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Fret Not, Bravely Default's Agnes Oblige Will Return In Bravely Second

Posted by Damien McFerran

We know it's been keeping you up at night

Those of you who played and completed the original Bravely Default may be worrying about whether or not the game's iconic heroine, Agnes Oblige, will be making an appearance in Bravely Second, which is currently in development for the 3DS.

Allow us to put those fears to rest, because information just published in the Japanese magazine Jump confirm that Ms. Oblige will indeed be returning in the highly-anticipated RPG sequel.

The magazine has also printed images of all-new protagonist Magnolia Arch in various job forms, including Valkyrie, Super Star, Red Mage, and Time Mage.

Bravely Second currently has no solid release date in Japan, and there's also no confirmation that it will be localised for the west. However, the strong critical and commercial performance of the first game should make a release outside of Japan a formality.


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Kaze_Memaryu said:

The characters from Bravely Default were seriously unoriginal, so I'm not seeing that as positive as others can. I'm just hoping that Magnolia is a bit more refreshing personality-wise.



King47 said:

I didn't like the first game and will but buy the second. But I'm glad they're doing some localizations.



ZachBeacon said:

So they've confirmed that the two least interesting party members are in this? Mrgrgr!



sinalefa said:

I need the first one. I still like the characters, at least how they look.



Garo said:

I really hoped we wouldn't have to see her in the sequel. So annoying.



ChemyNoSurfea said:

Well I really liked Agnes, Tiz was the boring one, tho. I hope Edea and Ringabel make it back, who knows? we may be able to swap party characters this time around. Im very excited for this game



SamirMalik said:

Great. Agnés is one of those iconic characters who's iconic looks is enough to get people to buy the game. Much like Link or Sora.



ModestFan93 said:

@Kaze_Memaryu Tiz is back in the game as well.

Square where the hell are Ringabel and Edea?!?!? And that announcement trailer we were created out of for E3?



Baker1000 said:

I thought the game would be set so far into the future that all the others had already died. If the old cast do all show up, they will probably be much older than Tiz now, since it seems he was kept in stasis for so long.



Expa0 said:

Agnes was easily my least fav member of the BD main cast, but whatever.

I'm just happy to see that the job system will return.



Epicnessofme99 said:

I really hope this doesn't make the same mistake the 1st one did, not going to go in detail but those who've made it to a certain point in the game will know what i'm talking about.



DarkKirby said:

I can only hope Agnes is less naive this time around.

The extreme naivete from every character except Ringabel was frankly painful to experience. It's justified for Agnes who grew up sheltered and brainwashed, and somewhat for Tiz who is a country bumpkin (Edea has less of an excuse in thinking there is good and evil and nothing in between) , but that doesn't make it any less painful to watch as they make all these terrible naive decisions and conclusions.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@ZachBeacon Oh, I didn't even know he's confirmed. Well, let's just hope they're either playing minor roles, or that they got a better writer this time around.



Stucazzo said:

Excellent game, however, I really disliked the Characters. They all had annoyingly cliche voices.



vattodev said:

Unnaceptable! Bravely Second is going to be the amazing game that Bravely Default should have been!



TheWPCTraveler said:

This is only going to make the game make less sense, honestly.

Not only do you need an excuse for her being alive at this point, you'll pretty much have to rewrite her personality to take into account of her changes.

I really hope that she's just a boss.

Let this be the Mother 3 to my EarthBound!



DarkKirby said:


It's not as if Bravely Default was shy about having things go unexplained.

There is a character that has eternal life in Bravely Default with an explanation that amounts to "a demon did it" and another without an explanation at all.



TeeJay said:

@MuchoMochi Yes thank you for the warning. I somehow missed the comment and I'm glad I did. Like I said earlier, I just got the game.



element187 said:

That's great she's returning but can they replace the voice actor for Agnes? Just terrible. Sounds like a guy doing an impression of a woman, just terrible.



Mr-X9000 said:

what kind of a gane name is "braverly second" * tries really hard to not laugh *



ZachBeacon said:

“Bravely Default” is a pretty lousy name too. The game is named after two gameplay mechanics. That’d be like naming Mario “Jump Fireball”.

Its still a great game though. Ringabel and Edea made the cast interesting and the level of customization helped to alleviate the usual RPG frustrations.



Iggly said:

Quite curious how the others would look. Though it'll be funny seeing Tiz with everybody else since he's the one who hasn't aged much in that Epilogue or whatever that scene was.



Dezzy said:

Why is she returning? She had almost no personality at all. Great to see they were completely oblivious to the faults of the first game.

I guess that means they'll be sticking with the 0 exploration as well. A drawing of an entire city with..........2 houses to explore. Yeah, that's definitely a 'city'



FantasiaWHT said:

I'll pass. Extremely disappointing game. Largely a hodge podge of random ideas tossed together without much cohesion. Subpar writing (or translating maybe). Bland characters. A story I stopped caring about 1/3 of the way through the game. A cheesy trick to extend gameplay.



SleepyCrossing said:

Edea and Ringabel were my favorites, but Agnes' return is definitely welcome. And what are you people talking about, Bravely Default has wonderful writing/story/translating.



rockman_zero said:

@FantasiaWHT this game is the only good thing squeenix has goin I haven't seen a good game from them in years wanna talk about dissapointing games look at final fantasy 11-15

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