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Video: Bravely Second Teaser Trailer Goes Live

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

An even bigger tease than presents under the Christmas tree

Square Enix has just released a short teaser trailer for Bravely Second, the sequel to the beautiful 3DS RPG Bravely Default. Like all good teaser videos it reveals absolutely nothing and yet somehow still leaves you gasping for more - the video opens with a fantastic shot of Istantahl coming to life out of a simple sketch and then mercifully throws us a bone by allowing us a quick glimpse at some true 3DS footage; we also hear central character Magnolia Arche's voice, even if it is incredibly brief.

Are you enjoying Bravely Default? Does the sequel look just as exciting? Let us know in the comments section below.

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sinalefa said:

No, I am not enjoying it.

Because I don't live in Europe.

Anyway, nice teaser. Hopefully the first one sells good enough in the West so we can have the sequel.



Tractavus said:

I want it now! but I have to wait till febuary to get the first one. Why is life so cruel...



Spoony_Tech said:

It should be illegal to should off trailers of sequals when the first one hasn't released in all regions!



rjejr said:

Surprised they're advertising a sequel for a game that isnt out yet, though I guess we all knew about this as the first game version we're getting is called "for the sequel". Well at least it was until they smartly decided to just call it "Bravely Default".

I really need to get myself a 3DS XL, though after missing the Zelda bundle sale I think I've decided to hold out for the next remodel. Don't know when it will come out, but I don't recall a lot of people predicting the 2DS. Actually I can't recall a single person predicting a 2DS remodel. Not even a rumour.



mullen said:

@PrincessEevee9 I doubt if SE is the one who should be blamed. I would blame NOA for the delay. Both PAL and NA version of BD is published by Nintendo, not SE, and both contents are the same as BDFTS (only little different, but generally the same, because all versions are multi-language). That means, if NOA want, there is no reason that NA version of BD can't be released at the same time as BDFTS and PAL version (I would also think SE wanted that, otherwise they don't need to make BDFTS and PAL be the same release date). I don't know why NOA want to delay it, maybe they want better sales number for other games, or they just hate JRPG (think about other JRPGs on Nintendo platform in NA).



shingi_70 said:


The game is out in Japan. So regardless of Nlife posting the trailer this is mainly to get the people hyped who bought the first game and its expansion pack.



Rapido said:

The art really reminds me of FF9. Waiting in anticipation for January 2nd.



T7L3RB said:

Preordered the Collector's Edition of Bravely Default a couple weeks ago. Hurry up February 7th!



DarkKirby said:

Still waiting for the localization in the U.S..

Damn Nintendo and their region lock!




ricklongo said:

Nintendo should really talk to Square Enix abou an Wii U exclusive in this fledgling but promising series.



DeathCode said:

Wow already a teaser trailer for the sequel and I'm still waiting for the first one to come out in NA. Blah.



JaxonH said:

Those Zelda 3DS XL models are still around aren't they? Might be sold out at a few retailers but I'm sure you can find one if you shop around. Target had a deal- $150 for any 3DS XL for quite a while, and Walmart's been running deals like a $40 Gift Card with any 3DS XL. Those deals might not be live anymore though.

Btw, did you ever get Wonderful 101 or were you waiting for a price drop (I can't remember)? Reason I ask is apparently retailers have cut the price to $29.99 (Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Gamestop). I jumped on that and the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for $19.99 at Gamestop to get a couple good games for my brother for Christmas to go with his new Wii U.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH - Rented W101 from Gamefly about a month go. Finished it. Mailed it back. Decided to get it again to do the missions. Havent done them yet though, my kid is getting a Pro controller tomorrow so we can play 3 player - my other son has a Wii Classic Pro. We also got DW Gundam 3 (PS3) and my kids have been playing that way too much.

Hope you're having a good holiday. My parents are at my sisters in Lansing MI, they haven't had power for 3 days (I'm guessing you know about the big storm.). I was there the last 2 years but purely coincidentally skipped this year. Christmas memories. Enjoy tomorrow. I'm taking the day off.



f_zul said:

@Spoony_Tech It should be illegal to should off trailers of sequals when the first one hasn't released in all regions!

you already got SMT4 and you have Atlus discounts and like that wasn't enough you have better pricing on eshop ($40 against £40)...
You shouldn't complain at all.



Expa0 said:

I'm loving Bravely Default quite much right now. Unless there's going to be some really major con later on it will be my GOTY. I still hope we get SMT4 though... At least you USA peeps know when you're getting this.



Shambo said:

I absolutely love the first game, close to 30 hours in already, enjoying every bit of it.



KillerGBH said:

coool a new trailer for second only prob is im still waiting for Bravely default here. wonder why NA release 3month after EU , kinda sad i think . my 3ds most anticipated game and still have to wait 2month to play Q.Q



sinalefa said:


Thank you very much for the heads up, although it wasn't addressed to me. I got W101 day 1, but I just snatched a copy on Amazon for a friend, for his belated Christmas Gift. I took the chance to also order a Link Between Worlds, although that one was normal price.



JaxonH said:


Oh of course, glad I was able to help you. Wonderful 101 makes a great gift- I also bought day one but ended up ordering a second copy for my friend.

You're gonna love Link Between Worlds. I'm a huge Zelda fan- I love every one I've played, whether Ocarina of Time, Windwaker HD, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword,or Link Between Worlds. They're all so amazing! But, I've gotta admit, Link Between Worlds is a high contender for the best I've ever played. But it's kind of like choosing your favorite child- they're all so special in their own ways ya know.



JaxonH said:


Nintendo has nothing to do with this game. Square Enix are responsible for Bravely Default, not Nintendo.



twadezelda3dsxl said:

I have been trying to get Bravely Default but I have no money as I had to buy Christmas gifts for my family but I keep asking if I did receive the Zelda 3DS XL bundle for Christmas so I understand why I didn't get Bravely Default too but I'm already finished with A Link Between Worlds. (Before anyone asks how I completed it when the eshop wasn't able to be accessed the answer is that when I received the 3DS XL from GAME I was allowed to set it up and download the game so I would be able to play it as soon as I unwrapped the console on Christmas Day as my internet is really slow anyway.)



PrincessEevee9 said:

@mullen If Square didn't hate the West then I'd be playing Dragon Quest X and Terry's Wonderland right now. They themselves stated that they refuse to port their games because of low sales despite the fact RPGs are a HUGE genre now.

I can think of 5 JRPGs that have graced Nintendo consoles.

1. Final Fantasy
2. Tales of
3. Phantom Brave
4. Magical Starsign
5. Pokemon(Some extent)

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