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Wii U Version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist Gets Patched Up

Posted by Andy Green

A few small problems have been fixed

Ubisoft has released a patch for the Wii U version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which will see a number of niggling issues fixed in a range of different modes.

Most of the problems appear to be in the Spies vs Mercs multiplayer mode, but there are also a few in the co-op and single player campaign too.

The full list of fixes, as detailed on the game's official website, is below:


  • Fix timer and progress bar for Daily Challenges
  • Fix misc. issues with Gone Dark challenges
  • Fix misc. issues with guards shooting sticky camera and not engaging search behavior

Single player

  • Fix Nouri not following Sam in rare conditions in Private Estate mission


  • Fix animation glitch when sliding down a ladder and immediately throwing a grenade
  • Fix mission preview image not updating when cycling through different missions in the settings

Spies vs Mercs

  • Extraction: Fix Intel stuck on weapon when a client is dropping it twice in a row
  • Extraction: Fix potential exploit where an ammo box placed in front of the Intel drop crate would allow to skip the “securing the intel” animation
  • Fix not being able to invite more people to Private Match after playing a match in a mode where the maximum number of players is lower than the maximum number of players for the new mode
  • Fix Drone Hunter points not awarded when blowing up the drone with certain gadgets
  • Fix waypoint staying red when Pandora settings are ON and a hacker has been killed
  • Fix accessing an empty menu when trying to view the Customization Screen or match Settings right when the countdown reaches 0
  • Fix general host migration issues
  • Fix rare cases of Spies falling out of maps
  • Fix spawning with no weapon and unable to shoot when pushing the stick forward during the character selection screen until the match starts

Have you been experiencing any of these minor issues? Thankfully they are all set to be abolished with the patch, but are there any you know of that aren't listed? Let us know in the comment section if so.


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gatorboi352 said:

I don't get why they didn't patch up the loading times? There's moments where the Paladin is loading and the disc drive is literally dormant for 3-4 seconds at a time. Where's the optimization??

EDIT: another sign of a rushed port (aside from no local co-op) is the fact that the Wallpaper screen when you first boot up the game stays up for so long that the music stops playing in the background.



gatorboi352 said:

@shad0w-7 Nope. Shame really, as people are still experiences as much after the patch.

Shame to say having spent $60 on this game, but Ubisoft mailed this one in on Wii U.



element187 said:

@gatorboi352 Thats what I'm afraid of... These companies want Nintendo fans to buy their product, but they ship a buggy/broken product.

And to think Ubisoft wanted to use this game a test to see how well AAA fair sells on the Wii U.... Well when you ship a broken game, Nintendo owners that are mulling a purchase can clearly see people angry on Miiverse and will avoid the port... I saw those posts on Miiverse and moved this game from the buy to the rent column...I really really hope they do a better job with Watch_Dogs.... It probably will because the WIi U port has been in development a lot longer than the PS3/x360 versions. (its been in development for the Wii U seperately from the ps3/x360 versions, at least thats what is claimed by the CEO)



YT-SutibunDatsW said:

Still mad that we got the patch late tho, or that the game was broken



TooManyToasters said:

I'm pretty sure there's going to be another patch down the road. The main issue I'm aware of here is Ubisoft management wasn't fully aware that people actually buy this game for Wii U... XD



SkywardCrowbar said:

I asked them on Twitter if they intend to deal with the load times at all, they are yet to respond.

I love this game, when it finally loads.



SphericalCrusher said:

w00t w00t. The slow loading is what bothered me the most, but I doubt they will patch that. Lego City still hasn't - lol. Nonetheless, playing this game when I get home from work!



AVahne said:

Now add in the online co-op as well so Wii U owners can have the full version.



Dambuster said:

You kids make me laugh, "long loading times" try playing a game on a C64 then tell me about long loading times ..... you have never had it so good!



ULTRA-64 said:

@element187 spot on there, shoddy goods don't sell no matter what platform they're on! I'm so nervous about wd, been watching it for a while now and Will be gutted if the Wii u version stinks. Let's not forget colonial marines was made by a separate team and look what happened there! For me it's still, no local co op no buy on splinter cell.



mudmask said:

I didn't even know anyone on wii u played multiplayer... I still haven't, till this day, been able to join a game or find a game... I wonder if that's an issue on my end?



JaxonH said:

This game is not just a buy, it's a MUST BUY. Disregard any upset posts, I can personally attest that Splinter Cell Blacklist is quite possibly the best 3rd party game on the Wii U, and it's not as glitchy as you think. Matter of fact, I've only encountered 2 glitches so far, and I'm on the final mission in single player and have played both Spies vs Mercs and co-op stages. Only major glitch was Spies vs Mercs, and that was NOT a Wii U version problem. That was on every version.



nathanjones007 said:

@gatorboi352 I know it kinda sucks but they fixed many of the issues. In fact it is the best port so far in my opinion. Also the game is on sale at amazon and bestbuy for 49.99 Despite these bugs it think its worth it!



whatisyourforte said:

@Dambuster amen to that. these guys said they were writing an in-depth review for this one...i suppose it should be almost a novel by the time it comes out.



SkywardCrowbar said:

@JaxonH I gotta' agree. This game is a perfect blend of action, stealth, difficulty, and has a very neat story. Spies VS. Mercs is amazing, too.



JohninMotion said:

@mudmask Look in the MiiVerse community. There are a lot of people, including me, asking for others to join in a match or friend them for future matches/coop.



nathanjones007 said:

@JaxonH I fully endorse your statement! I encourage all WII U owners to purchase this game and Rayman Legends and others coming out) to send a message to Ubisoft and to the 3rd party companies that investing time, capital and resources in Nintendo WII U can make a decent return!



kevinaa said:

@shad0w-7 Looking at miiverse, the freezing is worse now than ever. More freezing than before. More people are pissed off now than before.

I quick playing it over a week ago, they have me rethinking AC4, and watchdog. I want a game that is supported, this is not support.



GiftedGimp said:

Ubi have announced earlier looking at issues to create a 2nd patch as soon as possible. Thing is its more down to Netcode and how routers handle the data. I've had no issues since the patch Invites work, joining games etc. However a freind was screaming about how the patch fixed nothing.
But after getting him to put the WiiU into the DMZ on his router he was able to join me but no-one else could join us and he would be dropped if trying to get into a game with others. Found out his router firewall was on, and got him to disable that and then he was able to connect to others without being dropped and others could join him and not just me and others who had already set thier router up just right.
Hopefully the next patch will sort out the need to having your router set up in such a specific way, but at least in the mean time if you know how connection problems can be fixed.



hcfwesker said:

No fix to use the headset to voice chat while playing on the TV? We're still expected to goto GamePad only mode to chat through our headset?



elbrody83 said:

To bad they didn't fix the multiplayer it still sucks mayor donkey it still freezes my WiiU



Judgedean said:

Only problem I had with my digital download is my score doesn't get added to the leader board (it did for the first few missions). Great game BTW - apart from the crazy £55 price on eShop.



Gameeer said:

Load times are long but I love this game, Rayman legends is awesome as well. Both were relatively cheap where I came from (Aus) so i'm very pleased. Ubi's got my vote, most other third parties don't even bother releasing patches for the Wii U, or they are insanely late...Cough Injustice cough



Ristar42 said:

@Dambuster Ha - too true! Perhaps if they had some music as good as the Ocean Loader to listen to, they wouldn’t mind so much



brandonbwii said:

This is a great game even with a few ugly glitches, which I still chalk up to Wii U growing pains and unfriendly dev tools.

The Gamepad sure beats the weapon wheel and I like how the controller is used as a gadget like a sniper rifle and tri-rodar. I just wish the game were more polished.





Why didn't you get it on PS3 or 360 ?

Oh that's right, the screen tearing makes the game almost unplayable, yet you call the Wii U version a rushed port, despite the effort put into the touch screen integration, and the beautiful graphics in this game.

You just can't please some people, my friend has this game on his 360, loading times aside, the Wii U version destroys it.



element187 said:

@JaxonH I rented it, its ok. I'm having fun with the campaign... I give it an 8 to 8.5.... just feels like standard AAA fair (aka kinda stale, we had 7 years of this gameplay, I want something new)

I haven't tried multiplayer, but I can't seem to find a single person on Miiverse that is praising the multiplayer parts of the game...... If Ubisoft ever decides to fix the game, I'll buy it on the eshop on the next Ubisoft sale. I just don't think $60 is an appropriate price for this game.

$60 to me says a game is "Mindblowing, OMG has to be my favorite game of all time" .... There isn't very much out there like that. Yet every game is released at the $60 price point.



MTLNintyGamer said:

The loading times and not finding anyone to try the multiplayer with really makes me regret not buy Rayman Legends instead...



Nintygek said:

Bought this game along with Rayman Legends October 27th. Been in my collection for 18 days now and I haven't played it yet. Just bought it for the collection and to show my appreciation to Ubisoft for supporting the Wii U.
i did notice that 3rd party developers games keep freezing my Wii U. :-/ Never had that happen with Nintendo 1st party games!



Tysamu said:

Yet they never fixed the issues of matchmaking and the accepting invites? That'sreal nice considering that's the key to starting multi mode...

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