Yesterday, we saw the first gameplay footage for Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura, the first entry in the long-running series for the Nintendo Switch. However, it wasn't the only Senran Kagura title to be revealed; the lid was also lifted on Peach Ball, a pinball game for Nintendo's console.

While fans of the franchise will be disappointed to learn that despite getting two new Senran Kagura titles, neither of them is a fighting game, according to series producer Kenichiro Takaki, Peach Ball is a title he's been wanting to do for a while:

This is something I’ve always wanted to do. I wanted to play something that will let me feel when the ball touches breasts. I want to play pinball on a woman’s body. Since there’s a lot to learn for pinball, I want to make it something easy to play. The pinball stage will come in a light and shadow, as we’ve been working on the concept that will be something along the lines of a “bright attraction park” on one end and a “slightly suspicious attraction park at night” on the other.

Takaki also confirmed that more characters are expected to be added to Shinobi Refle:

At first it’ll be Asuka only, but I’d like to add several more characters next.

Are you looking forward to these games, or were you holding out for a fighter? Let us know with a comment.