. If you can get past any expectations that this game will offer the same type of RPG experience as those found in the regular Final Fantasy games and just appreciate it for what it is, you'll likely find a lot to enjoy about this wonderful and charming WiiWare release.

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User Comments (114)



Shortay said:

Nice review Corbie, very informative. You've convinced me to consider downloading it, that's for sure



Corbs said:

I know, I can't believe my luck. Not one but TWO great games. What more could you ask for? Enjoy the review. There were a lot things I wanted to talk about but had to leave out for space limitations, but needless to say, there's a lot to this game and it really is worth the 1500 Wii Points when you take all of it into account. This is one I'll definitely come back to.



DEMON212 said:

Is it true that for 1,500 points, you're only getting 1 of the 4 races? Meaning 1 quarter of the game?

Good review though, not for me (The game), but good review



Corbs said:

I know that you can download the Triple Race Pack for 800 Wii Points, but I haven't done so yet. I did grab the Dungeon Pack and Lilty Hut though. In all honesty, the 1500 Point game is more than enough to do, unless you're just really into the races. Then I MIGHT say grab the pack. I can't see a big demand for the extra content, at least what's available right now. I've never been a big fan of this "pay for play" stuff, but that's just me personally. : )



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Excellent review. This is more-or-less what I've been looking for (review-wise).

I was saving 1500 for Plattchen but it's all good even though I'm looking fwd to a lot of titles. I got everything planned out.

  • KnucklesSonic8 goes to buy FFCC for his sibling who wanted this ever-so badly.


DJ_Triforce said:

I have to get this game. Do you need to buy the extra content to get the full experience? Is the extra content worth the prices? If I don't buy the content in the beginning of the game, would I be able to buy the extra content, and have it load into my saved game? Sorry for all of the questions.



ACK said:

Very insightful, informative review. I was charmed by the original Crystal Chronicles and generally love myself a good simulation, but something hasn't quite seemed right about this release...

After reading this, though, I definitely feel better about MLAAK. I really want to take the plunge, but I guess I'm a little concerned about how the gameplay holds up as the days pass. Poor simulations tend to break down the longer you play them.

Eitherway, for 1500 points there seems to be a lot here and I suppose I can't expect too much given the price. Damnit... If I download this tonight I blame you, Corbie!



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well i didn't relise you got talent for reviews Corbie as i only noticed you putting comments up on vc-r .
I like how you did this review .
I want this game even more now because of your review Corbie .
I be looking forward to more reviews from you Corbie & this is the first review i read from this site



ChocoDK said:

Thanks so much for the excellent and informative review. I have been waiting for the review on this site for my final decsion on downloading this game. I will definently be purchasing it once I am done with GTAIV. But I hate DLC and I want to just know if the Dungeon Pack is really worth the price and does that Race pack only add different races? I don't care about different races of characters.

Thanks again for the review and very well written.



JZLAM said:

Without buying any extra downloadable content, how much playing time is there in the base game?



Corbs said:

Thanks so much for all the kind words. As far as pay for play content goes, you really don't need to buy anything extra to get a lot of fun and playing time out of the base game. The extra content is mostly trivial stuff like costume changes and extra buildings and dungeons. There's plenty to do in the basic package and unless you just really get into this game and want to extend it later on, the extra content isn't absolutely necessary to get the full enjoyment out of this game. Now that's not to say that future added content for the game might not be a lot more worthwhile, but for now, stick to the basic game and have fun.

And adding content later on is perfectly fine, even on an already saved game.



ChocoDK said:

@Corbie: Thanks very much for answering my question about the DLC.

@ReaperJ21: "Pay 2 Play" is Downloadable Content (DLC) so the prices depend on what you are buying. I know the costumes are 1000 Wii Points a piece. And there is other packages like dungeon packs and packs to buy different races. According to IGN it costs $40USD for the game and all of the DLC combined.




Corbs said:

I fired up the Wii and here are all the prices and content:

  • Dungeon Pack - 300 Points - 1 Block Required
  • Triple Race Pack - 800 Points - 2 Blocks Requires
  • Lilty Hut - 300 Points - 1 Block Required
  • Selkie Den - 300 Points - 1 Block Required
  • Yuke Shack - 300 Points - 1 Block Required
  • New Royal Outfit - 100 Points - 3 Blocks Required
  • New Chancellor Outfit - 100 Points - 3 Blocks Required
  • Luxurious House - 100 Points - 1 Block Required
  • Sacred Shrine - 200 Points - 1 Block Required

There you go. That's all of the bonus content to far. More is coming later on. And glad to help ChocoDK. I just wasn't too impressed with the bonus content personally.



DEMON212 said:

That's bloody outrageous, they're just praying on people who have say... 300 points left. Whack all that together for 1,000 and I'd think about it, but the game would also have to be 1,000. And for it to be such small blockage, you just know that it's all in the game already.



ReaperJ21 said:

@chocoDK oh, i thought that meant u had like 4 example, pay 5 bucks a month 2 keep playing, good thing 2 know, now i might consider it(i mostly want lostwinds and dr mario, already have DYC) thanks =)

@Corbie wow, theres a lot of DLC u can get, thanks 4 letting us all know the truth of FFCCMLAAK =)



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I got the game last night RIGHT after reading the review. I bought it for my sib NOW even though I wanted to wait to get Plattchen first but I was so excited to try it out (well.. and my sib wanted it so badly) I bought it as a surprise.

The game is way better than I expected and I really enjoy it. I can't wait to get home to play it!!!

And I'm not bothering with DLC at all. Waste, imho. But the game alone is worth 1500 to me, and I'm only on Day 4/5.

I can't wait for Plattchen to come out!



ConraDargo said:

By far the best game there is and I'm not just talking about WiiWare now. Totally worth the money, I'm 72 days into the game I've written a small review myself @ GameSpot (and it's really, really in-depth - more like a guide heh).



AMP said:

I bought the DLC for Final Fantasy and now my brother wants to start his own new game. My question is, does the DLC I bought carry over to his game or would he have to by it again for the game he's playing?



DEMON212 said:

AMP, if the game has multiple save files, then it should count for all files.



AMP said:

Demon212, my brother started his new game and we both noticed that his game doesn’t have all of the dungeons that my games has. We actually counted and there is a difference of 10. I think not all of the DLC bought for one game transfers over to new games. In effect you would have to keep buying some of the DLC for each new game you start. That doesn't really make sense though.



sailingtheseaoffools said:

Delete the game and redownload. That should fix the issue. Once bought the dlc works for all saves including plus new game.

Unless you hacked the game to avoid buying the dlc. Also not all the dungeons open up at the start nor the same number on each difficulty.



Red_Yoshi said:

Hey guys...i have one question about "WiiWare": can i save my WiiWare-Games at my SD-Card like VC-Games?



Boo said:

I can't stop playing this game. This is absolutely awesome and totally worth the 1500 points.



AMP said:

The game is good but does anyone else find it annoying that after you build weapon/armor/item shops and academies, the adventurers stop by all of these places before actually starting the adventure. It takes them so long to do all of this that they end up leaving for the adventure too late. At the end of the day they won't have made it back and as a result they won't have finished the task.



Valien said:

Downloaded this game and am so glad I did. I'm at Day 39 right now. Holy cow it's addicting. Just one more day....

Got 2 Thieves, 1 White Mage, and 5 Warriors. Trying to level up my lower level warriors since I just got the Guild Hall.

Best Wii points I've spent period. This game is terrific.



DanAran said:

I love this game! I bought it on Nintendo's WiiWare service the first day it came out and have been playing ever since. The only problem I have with the game is that the gameplay can get quite boring and repetitive at times.Other then that it's my favorite game on WiiWare so far.



DanAran said:

Your right amp, Now that I have 16 adventurer's Iv'e started to notice that.



Boringman54 said:

For a WiiWare game, this seems to have really good graphics. Doesn't look to bad to play either.



DEMON212 said:

Well now thta the game's launched here, all I'll say is WOW! And the content only costs 1,600 points. Because...

  1. Triple Race Pack - 800 Points - 2 Blocks Requires

That points up

  1. Lilty Hut - 300 Points - 1 Block Required
  2. Selkie Den - 300 Points - 1 Block Required
  3. Yuke Shack - 300 Points - 1 Block Required

Is the same as those points up

The reason they've seperated them, is for folks who only want or can afford 1 race. You don't need to buy those 4, as it doesn't let you. So the game costs 3,100 points overall, 3,200 if you buy them seperately. Which is why I now own the game, as I had 3,100 points left



Objection said:

Just downloaded this last night and because of finals studyign only played 2 days but I will play like a "month" tonight. Is great so far. Ohmigod, Square made a good game again.



jackaroo said:

Downloaded this today. But downloaded like 3 other wiiware titles too so I only played like 2 days of the game to try the others. Its awesome so far. Really enjoying it and seems like its gonna get pretty involving.



DanAran said:

I havent spent any money on downloadable content so far. The extra content dosent realy seem like something that needed to be in the game in the first place.



Objection said:

I played about 14 days in 1 sitting today VERY Addictive, for reason it took my people freaking forever to beat the 2nd boss. They kept running back home with their tails between their legs. I yelled at them (the TV at least.) lol great game
Wait until you've beaten it to see if you want a few more levels (costumes=waste)



DanAran said:

I've almost completed the game. Im working on the last boss battle right now.



ni1 said:

Just wondering...are the days that you play timed? If so, how long is each day? What happens when you reach the time limit for that day?



RubiksCube said:

@ ni: Each day is pretty short, like about 5 mins, and at the end of the day your helper comes and tells you to go to bed. Your games saves and you start another day.

My friend is going on and on about the downloadable content. From the way he explains it, it seems like the basic game will seem like half the game. As awesome as it is already, I'm not sure if I want to drop another $20 for add-ons for a game I just started.

Q: I realize the game is amazing on it's own, but is it worth the extra money to make to improve? If so, are there any recommended add-ons I should get?

PS. When are the Forums going to be up



DanAran said:

The day's are about 4 to 5 minute's. Also the time never increases throughout the game, but I realy dont think there need's to be more time in the day's. you can pretty much get everything done you wanted to within that time limit.



RubiksCube said:

I thought if you use Morale Boost on the villagers they become better with their families, keeping their lights on longer and allowing you to stay out longer...



DanAran said:

They do become better with their famlies, but I havent noticed any change in time.



ni1 said:

@Rubik'sCube and @DanAran
Thanks for your replies...this leads to another many days are in the game does the game end...does it end after you play a certain number of days...or does it end after you have battles in all of the you when when the game is complete...



Objection said:

Thanks. I figured it out after I posted but now I have a new question...I need 2 Thingie Spheres to upgrade my castle for the 2nd time, but I have 1 and it won't give me another no matter how many times I fill the gauge. I am in Chapter 2 (with 31 days lol, I forgot to kill the Goblins and did every other dungeon first!)



DanAran said:

I posted a response on the main page.
@ ni
I havent noticed a limit too the day's(Im on day 130 or somthing). So im sure anyone can play at there own speed. Also the game ends by sending adventurers out to defet the final boss(the dark lord). I'm working on the last boss battle now so I dont know what happens afterwards.



Objection said:

Sorry for asking so many questions, most of which I could figure out by just playing more (Which I did, Day 45 in just 2 real days!!) Anyway thanks



DanAran said:

Ok guys, I just beat the final boss. To be honest there isent much replay value to keep you playing. Unless you want to buy the downloadable content, but that wont entertain you for long.



ni1 said:

So, does beating the final boss mean that there are no more dungeons to battle in? Is that why the game is now finished? What else can be done in the game? If you were to replay the game again, can it be played any differently by putting buildings in different places or using different adventureres for battle?



RubiksCube said:

I believe after beating the game you unlock hard & very hard mode. I think characters carry over & metals, but you have to unlock everything again. I am in day 31 i think and I just got white mage building



DC3fanboyWii_NL said:

OMG THIS GAME IS ADDICTIVE, I can't stop playing it. I keep going going and going. I'm at day 83 right now. Mennn I hate when my adventure miss/failed or return the battle I have now paid them more gile now in the Guild Hall it now on Level 4. My Armor and Weapon shop verry hight in levels right now.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Ah, I knew there was a Final Boss Battle.
That's too bad but the road to get to that point will take me a while since I can't play too too much. But it's better that way since the game will last me a lot longer!

Oh, and past Day 130? That's good enough for me.
Oh, and I'd certainly start this game over.

And did you just say Hard and VERY Hard Mode, Rubik's Cube?



Objection said:

I am on Day87 somewhere in chapter IV I think. Thanks for the info on New GAme+ I love when games have that feature. I just picked up Okami, and I hope it has that! (Great game!!) Speaking of CAPCOM or Square-Enix, more Wii/VC/Wiiware support wold be nice!



Yatesy said:

This is only the second WiiWare game that I've managed to spend an extended period of time playing, and it's a lot better than I expected it to be. I literally couldn't stop playing it last night, going on a mad six hour marathon until the wee hours of the morning. I generally play games in short bursts, and the only other games that can have me playing for that amount of time are the likes of Football Manager and GTA IV- it's that addictive. In fact, I'm enjoying it so much that I can see myself laying down more Wii points for the extra downloadable content, which I never thought I'd even consider. The game has just been charming the pants off of me, and I'm almost afraid to start another session tonight in case I'm at it for another six hours. I liked Lost Winds a lot, but this game just gives me a better feeling whilst I'm playing it; that special, joyful, can't-quite-put-your-finger-on-it feeling that you only get from a really well-crafted video game. Hats off to Square Enix- those dudes know what they're doing.



Jona said:

this game is fun but if u want the full version u will pay 3400 points ($34) which is a rip!!! some games r $49.99, and $39.99 and thus r more expensive than this game, but at least they will drop. this game wont drop, but besides that its a fun game.



Objection said:

Don't stress so much over the DLC, it's just that. Extra features. For instance, you can buy the 1 disc version of the movie for $20 which has the movie you came fore, or the 2 disc version with bounus features for $25. This is kinda like that. It's $15 to get a great 15 hour game, and if you want a couple more hours or random costumes, etc. it's a couple bucks more. Its also decent if you have a few points left over-that might be a few more dungeons! I'm 14 hours in and know that I dont need the DLC, but I might get some eventually to add a few more levels and hours.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Yatesy: Well said.

@Jona: Yes, don't worry. I'm not getting any DLC as I'm boycotting it, tbh but I may change my mind with a Dungeon Pack, perhaps? But the fact that there's a Hard Mode alone grants me more Replay Value, more tahn DLC could ever assist with.



couthedman92 said:

I don't understand. I always talk to my adventurers first thing each day so that they can complete their behest, but they never seem to even finish them anymore. Are my buildings too spaced out or something?



Twilight said:

i am buying it tomorrow. from what i have read, this will be a great game. oh, and really the only DLC you want is the dungeon pack(300 points). unless you have extra and think you want the other stuff. so enough with this 3000 points stuff. also, i am sure after i beat the normal mode, i will beat hard, then very hard mode. i hope to get 20 hours of enjoyment out of this.



Decus_Q said:

This is a great example of how SE is trying to expand on the formula of FF these days. For $15 this game is worth it. I just can't wait for the new downloadable content coming soon. I've already purchased all the previous entries.



Objection said:

@couthed-that could be it
@Anyone who can answer
I have invested the last 15 days (or a whole hour) to fighting the last boss and have only brought him down to 50%! Help please! I don't care much for the game right now!



strade32 said:

hmm... only took me like 5-10 days. then again, i spent 70 days doing nothing but funding and training my adventurers. i am sad that i beat this though as now my village is gone. does anyone know how to get to hard mode and very hard mode?



Objection said:

@couthed I dont know, never had to dismantle anything but 2 houses
@strade Okay I beat the final boss. It took 25 ish days! And you get to hard and very hard from your new game+ file that you saved when you beat the game-i think



strade32 said:

i don't think i got a new game+ file. i am still confused. i saved and my file just said cleared and i can't do anything on it.



Objection said:

Weird. I played my game (with 131 days) in my first file, and when i beat it, it let me save for new game+ (which i did in file3) Then you reset the Wiiware game and start that file for new game+. At least, thats the plan.



DarkLloyd said:

finally have enough to get a 2gb wii sd card now i can get this game thannk god lol



Peznaze said:

Bakeries and Emporiums give Morale Spheres, beat the dungeons that give those and build them. Meanwhile, use your Morale to boost the Town and People so you get longer days.



DarkLloyd said:

thanks i guess i will have to do more missions and wait for emporiums and if it lets you increase more numbers of the same thing



DarkLloyd said:

it brought to my mind if there would be another version instead you would be a queen. kinda of the same thing they did with harvest moon for gamecube



Peznaze said:

Interesting.. They sell alternate costumes for the King and Chime, I suppose one could be a Queen... They gave Chime a bikini for one of her alternate costumes, after all.



DarkLloyd said:

whoa i see i may have to get it sometimes lol i guess i know why i can,t view her closet now



DarkLloyd said:

does anyone know if the triple pack from the dlc mean getting 3 races mention in the game such as selkie, lilty and i forgot the last one and im guessing clavat is what we only have as adventurer .



DarkLloyd said:

one more question when downloading contents for the game does the content data mix and combine with the save data or does it combine with the game data making its size a block more or is it a file alone that can be read only if in the system. if it is then im guessing you canredownload free which would not make sense to take off. andthanks inadvance



Objection said:

3 pack = all 3 races for 800 instead of 300 each
Your FFCC:MLAAK channel file size will increase with DLC, 1-3 blocks. It'll carry over to all save files for the game though.



stewie4govanuh said:

I am strongly considering buying this game. $15 is good pricing for an expansive game like this. The only problem is i've heard that it gets boring after a while and is repetitive



sparrow-1993 said:

@Mr. Cheez
It's worth getting. It is expensive for a wiiware title but it's worth the money.
It is slightly repetitive but there is a story to keep you engaged and plenty of dowloadable content.



CanisWolfred said:

I could never stick with sim type games. I would play one for a couple days or weeks, but the moment I stop playing, perhaps I got something new to occupy my time, I could never get myself to play it again. I mean NEVER! No matter how much I wanted to play it I could never get myself to pop it in and play it again. In the end all it does is collect dust, or in this case, use up valuable memory space. I'm going to spare myself the pain and expenses, and pass on this one.



SRPirate said:

this game looks pretty good, i need another wii point thought in order to get it



Jona said:

its a fun game, but its now 4800 points. the price 4 a regular wii game. i kinda think its expensive, but its stil a fun game!



MoneybagzX said:

****ing pay2play i dont want to pay 40 bucks just for extra crap y cant it just come with the game



Peznaze said:

It's Pay&Play, not Pay2Play. Difference being, you do not need to buy any of the DLC to play and fully enjoy the game. That said, the DLC does add replay value to the game.



Objection said:

@Peznze Thank you for clarifying that for all the complainers. Everyone's whining that the game is $48 or whatever when it is only $15 unless you want additional stuff that you do not need.



Ricardo91 said:

@Paznaza or whatever your name is. So you don't need the DLC to get full enjoyment out of the game? That changes everything! I might get this now.

and me makes 100. Yay!



Mqblank said:

If you purchase all of the DLC does it take up anymore blocks of memory? Also, when you eventually have to delete the game and then want to re-install, does it put back all of the DLC or do you have to re-download all of them.



Objection said:

Each DLC item takes about 1-3 blocks. It is locked onto your Wii (like wiiware is), so if you delete the game, DLC info, you should be able to get it back. You can only get DLC from inside the game. (By talking to Chime.)



Clayfrd said:

I called my Kingdom "Mushroom" (It didn't work out like I thought it would... they all just call it Mushroom instead of Mushroom Kingdom...). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to Mogtillo. I got the dandelion so he could draw a park, but I can't find him! Does anyone know where he is? By the way, later tonight I'm getting 2000 points and with that I'll buy Super Metroid and either Block Breaker or some other SNES game. Anyway, are there any DLC recommendations that I can get?



RedStripedd said:

This game is great, and easily the most ambitious of the launch titles. Some people are complaining about the price, but i got more hours of fun out of this than i have in othe full priced games.



Wolfneko said:

Square-Enix wants their money now don't they! I can't coplain about 15 dollars for an amazing game but the extras are almost shocking! I think that a game like Lostwinds with ever added chapters sohould use the pay-play thingy.



Ferret75 said:

This may be one of the fewest games that almost requires the DLC.

Honestly, why couldn't they release this game as one game that just cost more?

The fact that you need to download 10 different things is a bit rediculous.



AlexSays said:

The fact that you need to download 10 different things is a bit rediculous.
What in the world?
You don't have to download anything.
There's a couple extra buildings, a few costumes, and one or two extra dungeons.
None of that is necessary to enjoy the game at it's highest potential.



sicko said:

Am I the only that think that this game is not as almost everyone says?
I mean, Being a wiiware game, I have to admit that this one have really good graphics and music, and its a little bit fun at the beginning, but after 30 days it gets extremely repetitive and boring (without counting of how dissapointed I felt when I realize that there was no combat or real rpg in the game). I finished the game, just to feel that I didnt waste my money in it, but the repeat value is zero. And for me is the most dissapointed game of all Final Fantasy serie.

My overall is 6/10



ShivanDrgn said:

I enjoyed this game and purchased all of the extra content. I will admit it does get a bit repetitive but it is one of those "just one more turn before I stop playing" games. It can be addictive and fun waiting to see how your adventurers are doing.

My overall is 8/10



elvatosabio said:

I saw a comment about all the wii points needed for this game... Do you recommend I buy all the extra content at once before I start playing? Or should I buy as I play... There is also a Life as a Dark Lord game out there, which one is better?



MageNoobMan57 said:

Kind of a rip off for 1500 wii points.... I got this game with some add-ons and it kept me entertained for, like, 4-5 hours... It was addicting for a few days, then it got boring. not worth $15 imo.

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