Further showcasing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate designs drawn from real-world creatures but made even more spiky, Capcom community specialist Yuri Araujo is celebrating the end of the Discovery Channel's Shark Week by sharing some early designs and concept art for Monster Hunter's shark analogue, the Zamtrios:

The Zamtrios' battle tactics were inspired by the properties of shark's skin, which is covered in sharp, tough scales. Araujo explains:

"One of the key features of the Zamtrios is its ability to secrete a special liquid that coats its body with an icy armor when it becomes enraged. This was inspired by dermal denticles, or placoid scales, very hard and sharp scales present in actual sharks. In real life, these tiny scales reduce underwater drag, helping sharks move faster, but they are also hard enough to work as armour."

Pictured above, the Zamtrios shows off the signature angular style that is sure to become the bane of mêlée hunters and clumsy blacksmiths everywhere. Are you lining up to become a hot lunch or sensing the need for a bigger dragonship already? Stay out of the water but go ahead and take the plunge in the comments!

[via capcom-unity.com]