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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Set to Add "Two Fan Favourite Characters"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Developer addresses the 'steroid Knuckles' comments

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric arrives on the Wii U as an exclusive this November, and it's a game that's had a remarkable and brief history to date. Its announcement earlier this year caused an internet meltdown, with plenty objecting to the character designs, in particular.

It's part of a new Sonic universe that Sega is pushing this year through this release, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal on 3DS — developed by Sanzaru Games — along with a TV show, toy range and comic book series. The Wii U entry will have a major focus on co-operative play, with sections of the game having a slower, more deliberate 3D adventure style of play than past Sonic games.

Big Red Button is the developer behind Rise of Lyric, and has emphasized its past points that it's worked to find a balance between taking Sonic in a new direction while respecting its history. On one score, creative director Bob Rafei has told GamesTM magazine that there will be some more fan-favourite references as surprises in the new title.

We looked at the rich universe and history of Sonic and began to gravitate towards characters that best fit into our objective to make an epic adventure game. Dr Eggman was a very fun character to explore and created a really fun dynamic to Lyric's straight man super villain vibe. Also there are two fan favourite characters that we're excited to add.

Rafei also tackled the issue of 'steroid Knuckles', as has been referenced by fans. Here was his response when asked if the development team took jokes about the design in good humour.

Absolutely! We thought we might raise some eyebrows with that one! We floated this idea to SEGA and Sonic Team early in development because we felt strongly that new prospective fans needed to recognise Knuckles as the power-based character when looking at the ensemble team for the first time. As a character designer it's really important for me to create characters with varied silhouettes and characterisations especially if the characters will be working as a unit. SEGA and Sonic Team felt the same way and allowed us to run with the significant variation. Given the mostly positive response I'm confident we're on the right track. I think if we didn't garner such a strong reaction we would not have done justice to SEGA to fully take advantage of this unique opportunity to try something different with their characters.

The upcoming releases are shaping up to bring us an interesting mix of old and new. You can read our first impressions of both Sonic Boom games here; let us know whether more favourite characters and the developer's approach fills you with optimism or dread.

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IxC said:

Playable Metal Sonic?

It's all I've ever wanted since his first appearance.



Chard5001 said:

The response has been "mostly positive"? Or is he playing the "la la la I can't hear you" game?



IxC said:


The racing games don't count.

I didn't know about the other two though. Even though I have both those games.



Noelemahc said:

Depends on how they define "fan favorite".
Me, I'm all for Espio the Chameleon, but he's been in what, two games total?



GuyWithTheGames said:

i've complained about this game enough, i just wish they'd stop treating a cartoon tie in like they're taking it seriously. guys, this is pac man and the ghostly adventures. i seriously wonder will they bother sending review copies then?



baba_944 said:


SADX: Collect all emblems and play MS in Trial mode
Episode Metal: Buy both copies of Sonic 4 E1&2 for same system. Then go to S4E2 level select and hit left.

I'm confused as of what you said. If you have both, doesn't it mean you know he's in there?



TimLatshaw said:

If they just wrapped someone up in bandages like a mummy and threw them in there, everyone could pretend it was their own individual favorite.



TwilightV said:

Steroid Knuckles? No, his name is Buffles.

Also, in before the Grounder and Scratch reveal, since you can't have a Sonic comedy without them.



IxC said:


You'd think I'd know he was in there. But I have the games as part of a Sonic Mega Bundle that was part of the Humble Store or a Steam Sale or something. Got every Sonic game in existence.

I haven't played Sonic Adventure since the original Dreamcast version. And I'm quite sure he wasn't in that.

And I haven't played Sonic 4 Episode 2 because Episode 1 was so bad.



IxC said:


He is my main character in All Stars Racing Transformed.

But I meant I wanted to play as him in a traditional Sonic platformer. Not spin off series like racing games.



IxC said:


The physics were just all wrong in Episode 1.

But I'll give Episode 2 a try if I can play as Metal Sonic.



baba_944 said:

@IxC I just beaten Sonic4EP1 again on PC hahaha. I don't care about physics. As long as it's a fun game I love it. I love the Sonic 4 series.



Conocotarious said:

@GuyWithTheGames given their decent budget, their pedigree (which news outlets have been making a very big deal of), and the fact that it's one of the first games they've been hired to develop, I'm assuming they're taking this game very seriously since it will be the first big mark on their track record, and will likely influence how long they will last.



GustavoMaciel said:

Are there fan-favourite characters other than Sonic, Tails and Knuckles? I thought no one cared about all the others



Handy_Man said:

@baba_944 That doesn't mean that appearances in racing games or other spin-offs shouldn't count. It's like saying you can play as Rosalina in Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8, Mario Golf: World Tour, Super Smash. Bros. 4, and Super Mario 3D World, but 3D World is the only one that counts because it's the only main Mario game she's playable in, and the others don't matter "because he said so". It's not a good argument for why Metal Sonic's playable appearances don't count in certain games, as he's still a playable character in those games regardless if they're spin-offs or not.



ModestFan93 said:

@gsmaciel If you ignore the vocal minority who hate on any Sonic games past the Genesis you'd know that just about everyone like the majority of the cast: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Metal Sonic, Archie Cast, Shadow, Rouge, E-102 series, Team Chaotix, etc. Not trying to sound rude.
@GuyWithTheGames Whoa you managed to get a copy of the game three months early before release date? Tell me who are the bosses, secret characters, plot, and final boss please. Oh wait you don't. Prehaps you should wait for the game to come out before saying things. It's cool if you don't like it but so far the game looks grand.



baba_944 said:

@Luigifan141 I was telling you what iCx said. I know that characters appear in spin-offs and such. But iCx said he doesn't count them.

Edit: That doesn't mean I don't count it (I do) it just he doesn't count them. Sorry if I may have confused you.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Oh god, this smell a lot like Shadow... not that I don't like him, but he really doesn't fit into the Sonic Boom style, just like he didn't fit into Sonic Heroes - teamplay and Shadow don't go well.
I personally hope they'll add either Espio or Blaze, though I also wouldn't mind Rogue.



Action51 said:

Which are more judgmental and narrow minded in their fandom: Hardcore Sonic fans or Hardcore Smash fans?

You decide!



FilmerNgameR said:

Silver, Blaze, and Espio would be cool to see. They have the coolest abilities. Although there is Shadow but seeing him in Sonic Boom's atmosphere would be kinda of wrong..



Sparx said:

I hope Espio is clearly ready to go

I'd love any team chaotix members or Shadow if he's done right (either the only sane man or a parody dark and brooding character would be fun)



Bizzyb said:

Shadow, Blaze, or Metal Sonic. Can't see it being anyone else....maaayybe Rouge...maybe.



Drobotic said:

It's either Metal Sonic,Shadow,or Rouge.Hope they get added into the cartoon as well.



audiobrainiac said:

"Lyric's straight man super villain vibe"? Didn't think we needed to know his sexual preference haha. I'm excited as to what the Characters these could be. As a big fan since the original Sonic, personally, I'd prefer Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, or Metal Sonic. How about the silver mecha Sonic from the end of Sonic 2? Though i'm sure my choices are probably unlikely given the amount of other completely different characters to choose from. Oh well.



alLabouTandroiD said:

The Knuckles approach sounds perfectly reasonable for this game. I agree that if they would've shied away from making a change it would probably make the game less intuitive and charming.



Kolzig said:

Shadow the Hedgehog

The worst character ever created for Sonic universe...

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