LEGO Movie Screen

In future years we may look back at this as an era of many things in gaming, but LEGO will surely get an honourable mention. LEGO games are everywhere, with the latest being LEGO Marvel Super Heroes; 2014 is already gearing up to deliver even more. One of these is The LEGO Movie Videogame which, unsurprisingly, is accompanying a film dedicated to the famous blocks.

Announced during the summer, this will unsurprisingly allow itself freedom away from licensed limitations, rather like LEGO City: Undercover in following its own lore based on original toys. TT Games has now released the first gameplay trailer, which quickly reminds us that we can expect a good deal of insanity and playful exuberance in this game.

It'll arrive in 2014 on the Wii U and 3DS as well as many other platforms, and you can check out the new footage below; the film arrives in February next year, so we'd expect the game to be targeting that same period.