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Competition Winners: Prima Zelda Game Guides Box Set

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Who gets a second dose of Christmas joy?

Just after Christmas we launched our Win The Prima Official Game Guide The Legend of Zelda: Box Set competition, giving readers across both North America and the United Kingdom the chance to win one of these luxurious box sets.

We asked "Who has included a very special message in the Prima Games Zelda Box Set?", and of course the answer was the legendary Eiji Aonuma.

We had an overwhelming response to this competition, one of our biggest ever, with over 2,500 entries recorded before the closing date of Jan 3rd.

So the moment of truth, our two — randomly selected — lucky heroes are:

Congratulations to both of our winners and thank you to everybody else for entering, we'll have more competitions in 2014 in as many regions as possible.

You can order or find out more information for the Box Set on Amazon. We would like to thank Prima Games for providing these amazing prizes.

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User Comments (56)



Heros_bane said:

Congradulations! Where's Tingle and his confetti when you need it? Haha!
" " "
" " "
^°^/ Koolo~limpa!



Uberchu said:

I never win anything! Last time I won something the email I was supposed to send never got read, so I never got my prize...



Blast said:

How did Supermegaman win when his most recent comment was from 2011??????? Am I the only one who clicked on his profile and noticed that?



Gold_Ranger said:

I agree, That's a little unfair.
Someone who spends no time here except for contests and contributes nothing shouldn't be rewarded.



Nico07 said:

Congrats to the winners. I had been tempted to buy this before and finally put in my Amazon order last night. Using a $20 credit reselling my old Ocarina guide and a few other things sitting around my total was only $30. I'm looking forward to getting through Skyward Sword. Now I have to find a way to get Hyrule Historia and collector's A Link Between Worlds.



James1993 said:

Hello Nintendo Life thank you very much for hosting the competition and of course for the website. I have been a long time reader of your website since the merge with www, in 2009. I now visit the website daily.
Thank you once again Nintendo Life and well done to the winners. I love the added gif animation of Princess Daisy. Mario Strikers Charged Football was one of my first Nintendo Wii games,



Auracle said:

@DreamyViridi - I guess all that KIU bookkeeping finally paid off, huh?
Also, this makes an epic victory theme as well.



Pokefanmum82 said:

congrats to the both of you who won. i hope there's another contest for both UK & NA in the future.



Obito_Sigma said:

There's a user called Supermegaman on this website? Cool, never saw him before. He stole my chance to win something big, but congratulations!
There should be a rule where you have to be a member for at least a month so we don't have any dupe accounts trying to increase their chances. That always worries when I participate in a contest. Just to leave that out there. Good luck to everyone for another shot in this upcoming year!!



FritzFrapp said:

Congrats to both. Great compo, Nintendo Life. And very nice of Prima to provide the seriously cool prizes.



LordJumpMad said:

I never win these thing, I swear they look for my name, and make sure I don't win >:[
Lordjumpmad is a sore loser



StarDust4Ever said:

Been here since 2007 when it was just VC Reviews, then Wiiware, then Nlife merger. I partivipated but didn't win anything. Congrats to the winners, and I'm glad both contenents were in on it this time.



justlink said:

U GUYS ARE JERKS AND SONS OF A... ohh, wait, i didnt enter, nvm... Well, CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS



Ron1212 said:

I love how everybody is being a good sport even though they didn't win. Congrats winners!



Supermegaman said:

Ahhhh what a cool thing to wake up to this morning! Thanks to the ever awesome NL for providing such a swell gift



Crimzonlogic said:

Hm, I don't even remember this being announced. But that's a nice prize there. Congrats to the winners!



Zodiak13 said:

No congratualtions for you so called winners. It is inexplicable how I, Zodiak13, did not win. I am very sure that I read the rules clearly and they stated that I would win if I entered. Also, I have a patent on winning this contest, and I am going to sue NL and the winners in a Texas court. So congratulations to me, as I will be the "winner" in the next 5-7 years.

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