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Pokémon X & Y Bundles Land In North America Ahead Of The Holiday Season

Posted by Orla Madden

Available while stocks last

Black Friday may well and truly be over, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from announcing a brand new 2DS bundle for North America just in time for the upcoming Holiday season.

Starting from 6th December, customers can purchase a red 2DS system at Target with Pokémon X pre-installed at an affordable price of $149.99. Toys R Us will offer a similar bundle, but it'll feature a blue 2DS with a pre-installed copy of Pokémon Y, available in-store or online for $149.99.

It couldn't be a better time to pick up the newest member of the 3DS family; you just have to take a look at page 2 of our guide to some of the best 3DS games to pick up and enjoy throughout the Holiday period and know it's worth purchasing.

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Pit-Stain said:

Awesome! But isn't it better if X comes with the blue one and Y comes with the red one?



Gioku said:

Dangit, too expensive and the blue one has the game I already have! (And I wanted a blue one). I'll just stick with the regular, non-bundled 2DS, then.



Anclation said:

Doesn't really seem worth it for an inferior version of the system that doesn't even come with a physical copy of the game...



rjejr said:

"Ahead Of The Holiday Season"

Not to be nit-picky (I know, I know, I'm always nit-picky) but I think early Dec. is a little late to use the phrase "ahead of" in reference to the holiday season. For one, the holiday season typical refers to Christmas and Hanukkah in the US and tonight is night 8 of 8 for Hanukkah so all of that shopping and gift giving is all but over (I still need to wrap a gift though). Second, a lot of holiday shopping in the US is done over the Thanksgiving weekend, where a lot of parents probably already bought BOTH a 2DS and either X or Y for their kids. Not all, but more than a few.

So maybe the title should read - "Just Barely in time for the holiday season". When you have kids of your own, you'll know Though perhaps in Ireland they're a little more sane about their shopping. Oh heck everybody is more sane about shopping than us Americans. America - the 1st country w/ 30 minute drone delivery. Yeah us.



rjejr said:

@Gioku - 1 speaker instead of 2 makes it inferior, there's no getting around that. Unless Bose made the 1 speaker, but from what I've read the volume is noticeably lower. How would my kids crank up Dinosaur Office w/ only 1 speaker?

1st Dino - "What did you say, I can't hear you, this 2DS only has 1 speaker."
2nd Dino - "Oh no, what did you buy a 2DS for, you should have bought a 3DS instead."



Gioku said:

@rjejr: Headphones!
Anyway, I don't plan on making it my main system, anyway. I'm just going to use it to play multiplayer games with my sister.



MetaRyan said:

@rjejr I was going to point out the misuse of "Ahead of the Holiday Season", but you did it for me, so thanks. I agree.



aaronsullivan said:

The blue game comes with the red system so you'll be more inclined to buy the red game later.
Aesthetically, two-tone is usually more visually interesting than monochrome. Red game, blue console has some contrast.



Dogpigfish said:

Nintendo is really struggling right now (sarcastic). Watch these sell out in a couple days.



Kirk said:

The red and black 2DS is my fav but it's not available in the UK...



sinalefa said:

I hope we eventually get sales information about 2DS, to see how well it does.



8BitSamurai said:

It's not actually inferior I switched from my 3DS to the 2DS. Brighter screen, far more comfortable, softer and more comfortable controls, start/select and stylus easier to get to, little better battery, no fingerprint magnet finish, and far more durable. The only thing that isn't better on the 2DS is the sound (Which is easily remedied by using headphones).

You can tell it's mono, but it's actually pretty decent for mono. I've needed to turn the volume down occasionally because it was too loud. And all 3DS models sound the best with headphones irregardless.



solcross said:

"While stocks last"

Ah man, don't word the article like that, I want to be hopeful.

@Anclation It's not inferior if you don't care about the features that it excludes.



Gioku said:

@8BitSamurai I plan on using it to play games in the car because the 3DS suffers greatly from glare in sunlight... is the 2DS screen anti-glare, too? Because that would sell me totally on it! It would go from "I'd really like one of these" to "I've just gotta have it!"



rjejr said:

@Gioku - "to play multiplayer games with my sister."

I can certainly see the 2DS being a nice accompaniment for a younger sibling of a 3DS owner. We have three 3DS in our house but the youngest kid will be 9 next month. If we had a 4 or 5 year old I suppose I could see picking up 1 of these.

@MetaRyan - You can do it next time. And there will be a next time, Orla doesn't like time. We once had a discussion about the seasons, I think she was off by about 2 or 3 months



Kirk said:


Trust Nintendo to cause problems either way lol

I'm sure at some point they'll get round to releasing the white and red in America and the black and red in Europe...

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