Kirby: Triple Deluxe was announced so recently, both in its initial reveal trailer and an off-the-cuff reveal of its name following the most recent Nintendo Direct, that we initially assumed it'd be a 3DS title for late 2014. How wrong we were, at least in the case of Japan, with the pink one's new adventure arriving in Nintendo's homeland on 11th January — just over a month away.

With its arrival so close we can certainly expect to see more footage and screens soon, and though the official teaser site remains unchanged since its launch, some magazine scans have emerged that seem to show some new screens. We can't quite determine the context for all of them, but they are interesting nonetheless.

Check them out below (along with a few official screens as a refresher) and, by all means, speculate wildly in the comments section. As for us, we're keen to learn more about this one because, well, it's Kirby.

Thanks to Owen for the tip.