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Buy A 3DS XL Or 2DS With One Of Six Games And Get Pokémon X Or Y For Free

Posted by Damien McFerran

North American March promo leaks at Toys "R" Us

It would appear that Nintendo is planning a pretty sweet promotional deal for North America this March, where new 3DS XL and 2DS owners will get the chance to grab a free download copy of Pokémon X or Y.

An image has been snapped in a Toys "R" Us branch which details the deal. All you have to do is buy either a 3DS XL or 2DS console and one of six games — Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Super Mario 3D Land, Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins, Yoshi's New Island, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Mario Kart 7 — and register them on your Club Nintendo account between March 1st and March 31st.

Although the promotion has only been spotted in Toys "R" Us so far, it is likely that this is a nationwide offer and is not exclusive to that particular retail chain.

If you don't have a system already, will this offer tempt you to pick one up? Let us know with a comment.


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FishieFish said:

I'm kind of surprised it is also for 2DS tbh.
The European SM3DL promotion was 3DS/3DS XL only.



arronishere said:

Since they selectred decent games and not just any ol' rubbish that doesn't seem like a bad deal.



0utburst said:

I'd buy this for my kid, 2ds + sm3dl + pokemon, if they offer it here in Europe. The question is which Pokemon should I get?



suburban_sensei said:

What a good deal. For people who still haven't jumped on getting a 3DS/2DS, this is prime time, seeing as a majority of the games in this promo are decent.



CanisWolfred said:

That's neat actuallly, if I didn't have one already I'd be tempted to grab Yoshi's Island so long as it meant free Pokemon.



FishieFish said:

@Jon_14 If you haven't registered it yet you can register it next month and one of the games and still get your free Pokemon game|!



Cinaclov said:

I'd be jealous if I didn't already own the games from that selection I'm interested in (including Pokémon X, but it never hurts to have both versions of Pokémon, if only so you can double up on rare items and Pokémon ^_^)



Spoony_Tech said:

@FishieFish I've noticed as soon as you link your id it automatically registers your system. I never had to for my Wii U it did it for me. Hopefully they didn't get a id yet and link that to Club Nintendo!

Also your first post. Remember Nintendo pushed hard for the 2ds and Pokemon. Only makes sense they would include it in this promotion. Besides it's mostly in 2d anyways as the 3d in the game sucks.



ningeek185 said:

This is my friend's chance to get a 2DS! Since he hadn't saved up enough money and argued that he wanted to get X/Y AND another great 3DS game, he didn't leap for it. Now he better!



Phantom_R said:

Promotions like these are why I still haven't registered my XL. But I think I'll keep waiting, since nobody in the world doesn't have Pokemon XY.



KevTastic84 said:

You can pick up a 2DS with PKMN X or Y for £99 in Sainsburys. That's a pretty awesome deal.



rjejr said:

Deals are always nice - but I don't see this one as anything spectacular. It's a limited set of games that most people already own and TRU doesn't always have the best prices. You need to buy a console and 1 of 6 games to get a DL code for 1 game. And - AND - you get the free code via Club Nintendo. So the only people this deal would really be good for are parents buying a new 2DS and a couple of games for their kids, but they would be the least likely to go thru the steps to get the free code during that time frame. It's March - the month w/o a single Wii U game in stores, and the Wii U eShop doesnt look much better.

Stores are almost always having sales w/ games when you buy consoles, so this is good marketing, but not a super deal due to the DL code via Club Nintendo. Good ad for Club Nintendo and the 2DS deal - especially if the system were to go on sale for $99 in March. The XL seems out of place.

If there isn't an equivalent Wii U deal I guess we can assume its abandoned.
(And by abandoned I mean Nintendo realizes nobody is buying one - especially in barren March and eShop April - so why waste money advertising it? Abandonment might be called for, like when parent animals only feed their healthy babies and let the runts starve.)



TrueWiiMaster said:

I bought a 3DS XL back in January ($150 for the Dream Team special edition), but because I haven't registered it yet, it would probably be eligible for this sale. That said, I already have Pokemon X, and have little interest in getting Pokemon Y to go with it.



MHMason said:

Like TrueWiiMaster, I have a 3DS XL that's unregistered (as well as copies of both Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D)...but I don't have either of the new Pokemon games.

While I'd like to save them for the next Club Nintendo platinum prize, I'm willing to splurge early to give Pokemon Y a try.



Corleonis88 said:

I just ordered my 3ds xl yesterday, I´m luckly. I already had AC: New leaf, Mario 3d Land and MK7. I wonder if they will count for the promotion, or will I have to buy the new yoshi game?



Ralizah said:

Nice! Too bad I already own a 3DS, Pokemon X, and most of those games already.



elbrody83 said:

This is great,now I have a good reason to buy a 2DS and a game for my son and get Pokemon for me



Poki said:

That'd be pretty much the only deal that could make me buy a 3DS XL now. The 3DS XL Animal Crossing special edition should count for console AND game, right? That'd make €190 for a 3DS XL with AC and Pokemon - what a great price! Still, doesn't matter when it's not in Europe.



mamp said:

Question: Who on this website is from NA and does not have a 3DS?
Answer to your answer: Well now is as great a time as any to get one.



babyguess said:

Sweet deal. 3DS XL, I wonder if that includes the regular 3DS? I guess we just have to wait for the official announcement from Nintendo.



allav866 said:

I hope it's not restricted to physical copies of those games. I was planning on downloading Yoshi's New Island after I upgrade to an XL next month.
I already have PokéMon Y, but I want to get X for a Nuzlocke Challenge run.



Luna-Harmony said:

wow what an amazing deal if only it was here in the uk i would be temped to get a backup system and pokemon X.



Webby-sama said:

I'm like triple platinum so I was saving my XL code for July. I did the new Pokemon thing but I gave the game away to a friend. Not sure I wanna give up the quick boost to status to get it back. Not for Pokemon at least. If the list of free options was wider I might.



LoveSugoi said:

Already have a 3DS XL and Pokemon X but that's a pretty sweet deal. I'll refrain but I'm actually a little tempted to pick up a regular 3DS or 2DS with New Leaf for a free copy of Y (because I cannot convince myself to buy essentially a different version of the same game)....



IceClimbers said:

I'm still rocking my Aqua Blue Launch 3DS. I have Pokemon Y, but I do want to get X at some point so that I can get the mega stones exclusive to that version (especially Pinsirite). However, I'm also missing some of the major 3DS games, namely Fire Emblem Awakening, Mario & Luigi Dream Team, SMT IV, and Animal Crossing New Leaf. Yes, I admit it, I don't have New Leaf yet.



KarateKid1234 said:

I'll be purchasing a 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7. (I've played every Mario Kart but Double Dash and 7.) I'm not interested into the Pokémon Franchise mostly, but i'll try Pokemon X.

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