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Nintendo of Europe Launches Free Super Mario 3D Land Promotion for New 3DS Owners

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Great for newcomers

Nintendo of Europe has today announced a promotion to encourage new 3DS owners to register their systems, buy a game and — by extension — perhaps get a taste for Wii U-exclusive Super Mario 3D World. It's been announced that those that register a new 3DS or 3DS XL — and one of 15 games — on Club Nintendo between 27th November and 13th January 2014 will be eligible for a free download copy of 2011's Super Mario 3D Land.

Naturally there are various terms and conditions, reproduced below.

To participate in the promotion, you have to be a resident of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, or Russia.

You must have registered two products: (i) a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system (European version; Nintendo 2DS excluded) and (ii) one out of fifteen eligible games in Club Nintendo at between 27th November 2013, 15:01 (UK time) and 13th January 2014, 22:59 (UK time). The eligible games are:

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (launching November 22nd)
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Luigi’s Mansion 2
LEGO CITY® Undercover: The Chase Begins
Sonic Lost World (Nintendo 3DS version)
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Nintendo 3DS version)
Pokémon X
Pokémon Y
Bravely Default (launching December 6th)
New Super Mario Bros. 2
Mario Kart 7
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

For the registration of a downloadable version of an eligible game, the respective Nintendo eShop account of the Nintendo 3DS system must have been linked with a Club Nintendo account prior to the download of the game from Nintendo eShop. Please allow 24 hours between linking your Club Nintendo account and downloading games via Nintendo eShop. The registration survey must be completed before 13th January 2014, 22:59 (UK time) to complete the registration process of an eligible game downloaded from Nintendo eShop.

After you have registered both products, you will be given an opportunity to request a free download code for the game SUPER MARIO 3D LAND. The request of a download code must be completed by 13th February 2014, 22:59 (UK time). The download code will be sent to you per email to the email address registered in your Club Nintendo account.

The download code can be used to download the game SUPER MARIO 3D LAND from Nintendo eShop to any Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS system. The download code expires on 13th March 2014, 22:59 (UK time).

This is undoubtedly an excellent promotion for those that pick up a system from 27th November for the Holiday season, though the fact this is for new registrations only is a blow to existing 3DS gamers, especially as previous promotions had included earlier adopters. There's also the fact that 2DS hardware is excluded, catering this offer to pricier models and perhaps reflecting the role of stereoscopic 3D in Super Mario 3D Land.

Caveats aside, this could be a tempting extra for those ready to take the plunge with a 3DS this Holiday season, especially with various good value bundles available. There's no equivalent offer announced for North America at the time of writing.

Are any of you planning to take up this offer?

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cookiex said:

If only Club Nintendo existed in Sweden (I already have 3D Land but I want a part in some of their other promotions).



simonhwsn said:

I've been keeping my 3DS XL code for a promotion like this in north america... when nintendo? when?



DivineLevel said:

@cookiex Just register your 3ds in one of the countries eligible for the promotion and you will be fine. I did the same last year when they run a similar deal and I got art academy from the eshop for free.



MJKOP said:

Pretty cool, my nephew is getting a 3DS XL for Christmas & I'm waiting patiently for Zelda to arrive, if I register his XL and the game to my Club Nintendo account, will that work? Even though I have my own XL already registered? I know you can't register the same game to one account



Blast said:

I live in America and I really wish Nintendo would give people who have been 3DS users for a very long time a free 3DS game via Eshop.... Kinda like a way of saying: "Thanks!" LOL



WiiLovePeace said:

YAHOO! Free Super Mario 3D Land AND Australia is included!....... Oh wait, what?! Have to register 3DS or 3DS XL on Club Nintendo in a week? Why Nintendo, why?! Why you no love for 3DS XL launch supporters like me? I want free SM3DL download! (Though saying that I've already completed the game entirely on my retail copy, wouldn't mind having it always on my system without having to swap out carts though.)



TingLz said:

@MJKOP: Nope. You can only register one of each system and game per account or member (for a family account)



MJKOP said:

@DarkwingLz doggone it. I already have 3D Land but he loves it, that's why he's getting a 3DS for Christmas, was hoping I could register his handheld & my game to my account & give him the download code. Thanks for your help



Tsurii said:

I think it's a bit unnecessary to mention that "Holiday season" thingy since there doesn't exist such a Thing in Europe ^^



WYLD-WOO said:

Great news, I only sold this on ebay a few weeks ago and now I get it back for FREE.



anders190 said:

Yeah, it's wierd that our country isn't part of the Club Nintendo. While growing up in the 90's, there actually was a Club Nintendo in Sweden too. It's extra irritating to se those club nintendo papers in the game boxes and not being able to use them.



metaversal00 said:

I've pre-ordered the zelda 3ds xl and sold my old xl on ebay so this is perfect! As long as i don't register it straight away!



matirishhh said:

My favourite 3DS game (after Kid Icarus) It will be handy to get a free download copy...I've kept my code since 2011 and I still have not used Luigis Mansion 2 code! Nice Christmas present!

Now I'm waiting for similar WII U promotion!



Bulbousaur said:

Great! I haven't registered my copy of Pokemon X yet, and I was thinking of getting a XL anyway. I had 3D Land before selling it, but I'd gladly take it for free

I wish Nintendo would do something like this for the Wii U though, that thing needs a lot more promotion than the already successful 3DS.



sr388survivor said:

@DarkwingLz @MJKOP I'm not sure if it's different in EU or something has changed, but I have a couple 3DS XLs registered on my Club Nintendo account. I would give it a try if you have it anyway.



heathenmagic said:

its a good idea to get new users on board. I have had 3DS since launch, had ambassador games and the free game promotion so far, so I am happy. Not sure why some feel they should get it too, its a promotion people!
I would say though, it might be nice for us in Europe to get the same setup as America - I have loads of club stars, but would rather save them for a downloadable DS game than a keyring or something lol



MJKOP said:

@skjia I will thank you, mine is an Ice White with SM3DL preinstalled, he's getting one with MK7 preinstalled, so two different systems technically! I was able to register my daughter's 2DS so hopefully, I'll find out soon enough! Thanks



rjejr said:

While it doesn't make any sense and my brain just read it weird I would consider buying a 3DS XL if it came w/ a code for a free copy of SM3D World on my Wii U.

Maybe that's how Nintendo can market the Wii U - buy a 3Ds or 3DS XL, get a free Wii U game



Trikeboy said:

Hang on, Legend of Zelda 3DS comes with a download code for Link Between Worlds, a game that is on this list. Associate the 3DS and game and get Mario for free? AWESOME!!!! NINTENDO ROCKS!!!!



DerpSandwich said:

Sigh. Another free game promotion for Europe. Well, I guess you guys deserve it after having to pay so much for games and getting the raw deal when it comes to Club Nintendo!



withoutdk said:

or... no i meant...

as clubnintendo is not in most countries... this is not for me :/ thanks nintendo



DaanMuffin said:

I remember the Fire Emblem + SMT IV promotion, so no Europe doesn't get all the good promotions.



Nareva said:

Sweet deal. I hope the US gets something similar as I just ordered the Zelda 3DS XL bundle.



WYLD-WOO said:

How could we? SMT IV is not even out in Europe, with no mention of even a release date. So them guys are Lucky! You are right tho, we just get different promotions. Not to say that Nintendo America won`t offer this promotion too.



GreatPlayer said:

I just wanna get 3DS for Sonic the Lost World... When will this promotion be in other parts of the world?



WYLD-WOO said:

Mate, It`s for new customers anyway. Good excuse to get yourself a proper handheld and get the XL model. My existing XL is falling to pieces, so I have treated myself to a new one for christmas.



simonhwsn said:

@DaanMuffin I keep track of these promotions, Europe got:

-"So many games"
-Free monster hunter recomendation code
-Free animal crossing recomendation code
-and... this one

North america got:

-Free game registering 3DS XL + luigi's mansion
-$30 eshop credit registering SMT IV + FE:A

So europe has these promotions more often.



WYLD-WOO said:

Haha, look at you taking score! Don`t you also have a Zelda promotion this week on the new discounts sales store for the eshop. You also get free games for club nintendo points don`t ya? The terms and conditions for the recomendation codes promotion were a joke anyway. It`s all the same overall. At least you have SMT IV, I would swap all the EU promotions to just play that.



Tobias95 said:

Thanks for nothing Nintendo. I had a nightmare of time getting Kid Icarus 3D classicd (because I didnt know it later would get on sale)
Since we dont have Club Nintendo here annymore



rjejr said:

@Longforgotten - That could work too, if people knew the Wii U existed

Sorry, just finished a long-winded anti-Wii Mini rant in the forums.



antonvaltaz said:

Dammit, this would be a great offer as I've just bought a 3DS XL which I've not yet registered, and am planning on getting Pokemon Y soon...

Only problem is my 3DS XL came with Super Mario 3D Land pre-installed!



ReigningSemtex said:

Damn just registered my 3ds xl code a few weeks ago I already have 3d land but I wouldn't have minded a free digital copy



itsamii said:

@Blastoise-san They did earlier this year. I registered SM3DL and had a choice of Star Fox 64/Proffesor Layton/Art Academy and two other games that weren't all that appealing to me. I can't remember their names, but I can see their images in my mind. Pretty kick donkey promotion in my opinion.



okamiki said:

Yeah and for those with a 3ds since the beginning 0...

It is time to reward all nintendo owners



RedYoshi999 said:

Wow, I hit the jackpot here! Not only is Australia actually included for once, but I've already bought a new Zelda 3DS XL which includes a download code for the game, therefore, free SM3DL coming my way! I've always wanted to switch the early releases over to digital copies but the $70 price tag on them is too much.



Henmii said:

Sounds like a nice deal! Mario 3D land is great! And if you like it, you can also get a Wii u with Mario 3D world (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)!!



elstif said:

Great to see a nice promotion here in Europe!!!
Will the 3DS XL zelda edition with Link between worlds download code be eligible for this promotion?
Should I just wait and register after the 27th and I´ll be good to go?



WYLD-WOO said:

Yes and yes to your questions. After the 27th you need a club nintendo account via the website of your Country. You will see the website and registeration details on the red present leaflet inside the box of your new 3DS XL. You then need to register your new 3DS XL on that website. You will have to carry out a short survey for the purchase, as is the case with the registeration of all nintendo hardware and software. You then need to link your clubnintendo account via your new 3DS XL. Sure that your work that one out, go to the settings section on the eshop. All you need to do is input the email address that you have used for your club nintendo account and then you will have linked your accounts together. Once this is done your 3DS XL will see that you have downloaded the Zelda game on the club nintendo site. Carry out another short survey as before and wait 24 hours for a email outling your free download code for MARIO 3D LAND. Go to the eshop and input the download code as you would for the Zelda game you have already downloaded. Then you get to play one of the best games the 3DS has to offer. Hope this helps ?



elstif said:

@Drop-Dead-Fred Thanks!

Now I need to figure out how am I going to hold myself to not download and play the new Zelda and wait until the 27th when my new 3DS is due to arrive 1 day earlier than expected!!!



Poketendo said:

****! Why o why did I buy my 3DS second handed. Maybe one of my friends would like to help me...



WYLD-WOO said:

I did not say you could not download and play Zelda once you receive it. Just don`t carry out the above registeration process untill the 27th.



PenCapChew said:

@elstif @Drop-Dead-Fred hey guys, wait, I'm not so sure if we can download Zelda A Link Between Worlds before the 27th... I bought "Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move" almost two months ago and haven't claimed for the Stars yet, my Club Nintendo account says "registered: 23/09/2013"... so, looks like that what counts is the date you download the game, not the date you claim for the Stars... It's hard to do this but I'd say it's safer to wait until the 27th to register the system and download/register the game... but maybe we should ask Nintendo Europe... will write an email and will post it here, you should do the same so we can compare answers!



Kolzig said:

Thank you Bergsala and Nintendo for not giving access to this promotion for all people of Europe.

It's always a joy to see that for example North Europe is always excluded from all Nintendo promotions. It's unbelievable that this is still happening in this day and age and it's soon 2014.



Kolzig said:

Europe needs ONE Club Nintendo for all European countries and promotions eligible for ALL European countries.

These artificial limits and invisible walls are starting to annoy me more and more.



Sakura said:

At first there is no indication that this promotion even exists, but once you have registered either a system or a game, the promotion is flagged up to you in your Club Nintendo account. Club Nintendo UK seem to have some new relaxation kits consisting of a blanket, blanket bag and eye mask featuring either Luigi or Peach. 6000 points though.

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