You'll need to provide your own sound effects

How about we shift away from recent Mega Man-related Kickstarter madness, take a deep breath, and cleanse the palette with some other Mega Man-related Kickstarter news?

Back in July we reported on the intent of Jasco Games to develop a Mega Man tabletop game, trading in pixels for pieces. That game has now hit Kickstarter, and boy do those pieces look nice.

Jasco’s Kickstarter page touts the Mega Man board game as a love letter to the series, presenting it in a new format for tabletop enthusiasts. It accommodates 2-8 players, with one player per turn taking the Mega Man role through stages while the others play as the baddies and try to impede his or her progress. Make it to the end of a stage and players go against each other in a “boss battle” for the Robot Master’s power and trophy. The first to beat enough masters, make it to Wily and defeat him wins the game.

The game will be fully licensed and looks to contain some beautiful models, although Jasco notes that all artwork and images still need to be finalized with Capcom. A bevy of stretch goals to upgrade the full package have been included, with the current $500,000 top goal being fully colourized models. If that’s not reached, you’ll have to break out the paint yourself like any other hobbyist.

Does this tabletop Mega Man experience pique your interest?