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Nintendo 64 Support Teased For A Future Hyperkin RetroN Console

Posted by Damien McFerran

Company teases an E3 reveal

The Hyperkin RetroN 5 is shaping up to be the most impressive "clone" system ever created; it has support for NES, Famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance all in one box — but it would appear that Hyperkin is already thinking about how it can improve on this platform.

Speaking to Gamnesia at SXSW, Hyperkin's Chris Gallizzi gave this reply when asked if N64 was planned for an upcoming console:

Yeah, but if you really want an insight I can tell you: check us out at E3, you'll see something there. That is an exclusive, actually; I have not told anyone else, any other media, or any press that. If you really are big about the N64, you will see something at E3.

Could Hyperkin be planning a stand-alone N64 clone system, or will the RetroN 6 feature all of the systems supported by its predecessor, as well as Nintendo's 64-bit system? We'll find out at E3, but in the meantime, it would be nice to get our hands on the RetroN 5 — which still hasn't been released after missing its Christmas 2013 release window.


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Reala said:

I know its hardly the most supported system ever, but I would love if the retron 6 had 32X support too, that things a pain to set up.



readyletsgo said:

God I really want a RetroN 5 so bad, but if there is a RetroN 6 coming, hmm.

Whats the story here, where can I order a RetroN 5 for Pal region? I'm guessing there is a MASSIVE waiting list for the system?



Boxmonkey said:

Or nintendo could just release these games on VC and we wouldn't need to bother with another bit of hardware



TruenoGT said:

As someone thinking about trying for that HDMI custom board for his N64, this news is definitely interesting. Assuming compatibility is good and they can do RGB out (those are BIG assumptions), this could be killer for N64 fans.



justlink said:

omg, i had this same idea a year ago. Just release a console compatible with all nintendo cartridges. If they release the 64 part, would it include the expansion pack required for majoras mask?



RadioShadow said:

Unless it supports the use of the original controls, then I'm not interested. Plus I have the original console anyway.

@justlink: Most likely they will just make it have 8MB RAM and give a option to switch between 4MB & 8MB.



Shiryu said:

I was also very interested in their upcoming new computer box that will play DOS games along with other retro computer systems like Commodore 64. Really looking forward to Hyperkin's future offerings, but for now, just looking forward to the Retron5.



Mk_II said:

Reverse-engineering and faithfully replicating the rather peculiar hardware of the N64 would be quite a feat.



GraveLordXD said:

OK I have probably a stupid question, soooo are any games pre installed on the system? Can you down load the games from the system? Or is the only way to play is to have the original cartridge? And how much for this contraption?
I'll get it considering Nintendo don't want my money keep releasing junk on the eshop! And I unfortunately no longer have my old systems



unrandomsam said:

They only use emulators.

(No advantage over just using a Retrode with the same cart and a decent emulator like higan on a TV using a real controller).



Kafei2006 said:

N64 emulation is far from perfect to begin with, even on the best computer, so I would have a hard time imagining how they would pull off perfect compatibility with the whole library with zero crashes on a system that runs off of emulators... Mupen, PJ64 or 1964 all have varying degrees of compatibility with different plugins, and there exists no ideal one out there that runs everything smoothly. Would be interesting though if they've been working on their own one which emcompasses all of the options of all known good N64 emulators and plugins, to allow for a native HD rendering of our games on cartrdiges through HDMI, while allowing for the original controllers (including the Hori Minipad) to be plugged on the console. I'd be sold instantly!! Not so much if it's just a hardware clone with a tagged HDMI output like the one recently shown off though.



Conkers64 said:

A portable N64 "64boy" would literally make me incredibly happy--think SupaBoy (sp?)



LJay said:

Imagine a Nintendo64 with a crystal clear display and fresh analogue sticks mmmm



Tasuki said:

As much as I dont like clone systems this one has caught my attention. Still though I rather stick with the original systems.



Einherjar said:

Oh how i waited for this. Getting a somewhat clear picture out of the N64 on a modern TV is like teaching pigs to fly. My money is yours



sedef122003 said:

I can imagine them doing a solely Nintendo RetroN 5 console, so being able to every cartridge based nintendo console (ok apart from the ds and 3ds most likely)



JCnator said:

I'm still waiting for my RetroN 5 to arrive in my home a bit after it got released. So, I'm not expecting RetroN 6 (or whatever it'll be called) to reach us in a few years. Though, I did heard it'll also read Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 games. I can't find the source link as of now, but I remember reading that article.



GraveLordXD said:

@TreesenHauser yeah I was wondering because I have a imitation Sega Genesis but all the games with games pre installed and it also takes the carts
Its just hard to find the older stuff without paying a ridiculous amount



FriedSquid said:

Hm, and I was just thinking about buying the RetroN 5... If they added N64 to the RetroN 6 then I would definitely get it, that is if they can pull it off.



ledreppe said:

This would certainly clear up some space on my gaming desk for future consoles, but I'd rather wait for N64 support.



Wonky_Kong said:

that would be cool, especially if it came with a controller similar to the mini hori for the N64, as those controllers were awesome but way to expensive nowadays.



StarDust4Ever said:

I'm stoked! If there was one console that needed the HDMI treatment, it is the N64. Some of the games really are gorgeous, but the blurry display on the console ruins the experience a little. I'm hoping it is something similar to this:

But as someone who has the Retron5 currently on preorder, I hope that they come up with a way to make the Retron5 compatible. It would be slap in the face to early adopters if they turn around and release a newer version of the Retron so soon.



Damo said:

@unrandomsam No advantage aside from cost (Retrode + adapters is expensive), convenience and wider system support out of the box (RetroN 5 supports more systems than the Retrode).

Yeah, no real advantage at all, to be honest.



TheRealThanos said:

@Reala 32x would indeed be nice, but probably not in the cards, at least for now.
@RadioShadow it does support ALL original controllers of ALL the consoles it emulates. Ports are on either side of the Retron, two for each console and it also supports multi-tap. And another plus over original hardware would be the HDMI output combined with shaders to pretty up the picture quality. Read the hands-on posted at the end of my comment to get more info on that. They've done a pretty decent job from various previews I've read so far. And all of that for around $100...
@unrandomsam it's quite a bit less black and white, actually. It's a highly customized Android chipset, solely built for the purpose of running these games and supporting all the hardware connections of the original cartridges AND controllers, coupled with good quality HDMI output.
@Kafei2006 Don't know what emulators you've tried, but N64 emulation with Project64 already ran fine on my old dual core 1,6Mhz PC and will run even better on newer systems. It's actually more up to the skills of the user in knowing how to implement patches and plug-ins, but once you get that right it runs pretty smoothly. Only a handful of games aren't supported, other than that I got everything else up and running.
@everyone For any of you that are interested, here are various preview/hands-on links to give you a better idea of what you can expect and form your own opinion:
The last link has actual live footage of the device running on a large HD TV set.



KeepYourCool720 said:

If the Hyperkin Retron 6 is gonna have N64 which would be awesome, yet I wish they would add N64 and Gamecube at the same time, but if not then I'll just wait till the Hyperkin Retron 7 comes out, OH BTW they should tottally add the virtual boy even though it was Nintendo's worst console in Nintendo history but do it anyway, you guys will probably make alot of gamers laugh plus, I would wanna try it out even though it was such a terrible console.

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