Grass-type Starter Pokémon - The Top 3 As Voted By You

In 8th place (and unimaginably for this writer) we find the adorable Chespin, with Grookey just above in 7th. Gen 2 starter Chikorita is in 6th while Snivy edges 5th place Turtwig into 4th. Now for the podium:

3. Treecko


Once again, Gen III is in third place with reptilian Treecko licking up a respectable 17% of public approval.

2. Rowlet


Ruffling feathers for those expecting a Gen III, II, I result, Rowlet is representing Gen VII in second place, just beating the lizard with 18%.

1. Bulbasaur


Gen I continues to dominate with Bulba-Bulba-Bulbasaur vine-whipping its way to victory with a healthy 23% of your votes. After picking up the fabulous Ivysaur amiibo recently, we're particularly partial to how its adorably grumpy face contrasts with its dumpy little body, but we also have a love for plucky Pokémon #1.

So, Generation I has taken the Fire- and Grass-type trophies, but can it pull of the hat-trick by bagging the Water types, too?...