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Mega Man has always been a cherished icon since his very first appearance on the NES in 1987, and now a designer by the name of Alatariel seeks to immortalise the character further with an official Lego set. Classic stages from Mega Man 2 such as Wily's Castle and Metal Man can be seen recreated on the designer's page, and the timeless 8-bit look of the game is arguably a perfect fit for the angular limitations of Lego.

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The idea is made possible through the Lego Cuusoo site, where anyone can propose a project idea, gather up support and hopefully make their designs a blocky reality. The project currently has nearly 2,700 supporters, and needs 10,000 to be fully considered.

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Many will remember Minecraft's recent success in achieving this number within just 48 hours, an unsurprising feat given the hugely enthusiastic fanbase. There is no obligation for supporters to provide money or make a definite purchase, so if you have a love for the franchise then consider showing your interest and making it count towards the end goal.

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