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Weirdness: Nintendo of America Unleashes a Peculiar StreetPass Weekend Trailer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Elevator music! Creepy Mii heads!

Last week we told you about the upcoming StreetPass weekend in North America. In what's a rather neat touch, Nintendo of America will be tweaking Nintendo Zone-distributed StreetPass hits so that they actually come from all around the region — a gamer on the East coast of the US could get a hit from someone on the West coast, for example. With these relays now distributing more data, too, it could be a fun way to pick up some StreetPass goodies.

We also shared the video advertising the event, which featured a peculiar scene of people in giant Mii heads dancing away at a New Years Eve party. With these StreetPass shenanigans happening this weekend — 14th-15th December — Nintendo has released another video to raise awareness. To our eyes it's one of the company's more peculiar efforts, as a cheery chap just asking to be the victim of a pick-pocket walks into a cafe that's playing some form of elevator music. He starts checking his hits and, before he knows it, those over-sized Mii heads that Nintendo of America loves so much are everywhere; they even eat and drink, despite being unable to open their mouths.

Maybe we're looking at it wrong and this is actually charming and humorous rather than, well, peculiar and creepy. Check it out below and decide for yourself.

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Gioku said:

Luckily the video is blocked while I'm at school... the picture is freaking me out enough!



Aozz said:

im-im i in some kind of nintendo land dream or something?
but be all serious this look fun, im not interested in it but good luck to everyone who plays spotpass around the world



Jstar269 said:

I saw this as a new video on the eShop not long after the big update. And yes, I think it is pretty weird, but understandable.



Pokefanmum82 said:

I love this commercial. Just wish my only NZ location wasn't McDonalds. I rarely go there and it's supposed to be bad weather this weekend. Plus my XL has to be sent in for repair.
I hope I get it back before Christmas. Keeping my fingers crossed for that.



ericthecheese said:

@Radbot42 Nintendo Zones aren't just McDonald's. I've had success at Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Home Depot, and Simon Malls. Although McDonald's tends to be the most common ( and even only place in smaller towns), it is available at other places.



MagicEmperor said:

I just wanna mute this trailer and put in horror film music. Haha. Still, I'm excited to do this. Thankfully, my nearest McDonald's is 'fixed' now. Previously it seemed inactive.



Ras said:

@shigulicious Yeah, me too. I came here to say it looked like RJ Mitte.

Home Depot is THE streetpass spot. I was regularly getting ten when I was going there.



ericthecheese said:

In case anyone is curious, they started the Streetpass Weekend early. Today on Friday in Indiana at my McDonalds, I picked up Miis from California, Oregon, Kentucky, Maine and South Carolina.



Sherman said:

Well, there is a way to make you're modem serve as a Nintendo Zone.
You change the SSID (the network name you see when searching for wifi connections) to "attwifi". Make it a free network (no password) and connect your 3DS.
It works but I don't know if you need an specific kind or brand of modem or any other specific stuff. But search for it. I bet there's tons of tutorials out there.



Sherman said:

I just did it by turning my phone into a hot spot. My 3DS detected it as a Nintendo Zone, just need to wait 'til tomorrow to see if it works. I guess it will, since I did the same to get my Animal Crossing's Bestbuy goodies.



ShikabaneHime13 said:

Just found out Nintendo of America sent my Streetpass community a box of the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds treasure chests that were offered for UK/Europe as a promotion for the Streetpass Weekend! First come first serve to the first 40 people that attend the event. So stoked! Now I don't have to spend an outrageous price for one on eBay!



idork99 said:

Just came from a Nintendo Zone area and sure enough it worked as advertised. Got Mii's from Japan, Russia, and Singapore plus other places. Also, received a Nintendo Mii, Tom, with gold pants that helps you immensely in all games. Especially in Warriors Way! You recruit 10000 soldiers! Plus all but one Mii all had a puzzle piece I didn't have.



Sherman said:

Well, something happened:

I'm from México and we don't have Nintendo Zones, so I "cheated". Made a hotspot named "attwifi" with my phone and changed my 3DS region United States. Ran the Plaza and accepted the terms. In no time the blue light flickered. Got Tom's me. Just Tom's, but it's something. I guess my "Nintendo Zone" didn't get in contact with the others and didn't get other Miis or something like that. But if you at least want Tom's you can do this.

Edit: Watching the SpillPass note, I guess it doesn't send other miis because this way, the fake Nintendo Zone" doesn't store any data, like other miis and stuff. So, I guess you can only get Tom's, but that's better than nothing. At least he has all puzzle pieces.

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