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Video: We Adventure Through the Opening 30 Minutes of Monster Hunter 4

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


Monster Hunter 4, the game that's whipping up a frenzy in Japan, is an elusive beast. Despite going to the effort of releasing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in the West on Wii U and 3DS, and despite the franchise being a Capcom IP that's surely one big release away from 'breaking' the West, it remains tantalisingly out of reach.

We're certainly fans of the franchise — well, some of the team are — here at Nintendo Life, and as we have a Japanese 3DS that can capture footage there was only one logical thing to do: record ourselves clumsily playing the game. We say clumsily, as we have no idea what any of the text says, so we're going on information we can find online and instinct, which is an interesting experience in the Monster Hunter world.

We'll bring you a number of videos for the game in the coming weeks, mainly to show off particularly cool monsters that we stumble across. For now we have the first 30 minutes, taking in the opening cinematic, the creation of our goofy "NL Dude" character, an epic opening battle and some barbecuing.

Check it out below and mourn the lack of a Western release date in the comments below.

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Spoony_Tech said:

How dare you tease me with this!! This had better be in my system in less then 8 months!!



Genesaur said:

I don't care if the release date is three years away; I just want confirmation that it's coming!



Gressil said:

This game looks phenomenal. It's possible they will localize it as long as sales are what they want/need.



Warruz said:

Cmon Capcom, how many times we must repeat ourselves. Wii U + Localized for West = Money



SphericalCrusher said:

I will be watching this in a bit. And hoping for a western release date like everyone else! Huge Monster Hunter fan!



ToniK said:

Looks quite good. Although I'm a bit turned off by the violent butchering of living things. But they're monsters I guess... So maybe it's a good thing



Mommar said:

I love how the trumpet/bassline during the character creator is the same as the one in Stand by Me.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Mommar Ha! I just noticed that. When recording I couldn't actually hear the sound, as the capture device was hogging it via the headphone socket. Awesome!



ThomasBW84 said:

@zionich Unfortunately not, so future vids may have me fumbling around a lot. I'll try and practice stuff before recording, to give a semblance of an idea that I know what I'm doing. I know the series well, so hope I'll be able to instinctively figure it out.



cfgk24 said:

I'm in Japan. Andeveryone is playing/Street ppassing MH4. I arrived at my friends cafe in Kyoto and they had closed the cafe for the night to just play MH4 until 6 am multiplayer! . All the physical copies seem to be sold out. They also have an extremely thick and heavy guide book for MH4. . . Unfortunately in Japanese. . . ; (



ted-k said:

I just picked up Monster Hunter 3 on 3ds when it was on sale for 20$. I tried the demo and wasn't too convinced but thought for 20$ why not give it a shot. I'd never played any Monster Hunter before. I gotta say I'm loving it!! best 20$ I've ever spent on a game. Even regular price this game is well worth it with so much to do. I wonder if the eshop sales are to generate interest in Monster Hunter 4. Can't wait for it!!



ted-k said:

I was thinking the same thing when I played the demo of Monster Hunter 3, why am I killing these poor beasts? but then I thought, well I'm not a vegetarian so I have no real reason to have anything against hunting monsters (although maybe you are a vegetarian) but when the monsters attack you, trust me, you definitely can't feel bad about killing them



Jellitoe said:

might be the video, but the actual game play graphics look crappy compared to 3U on the 3ds



cfgk24 said:

@Jellitoe . I've seen it played in japan. It looks completely lush! You are watching a scaled up video soit won't look so good on s larger screen. . .



ToniK said:

Well, I happen to be a vegetarian But yeah, probably wouldn't mind after spending some time with these games. I have the same thing about semi-realistic military shooters. I sometimes feel bad when killing soldiers but can still laugh when a zombie's head bursts to bits. Shouldn't think too much I guess



Megumi said:

I hope they at least tell us sooner that they're bringing it over, waiting to hear about Ultimate was a nightmare, lol



zionich said:


Thats what has stopped me from importing it. The good thing about monster hunter is kill the same monster enough times, you'll eventually get all ya need lol.

Thanks for this and future vidoes, fumbling or not.



Senario said:

@FishieFish Hunter boats. They all are part of the hunters guild who work to defend human civilization against monsters like that(doran mohran?) and others.



Reverandjames said:

@cfgk24 That's awesome! I would love to go to Tokyo and see what the gaming scene is there! Coming from the South West where Nintendo isn't apprciated at all, it would be surreal to see a load of people playing 3DS online



JaxonH said:

It's a hunter-gatherer game. Your job is to hunt monsters for the village, and use the meat to cook, the hide for armor and weapons, etc. It's the way the village survives, and nothing goes to waste. It's the way of the world- we are carnivores. And tribal humans are the best kind of carnivores, because they use their kills to the fullest potential- clothing, food, weapons, etc.

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