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Sonic Boom is a different take on the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, with a new look and feel.

Sonic and his friends Tails, Amy and Knuckles, must come together as a team to stop an ancient evil! Play as multiple characters, each with their own abilities, as you explore, fight and speed through an undiscovered land.

Sonic Boom on Wii U features its own individual story and gameplay features and acts as a prequel to the upcoming Sonic Boom TV series.

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evanescent_hero said:

The designs are weird, but I'm looking forward to this, as it appears to be multiplayer. Man, when are Sonic and Mario gonna cross over in a platformer though?



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm not sure I like the longer legs aesthetic. Wierd this is skipping Japan. Did Sega lose faith in Western developers?



shuis said:

I can see Naughty Dog's former members fingerprints all over this and that is a good thing! Listening to the voices and seeing the limited gameplay and levels reminds me of "Jak and Daxter". "Uncharted" is good in an Indiana Jones/National Treasure way but "Jak and Daxter" really nailed the adventure genre. It was funny and a little zany and that made it special.



SilverHedgeFan said:

Wow a whole new take on son- OMG WHY THE HECK DOES KNUCKLES LOOK LIKE A BATTLETOAD! it's like someone stuck a bike pump up his but and pumped REAL hard. Anyways from that it looks good. The designs (excluding knuckles) are pretty good. Hoping for recurring characters like shadow blaze silver rouge etc. make an appearance. Can't wait for the tv show as well.

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