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Video: Learn How To Play Mega Man: The Board Game

Posted by Conor McMahon

Figure out the rules and power-up with this sample playthrough

Let's forget all about consoles for a moment. Mega Man is an icon that defies the medium, up there among the greats and immortalised in song, literature, and even Lego. He's had a shot at just about everything by now, and in December we reported that an officially licensed board game concept had hit Kickstarter.

It may sound like a niche idea, but after smashing an initial target of $70,000 the Kickstarter campaign is now rapidly approaching $300,000 in funding, so the audience is definitely there. It's an idea that may seem a little nonsensical at first - transferring the frantic twitch gameplay of a classic NES series to a slow-paced board game - but think back to the intensity and bitter tactics of a game so simple as Monopoly, and the blue bomber starts to feel right at home.

Tabletop gaming has been going through something of a renaissance lately with games both old and new getting a fresh surge of interest, and Jasco Games have strived to give an authentic experience here. The pieces look great, the idea seems fun, and now a recent video explains exactly how the game works over the course of 20 minutes.

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It may seem pretty daunting to some, but the appeal for many will actually be how elaborate it all looks. There's plenty of room for strategy and planning well ahead, meaning tons of replay value for fans.

In short, 2-8 players will control not only their character, but Dr.Wily's legion of robot masters as well, aiming to progress while simultaneously slowing down other players. You travel from stage to stage, defeating each 'boss' and powering up as a result before attempting to take down the evil doctor himself and win the game. Alliances will be built and broken along the way, backs will be stabbed, and friendships will be tested. It seems like a fantastic way to keep momentum going when the idea of waiting around for your turn is completely eliminated.

It's a different kind of interactivity for the android hero. There are ten days left in the campaign and upcoming stretch goals will bring coloured game pieces and Mega Man's trusty companion Rush as a bonus character. You can still snag yourself a copy of the game too, and with an estimated delivery date of October this year, it can be just in time for a not-so-lazy after Christmas dinner distraction.

Check out the video and let us know what you think — does this tempt you?


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WaxxyOne said:

I don't know. Board games are hard to judge from a video, and it might be pretty fun once you're playing, but this demonstration didn't look that exciting. With a property like Megaman, the fun is in the flavor, and they didn't do much to add any that I could see. For example, the boss battle dice mechanics are pretty dry overall... 1-2: miss, 3-4: 2 damage, 5: 3 damage, 6: discard and take damage. Great, but how does that translate to the character of Ice Man? Why don't you come up with clever different attacks he could be doing and describe them on the boss card, rather than just having random die rolls equate to dry, uninteresting statistics?

If the game is polished up more and more flavor is added, they might have something. As it is I'll pass on this.



Bryon15 said:

And this is why capcom can't go bankrupt soon enough for me. Hopefully nintendo will get megaman so we can have some new games finally.



ikki5 said:

wow.. a total of $85 if I wanted to get the game by backing it? no thanks.... I'll wait until it comes out and I can get it for 50-60 if I really wanted to play it.... though the video didn't really make it look that interesting, I may just stick to Megaman X and X-2 (and hopefully someday, X-3 on the Wii U)



StarDust4Ever said:

No offense to anyone, but this hybrid RPG/ board game looks rediculously complicated. I'd say it's more complicated than most RPG games. I can't imagine anyone buying this except hardcore collectors, much less playing it. The gamelooks preety dry and tedious to slog through, especially with 8 players. And several times in the video it states the game has not been approved yet. Well, what happens if Capcom decides at the last minute not to approve it? Then they raise all of these funds for nothing.



Adam said:

They could mean this iteration of the rules / conponents hasn't been approved yet. Presumably Capcom has already approved them to make the game....

It doesn't look complicated, from the few minutes I was able to watch before I feared I'd die of boredom. Looks like Munchkin but even worse, somehow.



gurtifus said:

We're far away from a "Caylus" or "Puerto Rico" !
I doubt this one will stay in memories...



ultraraichu said:

Seems like the gameplay and instruction is coming along nicely. A month ago I thought it was one player playing as megaman while the other were the bosses, which would of been more confusing.

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