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Curve Studios Is Bringing Spooky Puzzle Title The Swapper To The Wii U eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

Space, man

Curve Studios has revealed that it is bringing Facepalm Games' space-puzzle title The Swapper to the Wii U eShop.

The game — which is already available on PC and is also coming to the PS3 this August — places you in the shoes of a spaceman exploring a seemingly derelict space station. You are armed with a gun which can create up to four clones, and you must use this skill to overcome the various mind-bending puzzles which await.

The game will boast a control method which has been revised for the GamePad — you'll be able to use touch commands and the analogue sticks to control the action. According to Kotaku, the Wii U version is a closer match to the PC original than the PS3 edition.

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Peach64 said:

Fantastic news. One of the best indie games over the last few years. After 18 months of a pretty poor indie selection, things are finally looking up. Guacamelee and Shovel Knight already, and Stealth Inc and The Swapper to come.



ToniK said:

This game is fantastic. Unbelievably atmospheric and those puzzles are just something else.



MoonKnight7 said:

I've heard great reviews for it, so this is a welcome surprise. I'll put off getting it on PS3 so I can get it for Wii U instead. I can see the gamepad being of some use here.



LittleIrves said:

EXCELLENT. Have waited to get this. Now we just need indies making this level of original games first on, or exclusive to, Wii U.



Specters said:

This is an amazing game with astounding atmosphere. When I started it on PC all I could think was this would be great on the Wii U. Someone needs to get Rogue Legacy on the 3DS now.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

The only bad thing about this game is that it's stated for a November release, especially when we could use more indie games for the WII U now more than ever.



dumedum said:

Nintendo eShop keeps being sublime... it maintained quality from day one basically, and more indies are coming. Many exclusives or console exclusives too, though this one isn't, it's still good.



accc said:

This NEEDS to have Wiimote support for aiming your swapper gun. Using the joystick would be extremely frustrating.



bezerker99 said:

Any game that gets mentioned in the same sentence as Guacamelee! instantly gets my attention. I'll be following this one closely....



ricklongo said:

I saw footage from the PC original earlier today, and I must say I'm quite impressed. It seems the e-Shop will keep delivering for the foreseeable future.



xxAcesHighxx said:

Absolutely awesome news Damo! Yesterday, we heard the announcement of 'Trine: Enhanced Edition', and today it's the utterly fantastic 'The Swapper'. The Wii U eShop continues to go from strength to strength. Wicked



SahashraLA said:

Reading an excerpt of an interview done with the developers (may have been Nintendo Everything) the developer's praise of the Wii U's power over the PS3 made the gulf seem very wide.
In fact, combine that with what guys like Frozenbyte have said, and it would suggest the Wii U's '3rd party failures' comes from bad ports after all.
On the PC, where 8-32GB of RAM is becoming more common, PC familiar developers prefer the Wii U's emphasis on RAM. Console based devs (like EA and WB) prefer a proc based focus.
Which, to me anyways, does hint that carrying on PS3 development (and even 360 development, to an extent) won't be as convenient as Wii U development. At least for higher end indie teams with strong PC backgrounds.
Nintendo has even shown another feature of the Wii U: the ability to overclock / maximize assets through 'system' updates. Of course, for anyone familiar, the update seems to affect both soft and firmware. My original estimations of 50% overclock seems a bit far off, though from launch, I think it's improved at least 25%.



Wonky_Kong said:

Can I just say that this game is brilliant. If you missed out on the pc version that grab this as soon as it comes out. The story is great, chilling and atmospheric and the puzzles are inventive too.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

One of the best games to come out in the last few years period. When I was playing this game on my PC, I kept thinking that this was a Nintendo quality experience. I urge all Nintendo fans to pick this up.



sinalefa said:

Push Square just gave an 8 to the PS4 version. I want their Stealth game before this one, but I may end up getting both. Never got Fluidity 2 either.



element187 said:

"According to Kotaku, the Wii U version is a closer match to the PC original than the PS3 edition."

I love when developers aren't lazy by just porting the subhd twins version. The Wii U has quite a bit more horsepower and supports modern GPU effects (OpenGL 4.3 and shader model 4), something the ps3/360 can't do.

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