This Mega Man anniversary year may have lacked a new title in the franchise — aside from a sanctioned PC fan-game — but has included plenty of memorabilia and soundtrack releases. Some examples have been rather good, such as neat little figurines, while others — such as this Rush tissue pouch in Japan — have been a little tackier.

Nevertheless, some effort has been made to celebrate the Blue Bomber, and the latest announced projects may have promise for fans of video game music remixes and compositions. Capcom Unity has confirmed two new albums — For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man and MM25: Mega Man Rocks.

We're honored to again be collaborating with Capcom on another iconic franchise, paying tribute to over 25 years of Mega Man," said OC ReMix founder and president David Lloyd, who will also contribute to the album alongside more than 20 musicians. "The music of Mega Man is as diverse as the many adventures the games take us on, providing the perfect soundtrack to a quarter century of robotic heroism and upgradeable projectile weapons. The OverClocked ReMix community is always excited to explore new interpretations and expressions of such amazing compositions, and we believe that For Everlasting Peace - our first commercial album - will offer fans something new while staying true to our goals of honoring great video game music and composers!

The MM25: Mega Man Rocks album will feature all-new tracks from six live acts known for their game music; this'll include Built to Last from The Protomen, new songs from Arm Cannon and X Hunters, as well as re-recorded hits from The Megas and Bit Brigade — The Protomen and Mega Ran are also picking some favourite jams to also go on the album.

These albums will be available for sale on iTunes and elsewhere, and budding artists or designers can also submit designs for the cover art of both albums, which could be a neat prize.

Are you interested in either of these album projects?

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