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Video: The LEGO Movie Game Unleashes Its Début Trailer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Batman appears because, why not?

In future years we may look back at this as an era of many things in gaming, but LEGO will surely get an honourable mention. LEGO games are everywhere, with the latest being LEGO Marvel Super Heroes; 2014 is already gearing up to deliver even more. One of these is The LEGO Movie Videogame which, unsurprisingly, is accompanying a film dedicated to the famous blocks.

Announced during the summer, this will unsurprisingly allow itself freedom away from licensed limitations, rather like LEGO City: Undercover in following its own lore based on original toys. TT Games has now released the first gameplay trailer, which quickly reminds us that we can expect a good deal of insanity and playful exuberance in this game.

It'll arrive in 2014 on the Wii U and 3DS as well as many other platforms, and you can check out the new footage below; the film arrives in February next year, so we'd expect the game to be targeting that same period.

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rjejr said:

Coming out the same time as Lego Hobbit seems really weird. Though I wont be buying Lego Hobbit as the 3rd movie is due out next winter but the game only has the 1st 2 movies, which just screamers SUCKER! at me. Why not hold off the game until the 3rd movie comes out? And how did Hobbit 3 get pushed back to Dec from summer 2014 9 months ago but I'm only just finding out now? My birthday is July 20th and the movie was due out the 18th - aaargh

It's Monday morning, it's raining, my kids home sick from school, so I'm extra cranky today. Maybe Reggie can use me in his next big reveal.



Tsurii said:

Personally I like the style of Lego City Undercover a tiny bit more, but this looks really EXACTLY like the toys

If they manage to run it at 1080p it'll be like playing with legos without having legos and without the need to voice everyone yourself. Looking forward to it and hoping, that it will be as awesome as it promises.



rjejr said:

@Savino - We're allowed to post drug use references on here or is TBD just taking the day off? Though if you live in Colorado or Washington I guess it's ok

Watched the trailer. Anybody know if his is single or multiplayer? I mean the game is due out in 2 months, somebody should know.

The trailer had to be in widescreen just to fit all the system format boxes at the end.



JtotheY said:

@rjejr It said gather your friends, then showed a flying batmobile with 4 guys in it. I'm guessing it's multiplayer, but still not sure as they haven't literally said it.



Aozz said:

i always skip games that are base on movies but seance this being made by tt games and it a lego game i might have get it



Shambo said:

So, a game of a movie of a toy. Sometimes you just feel it when you're about to spend money.
Also, great trailer, and it's only coming to every remotely modern system.



Mommar said:

This Lego game has become the most Post-Modern thing ever. Licensed movies turned into blocks, are spun back around into a movie featuring some of those said original licensed properties, which are then spun back around into a game about the movie featuring those earlier Licensed properties.



ledreppe said:

I've never missed a LEGO game yet, and this (and Hobbit) will be no exception!



Pichubby said:

@rjejr i think that for some stupid reason, they are combining the 2 and 3rd movies into one, and so it will not be a trilogy, intstead it will be... a duology? any way, it will still be a good movie.



ricklongo said:

This should be cool, especially since it's based on a brand new IP just like Undercover. Too bad it's gonna be realeased in every console, though, which will probably mean that it won't make amazing uses of the gamepad like Undercover did.

Either way, I really, really hope we get to see Chase McCain star in a game again.



Spoony_Tech said:

@rjejr Lol! I think that would be more interesting then what Nintendo showed us. At least its nothing I've ever seen before!



Nareva said:

The more I play Lego City Undercover, the more I appreciate the way the gamepad is used. It's a shame the Lego Marvel game didn't do the same. Here's to hoping they will with this one, but considering it's multiplatform, I would expect not.



K-Gamer said:

Sounds promising, if it turns out anything like Undercover we're in for a treat.



shaneoh said:

Is that a mech with sharks for arms right at the end?

Undercover deserved GOTY in 2013 and now we're looking at the 2014 GOTY



5ony said:

Wait, so looking at that boxart at the end, it looks like the game's called "LEGO The Lego Movie Videogame". Seems like an awkward mouthful, and not in the good Adventure Time sort of way. Still, I love Lego and I'm interested!



AyeHaley said:

Everything ingame can be built in real life, which is friggin fantastic! No more Lego mixed with normal 3D environments.



Ultrasyd said:

Very excited ! Waiting for the movie, and if the game can run in 1080p and better than Lego City Undercover (which I lvoe), it's perfect !!!



crimsonshadow said:

i wonder if it will add some open world gameplay after beating it or just be like other games and just have a level selection screen.



Bizzyb said:

So they can put LEGO on every system conceivable but Wii U can't get any other support from these pubs n devs?

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