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Adventure Mode Details Revealed for Hyrule Warriors

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Contains exclusive items and unlockable characters

While new details were relatively rare in Nintendo's Hyrule Warriors Direct, we did get a better look at some features in the localised broadcast. One part of the game that was shown off was Adventure Mode, an extra from the main campaign.

It initially takes place on a retro-styled, grid-based overworld — you can see this below.

Moving onto an area will often move you into a typical Hyrule Warriors battle with some unique victory conditions, though some parts will bring up an NES-style screen — at the top of this article — that may task you with finding a hidden item; once you find the item you then fight for it in the game's modern world. Completing challenges will unlock grids, with the idea being to explore the whole area; there will be special items and even playable characters that can only be accessed through this mode.

It could be an interesting time-sink away from the core campaign, but let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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Genesaur said:

I just want a the Legend of Zelda (as in, the original) costume for Link.



Iggly said:

I'm very curious what are the characters you get from this mode.



Pahvi said:

I look forward to playing this mode in particular. If the secrets etc. match those with the original TLoZ, this is going to be a nice piece of fanservice in addition to everything else.



FlaygletheBagel said:

This was probably the most interesting part of the Hyrule Warriors Direct, alongside the Ganondorf reveal of course. I'll be waiting for the review before I buy it, but the Direct definitely helped ease some of my concerns about it.



ModestFan93 said:

@Pahvi No idea how I still have any hype left for this game but wait is killing me. Especially when Japan gets it next week. Oh well.
@Iggly Now I'm thinking it might be like Smash Bros. Random but it depends on where/how much of the mode you've completed.



bistricky said:

The 'adventure mode' seems to connect the Zelda and Warriors franchises. It definitely got my interest. Without the 'adventure mode', I suspect Hyrule Warriors would not be as interesting to gamers who prefer The Legend Of Zelda games over Dynasty Warriors games. It is a pleasant surprise.



Emblem said:

This mode was already leaked but its good to see more of it on video. I was expecting to see more on the online battle mode and some of the rumoured secret characters.

I'm eager for more info but at the same time i'm glad they are keeping some info for people to find in game. I expect a full wikia page with everything listed a couple days after the Japanese launch though.



arnoldlayne83 said:

Very much on the fence about this game... I ll give orochi 3 a try (is cheaper) before deciding for HW... A demo would be very welcome...



Kirk said:

This game looks ok but it clearly lacks that final layer of polish and execution that the best Nintendo games have.

For example; the sprite graphics is this Zelda adventure mode that's based on the look of the original Zelda game actually look worse than the original NES game. Seriously. What's with the stupid clumsy looking outlines around the characters that just ruin that lovely clean bold aesthetic of the original sprite graphics?

Overall this games look OK but it just needs more polish in almost every area imo.

They mentioned how you battle alongside other ally soldiers and then the first thing I saw was footage of multiple ally soldiers just standing around looking gormless while a battle supposedly rages on around them. That's just lazy programming or whatever.

There's a bit of fogging and some pop-in of the scenery at times which just looks cheap.

The overall look of the graphics, the main visuals style, is of that dated "rendered' look that is imo the least visually appealing of all the styles they could have chosen.

There's a mesh of retro and recent graphics that just look a bit mix n' match at times and not in a way that looks coherent and that actually adds to the game.

Nothing looks particularly terrible but nothing looks particularly great either imo and that's the game's biggest problem; it just looks ok.

Nintendo needs to do more than this and Zelda deserves more.



River3636 said:

This for me sold me. Cuz it looks more on the lines of an actual zelda game with a twist. Smart Ninty , I was on the fence now I'm sold



earthboundlink said:

If the arenas are based on the actual grid squares from the original game, that would be an incredibly cool touch. I'm sure that's not the case, and at best they are "themed" after the original areas. But man, it would be cool to crush baddies in the original Hyrule brought into glorious 3D.

Haven't been sure about this game from the beginning. I'm not familiar with the underlying franchise, and I hear it's mostly mindless mashing, which is very un-Zelda. But then again, the game seems to be a giant heaping pile of fan service, which pleases me as a fan. It might be fun to do some mashing as some of these kind of arbitrary characters from various Zelda games. I mean, Darunia? Yes, please.



NodesforNoids said:

Most everything revealed today has actually diminished my excitement, not intensified it.
A day one purchase has dropped to the first month, to be blunt.

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