For a little while now there have been conversations around the Nintendo Switch price point, and a number cited with increasing regularity is $250 in the US. A recent Nikkei report added some flames to that talk, with a 25,000 Yen pre-tax price-point giving some fuel to those in the $250 camp.

Now the Reddit community has pitched in, with a user sharing a price supposedly from the Best Buy internal system - these rumours are often readily dismissed, though their claims of posting frequently about the retailer's internal pricing and products etc checks out. As a result, perhaps a small dose of salt is needed, rather than the customary bucket we throw at rumours.

In any case, user radoster95 simply states that, as of today, the Switch price in the retailer's system is sitting at $249.99. In follow up posts they've been cautious about going further, so far avoiding questions on whether there's a 'premium' option, or what the offering contains; they could be an employee with limited information, or are wary of repercussions for sharing too much.

In any case, this is a number consistently doing the rounds, and depending on region could convert to about €250 / £230 in Europe, depending on sales taxes and so on. The system is expected to come with the Joy-Con controllers as standard, but all else is speculation.

We should get a clear picture in the live Presentation this week. Until then, do you think this is a good price for the core system? Would you expect a game to also be bundled at that price?