Creepy Mii Heads

Last week we told you about the upcoming StreetPass weekend in North America. In what's a rather neat touch, Nintendo of America will be tweaking Nintendo Zone-distributed StreetPass hits so that they actually come from all around the region — a gamer on the East coast of the US could get a hit from someone on the West coast, for example. With these relays now distributing more data, too, it could be a fun way to pick up some StreetPass goodies.

We also shared the video advertising the event, which featured a peculiar scene of people in giant Mii heads dancing away at a New Years Eve party. With these StreetPass shenanigans happening this weekend — 14th-15th December — Nintendo has released another video to raise awareness. To our eyes it's one of the company's more peculiar efforts, as a cheery chap just asking to be the victim of a pick-pocket walks into a cafe that's playing some form of elevator music. He starts checking his hits and, before he knows it, those over-sized Mii heads that Nintendo of America loves so much are everywhere; they even eat and drink, despite being unable to open their mouths.

Maybe we're looking at it wrong and this is actually charming and humorous rather than, well, peculiar and creepy. Check it out below and decide for yourself.